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  1. That's just bloody weird! I was in Benidorm last week and saw a Red Alfa Spider in immaculate condition! Was the Alfa you spotted Red?
  2. A phone call to Phoenix Exhausts this morning, they checked their drawings & assembly jig where it would appear these two pipes do in fact make contact, this is to accommodate various underslung linkages. However, they didn't have any actual manifolds on the shelf, so another quick call to TR Shop to confirm the above. Richard.
  3. Hello All, I've just spent a bit of time "port matching" a recently purchased Phoenix Exhaust Manifold and only just now noticed that the primary pipes of cylinders 4 & 5 are in contact with each other. Can anyone else with the same manifold confirm if this is normal for these manifolds? I'm thinking this may cause resonance problems among other things. Richard.
  4. Thanks Graham, The side bolts on the wing lined up okay, however the brackets are a little out. So as I'll have to loosen the brackets on the chassis, I've just removed them completely for cleaning & painting, I'm funny that way, maybe it's OCD? . Richard.
  5. Thanks guys for the info, that all makes perfect sense. It'll be the CR bumper being fitted to the CP car, I've never really given a stuff about originality, however I might have the CP bumper straightened out one day. Thanks again, Richard.
  6. Attached is 2 photographs, the first is of what I'm told is a repro bumper which I stupidly had re-plated before noticing is was warped . The second photo is of what I'm told is an original for a 1972 CP car. Note the difference in the mounting brackets, the repro bumper sits much closer to the body where the original protrudes about 1" further from the body. Which one is correct? I've just spent £400 on re-chroming the original, so even if it's not correct, it's going on the car. I've also noticed the original brackets are boxed where the repro isn't. Your thought please.... Richard.
  7. Can't help with your linkage problem, no doubt someone who can will be along with advice shortly. Be advised though, Malcolm (Prestige) doesn't do emails etc, he is however always a good help over the phone, give him a ring on Monday morning. Richard. P.S. Are you certain your throttle bodies are all in alignment?
  8. I bought a stainless steel exhaust manifold while at Stoneleigh, my cylinder head has been ported hence the manifold doesn't quite match up, I'll have to remove some material from the port flanges on the manifold. I thought I might do the job with a Dremel, can anyone advise on which attachment(s) I should buy? Richard.
  9. I have the Roose Motorsport set fitted on my 6, great fit, they've only been on a few months so can't comment on durability yet.
  10. For anyone interested. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/2492/TR56-Oil-Sump
  11. A friend of mine has just done this in his bodyshop/workshop...…….made a big difference. I'll do the same in my small home garage. Richard.
  12. Yeah, might just do that. However, the starter motor (WOSP) was failing maybe one in 20 attempts, so I dropped that off for a health check yesterday. I've never been happy with the oil pressure (new pump) since rebuild, it's around 20psi at hot idle, I have a replacement from Chris Witor to fit. There's quite a loud ticking noise at idle which could be a blown exhaust, something wrong with the valve train or just my ears playing tricks on me. I have quite a bit to do over the next few weekends so might just as well remove the head. Richard.
  13. No, doesn't seem to be losing any coolant, no tell tale signs in the expansion bottle and no excessive pressure in the cooling system. I might whip the cyl head off at the weekend and have closer look. Richard.
  14. See attached pic, plugs 1 - 6 viewed from left to right. I'm no expert, but I reckon they look alright, 1 & 6 maybe a little darker. Engine fully rebuilt 2000 miles ago, throttle bodies also reconditioned, injectors changed 500 miles ago, valve clearances as per Newman Cams spec. A compression test I carried out as a matter of curiosity after the 1000 mile run-in, all cylinder were quite equal, somewhere around 180psi as I recall. It'll be some weeks before the engine will run again. Thoughts and opinions on the plugs please......
  15. Having removed my exhaust for other reasons I've noticed the pipe on cyl# 2 on the exhaust is quite clean as is the cylinder head port (see attached pic). This to me would indicate unburnt fuel escaping through the exhaust and washing the tract. It's a Pi engine which runs absolutely fine once up to temperature. Any informed ideas? Richard.
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