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  1. Richard71

    TR GT

    I agree, that suits the TR6. Would that roof be detachable?
  2. That's a good observation Waldi! Neoprene foam or similar comes to mind. Richard.
  3. I thought these holes were there for some sort of jig, rotisserie, robot or other contraption with which the shell held on while it rotated through the paint shop or assembly line???
  4. Richard71


    Regarding batteries, from info on this forum a few years ago I bought a Bosch 334 battery, 830 CCA. I reckon it's pretty much the biggest battery that can be fitted in the space provided. Just though I'd share that. Richard.
  5. Thanks Ed, I notice you countersunk the opening and fitted screws, there's a thought. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Sean, I've just had a look and it doesn't appear that there's room for a bolt head, so a pop rivet it'll be and peened flat as possible as you suggest. Richard.
  7. I've just stripped the boot lock assembly in order to change the lock itself. I've drilled out the two blind rivets, my question is to those who've done this already, what did you use to replace the rivets with? Rivets, screws & nyloc nuts? Richard.
  8. Revington TR offer an uprated manifold gasket https://www.revingtontr.com/product/ajm682-1/name/manifold-gasket-tr5-6-cpcfcr . I fitted one and it cured a couple of exhaust gas leaks I had. Richard.
  9. Conrad & I came across some oddball just last year. Via the classifieds section I offered to purchase a flywheel & crank from him, phone numbers and calls were exchanged. I suggested paying him via Paypal, he refused and suggested that there are couriers who will pay for the item and upon delivery at my address I pay them (the courier was to be one of his choosing).....yeah right! I then suggested he provide me his bank details and I simply transfer the funds that way, again he refused without me first giving him my bank account details & photographic ID, yeah right! Eventually I told him to ram it and I informed the Register, who were already aware of him, oh, and he's a member! Anyway Colin, I'm glad you never got stung. Richard.
  10. FWIW, I had my car set up on a Hunter Hawk Eye system, I provided the Brown Bible TR6 Workshop Manual for the operator/technician to refer to.....he never even opened the book! Instead he told me they contact the U.S. manufacturer of the Hawkeye system giving them the vehicle details, Hunter Hawkeye respond by email with the settings and the technician adjusts accordingly, my car drives brilliantly after this treatment and I highly recommend it. Richard.
  11. Maybe the seller just had the same problem I had? Richard.
  12. Hi Michael, I thought they were standard fitment? The valve in your link is what I have fitted having given up on the type that screws into the throttle body (Land Rover part I believe), this gave a loud "tapping ticking" noise though the induction tract due to a weak spring. I have an aftermarket brake servo and couldn't find a non return valve of the correct size to fit directly into the servo body, so the inline version in your link is/was the perfect solution. Richard.
  13. Ed, Nigel, That's the valve I already have and not too happy with it being secured only by two pieces of rubber. The Amazon link led me to the same said valve so I've ordered the one Roger recommended, £42 all in as Steve pointed out. Many thanks, Richard.
  14. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to buy the better, more reliable heater valves that have become a popular replacement upgrade please? I do have one, but it's the version with hose tails rather than a threaded end for fitting the cyl head adaptor and efforts to source a suitable hose have been fruitless, besides that, it wouldn't be very secure held in place only by two pieces of rubber hose. Richard.
  15. Finally sorted my issue with the brakes, a run around the Blane Valley and surrounding area before stopping for lunch in Strathblane. Richard.
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