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  1. Were those not fitted only to cars for the U.S. market? Richard.
  2. Hi Rob, I had this modification built into my replacement harness and it appears all they did was join the wires together. Richard.
  3. Very nice installation! I believe BMW own the rights to the "Triumph" name (I may be wrong), so depending on how your thinking is, it's still a bona fide Triumph. Richard.
  4. Great research Hamish, thanks for posting. I bought a set some years ago for a 6cyl, still unused. They'll keep for another time. Richard.
  5. Hi Rob, Welcome to the forum. The first thing to check is your brake light bulbs (the bulb holders are a weak point) and the brake light switch. The switch is mounted on bracket adjacent to the brake pedal, check it aligned correctly, if you have a test meter you can check it's functioning properly. Post some picks of your car, particularly your engine bay please. Richard.
  6. That's exactly what the hole is for, this type of isolator is common fitment on industrial engines (generators etc), simple chain fitted to stop the handle being lost. With this type of isolator the handle can only be removed with the switch in the open circuit (off) position. Richard.
  7. Very smart Pinky, more details please.... Richard.
  8. It was definitely prefixed MG with BW suffix suggesting it was originally married to a Berg Warner auto gearbox, I don't know the full engine number, I scrapped the block, it was too far gone to be salvageable for me, it must have worn through the thrust washers and #2 main bearing cap was too loose a fit. Richard.
  9. I have two of those crankshafts currently gathering dust in a machine shop (I must call them). One came from a TR5 and the other a Saloon, so I'm not so sure they're a rarity John. Richard.
  10. An update on my poor brakes.... A couple of weeks ago I decided to remove the overhauled original m/c & servo and re-fit the TRW offering which worked well with the standard calipers. Took the car for a test drive and the brakes were even worse, so I attempted another re-bleed but couldn't get all the air out. At the end of my patience I decided to walk away from the problem and give the car to local garage who are familiar with these cars (garage proprietor owns a TR4). One of the mechanics called me to say the servo is garbage, I then gave them the reconditioned originals, they fitt
  11. Hi Tom, It isn't listed on their website, 284 degrees duration & .412" lift. I'm keen to more about your cam, I'm also interested in the camshaft that TRGB have advertised on their website & eBay, they're quite secretive about it's profile. It promises what I might be looking for in the future. Richard.
  12. Likewise John, 2yrs ago my TR6 equipped with Lucas Pi went on Revington's rollers and it produced around 170hp at the flywheel and they reckon around 140hp at the rear wheels. Modified head, +0.040" bores, Phoenix manifold and a slightly wilder than standard Pi camshaft from Newman. I'm thinking of dialling down on camshaft choice over next winter, in favour of a smoother tick over and low down torque. Richard.
  13. No, never saw the numbers, I got quite bored after 45mins standing around had passed.
  14. Good idea, though it might be simpler to re-fit a known good m/c which I removed during this venture. Richard.
  15. Passed an MoT last year, even after the brake down-grade. I asked the tester if the braking was adequate, he answered in the affirmative. But as said, I don't feel they're as good as they should be. Richard. Edit... I should add that I've covered over 2,000 miles with these brakes and without incident, but they really should be better or just as good as the standard set-up, not worse, hence my perseverance.
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