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  1. They do John, I had a delivery from them a week or two ago. Richard.
  2. I've removed my propshaft a couple of times, I can't remember how it came out but it wasn't any trouble, 4 bolts at the gearbox end and another four at the diff and I'm sure it slid out and downwards to the front. It'll be removed again over the winter as the gearbox needs repairs, but that's no use to you right now. Richard.
  3. Many thanks for the replies so far. The main reason for my original question is an ongoing issue with lowish oil pressure at hot idle, I may be clutching at straws with my attention now being drawn to the drive bush....here's the back story. I've covered around 5,000 miles since engine overhaul and the oil pressure has always been on the low side, several oil pumps have been tried & tested the latest fitment being one of Chris Witor's and still no improvement (I even admit to checking the tolerances myself). Various brands of oil filters have been tried, bearings checked, several
  4. Hello All, I gather that late TR5 and all TR6 engines were fitted with oil pump/distributor drive bush part# 149776 and early TR5 engines fitted with part# 137978. My question to the learned.....is there any real difference in these parts? Are they interchangeable, if so are there any ill effects of fitting the incorrect bush? Tanks in advance, Richard.
  5. That's sort of what I had in mind, could you post a link to what you're suggesting? Richard.
  6. Richard71

    Door Card

    I'll soon be tackling a job I've been putting off for some time, the removal of a door card. I've read the frustrations of others replacing the pins in the winder & door release handles and I'm prepared for that part. But, the actual coaxing of the card & clips from the door, is there a recommended tool, or will a screwdriver, butter knife, ladies high heal etc suffice? Richard.
  7. I've been thinking one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Laser-Tools-6371-14mm-3-8-Drive-Spark-Plug-Wobble-Socket-Double-Cut-Fit-For-BMW/124241468527?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item1ced5e5c6f:g:TOwAAOSw3iRe-vFD&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkp2NA0WuhQytmt4dbStg00Jq5kxJF2FC0BVa3AmgJOP58oFxMW%2FEZTgmZMs%2F1YKHKj3RaAb0Urp3C1Xmb8%2FR5nvjKhyEHmQw2%2BmWAsNbkCZb67obRSLSv9JLvyvhTYnbon5g8btXAmDpg0UYUQxf6frLOVwDz4MTXMnS1xl8RPjbzzYRWbxhMgNhSpTsycTYvDpPpwNoTqggd02e1Ohxsew6nesmQSxT0bFnSNL2FpSs7iAwAAuKY5sO5nlT1ojl9zFoVz9UjQ8W06bsH09CrTmAHtExH%2Bhtjac1hJr74XkKC%2F
  8. I wonder if my cylinder head is in amongst that lot I wrote it off 2 years ago after they had it for 2-1/2 yrs and sourced a replacement. Richard.
  9. TRGB offer a service exchange rocker assembly. I haven't used the service, but it might be worth a call. Richard.
  10. Can anyone recommend a supplier of the foam seals fitted to the rear lights. I ask because sometime in the past I was supplied with poor quality items, but cant remember where from. Richard.
  11. Would anyone know what the bore diameter is of the brake servos fitted to our cars. I ask because I'm querying an issue with Wilwood calipers and they require this information. Richard.
  12. Sorry Richard if I appear to be hi-jacking your thread. I had my servo rebuilt by Past Parts this year, I've now re-installed it and find that although the car passed an MOT and the brakes are fine(ish) the stopping distance is somewhat further than I'm 100% comfortable with. I never checked the pushrod clearance before fitting, so I'm now wondering if that could be the root of my problem, hmmmm! Richard.
  13. Yes Colin, MU adjustment required, but don't ask me how. I see you're not a million miles away from Revington TR, why not pay them a visit? Richard.
  14. My Pi car does exactly the same thing. This feature was tuned-in deliberately by Revington TR. Their mechanic advised me that by the time I drive home (500 miles later) I find I don't like it, then I should ring him and he'll instruct me on how to re-tune......over a year later and he hasn't heard from me. Richard.
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