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  1. Hi Heinrich/Graeme, I am now using 6 butterflies. I was concerned about the rubber connectors but your method certainly looks efficient. I changed back to 6 individual butterflies for better running. I now have instant acceleration and the engine is definitely more brisk. Interestingly, I had to re-tune my VE (Volumetric Efficiency) table as more air was allowed in... this is obviously more efficient than using a single butterfly with the plenum. I also fitted K&N filters to each throttle body and love the sound these make, very much like Weber carbs. I also made an overhead thrott
  2. I don't bother with Google any more.....I just ask my wife as she seems to know it all........ Tony
  3. Thanks Graeme, I checked that out when I looked at Clarkeys link...amazing how Brum has changed. Cheers Tony
  4. Thanks Clarkey, how about someone making a clip around Brum...would love to see how it has changed. Cheers Tony
  5. Had a visit from Tim Hunt and his lovely wife Sue, great to meet them. We went for a spin in my 6 (1st video), and Tim had a drive in the second. Kudos to Tim, he was used to a TR4 gearbox and had a challenge going to reverse but soon got that sorted. Will definitely stay in touch Tim. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9ghe-y_01I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h0trV2rQG4
  6. Nothing wrong with roller rockers, they will give a performance benefit but only if the head has been gas flowed and you have a performance exhaust system. Tony
  7. Roger, I spent 3 days trying all sorts of adjustments...yes, I tried everything even elongating holes also moving the window channels to the point I had to remake them. I then made a template of the window from plywood (with smooth edges), and had them made. They fit perfectly and this would have saved me wasting 3 days. If there was a way of making the rake of the windscreen more adjustable it would have helped enormously. Cheers Tony
  8. Good luck with the doors and windows Roger, I ended up having new windows made to fit and they do fit a treat. Cheers Tony
  9. Hi Nigel, To save you having to search through that thread, the fronts springs are the shorter ones. Cheers Tony
  10. Innovate LC-2 is the way to go. I fitted my UEGO sensor vertically under the starter motor...works fine. Cheers Tony
  11. Actually Roger, you could edit them but unfortunately, you can't edit the heading which would make more sense. Cheers Tony
  12. Mine is done the same, I also used large washers (2") on the inside of the boot. Have had no problems whatsoever. Cheers Tony
  13. You are correct, they are bolts as I just checked my original. Tony
  14. Hi Tim, The two nuts look the same size as the ones on the oil pump (of which there are three). The alloy piece...not sure about that. Cheers Tony
  15. No Alan, he said it 'seems to be'. But...it could be coming out of the top if there is no felt washer (likely), and running down the tube appearing to be a leaky tube fitting. Cheers Tony
  16. Hi Bill, what power steering do you intend to use? Tony
  17. Looks good Andy, I like the hardtop in body colour too. Cheers Tony
  18. Hi Steve, I used the original throttle bodies but designed and made my own throttle linkage...smooth as silk. Cheers Tony
  19. One of the biggest challenges in using a cam with a large overlap is that not a lot of vacuum is produced. This affects the MAP sensor (not to mention the brake servo), which tends to fluctuate which in turn affects the settings. I got over this by fitting an alternator from a 4 wheel drive car which has a vacuum pump fitted. This was connected to my brake servo and I now have good, constant brakes. I also made up a breathing system for the engine which maintains a negative pressure in the engine and has virtually eliminated oil leaks. The only slight leak I have on the car now is from the gea
  20. :lol: that sums up Triumph ownership.. Andreas, put your name on the bottom of your posts cause people don't know what to call you. Cheers Tony
  21. Hi Andreas, Initially, I used a single throttle body and it worked quite well. I then changed to individual butterflies (using the original throttle bodies), and noticed a vast improvement in acceleration and drive-ability. I have separate air filters on each pair of bodies and an air feed to the filter area. I have now made this permanent as it gives the oomph I wanted...and it seems easier to tune for some reason. I also use 'Speed density' and my setup maps are available to anyone. Cheers Tony
  22. Triumph V8...check your personal message box...at the top on the right hand side. Cheers Tony
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