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  1. As said above FatJon, Goodparts stuff is excellent, I've never heard any negative reports on his parts. No connection, I'm just a very satisfied customer. What are you planning to do to your new engine, which choice of camshaft etc? Richard.
  2. A photo of the chain tensioner arrangement, another good idea from Goodparts.
  3. I'm liking that idea too, more info please Gavin. Richard
  4. Bling is my guilty pleasure, John Davies I'm sure will testify to that. It may also be of some benefit to the racers amongst us who might like to fiddle about with cam timing without the removal of loads of other items, I don't know? If so, if a racer is that particular, any benefit may be lost on weight, the Goodparts cover weighs a lot more than the original timing cover. Each to their own, the car belongs to them and they can fit, change & modify it any which way they please. Richard.
  5. It does have timing mark Peter, look closer at the removable cam sprocket cover. Richard.
  6. I bought one of those timing covers last year, I have many of Richard Good's parts already fitted to my car. Like everything else he supplies the timing cover looks like an excellent, well made piece kit. It already has a chain tensioner fitted and even that looks much better than the standard set up. I only looked at it briefly before despatching it to my loft for future fitment, possibly over this coming winter along with a camshaft change. Richard.
  7. I must have just missed you, I drove through Glen Coe (southbound) around 19:00hrs, on my way home from Applecross. Richard.
  8. The brakes are fine now, I changed the supplied Wilwood pads for Mintex 1144 pads, recently passed an MoT. But even after all my efforts I doubt the brakes are any better than standard. Having said that, it's been so long since I've been on standard brakes so I can't say for certain. I should let another TR6 driver have go in my car and get their opinion. Richard.
  9. I'll certainly be interested to see how you get on Jon. Richard.
  10. Richard71


    I'll be visiting Kishorn tomorrow with work, I'll keep an eye out for your group. Richard.
  11. Hi Sue, Six miles after you crossed the Erskine Bridge you would have driven within 500 yds of my house, if I had known I would have got the TR6 out an accompanied you up to Tyndrum, or there abouts. Glad you had a good time. Richard.
  12. It would seem that mounting the pump in the wheel arch has been for years & years the best cure, though none of the usual suppliers seem to offer a kit of mounting hardware. Is there anyone on this forum with the fabrication skills willing to take advantage of this small gap in the market? Richard.
  13. Earlier this evening and quite by accident I may have found the source of the petrol smell in my boot space, traced it to one of the copper washers on the pump (Bosch). Quickly removed the short hose connecting the pump to the piggy-back filter and replaced the four copper washers with what I had to hand, 4 x aluminium washers. I tried the talcum powder test before and nothing showed up, so it must have slowly gotten worse. I'll wait a few days for the fumes to clear and re-check. Richard.
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