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  1. I called Autosparks earlier to amend my order, I explained what the cable will be used for and was advised by one of their techs that the cable originally ordered will be absolutely fine, 2mm2...… . When it arrives I'll compare it to what I've removed. Richard.
  2. Thanks Waldi, I've ordered some cable from Autosparks that's good for 17.5 amps, that should suffice. Richard.
  3. I have a Bosch pump as supplied by Prestige. It's wired through a relay & inertia switch. My issue right now is I've just fitted the boot space interior trim and find the cable supplying the pump a few inches too short to be hidden away behind the adjacent trim panel. I'll pay a visit to CEF or somewhere similar tomorrow for a meter of white and a meter of black cable, I'm just not certain what size to be asking for. Any advice appreciated. Richard.
  4. Thanks again Stuart, reading further back in this topic, i think I may just remove the capping, i never sealed mine (as recommended) when I fitted it. Richard.
  5. Thanks Stuart, I bought a complete body seal kit from The Roadster Factory some years ago, there were some left over after the car was in the bodyshop for re-spray and I've found what must be the seals we're referring to (see pic). The car is away for MOT at the moment, will check fitment when I get it back tomorrow. Richard. P.S. I'm assuming I'll have to remove the windscreen capping & door seal to fit this properly, correct?
  6. Laser Tools are decent brand name these days https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LASER-TOOLS-RATCHET-COMBINATION-RATCHETING-SPANNER-SET-SET-AF-IMPERIAL-1-4-3-4/162172240054?epid=2282418325&hash=item25c23800b6:g:Y5sAAOSwawpXtHXf very reasonable price. Shop around for a better price. I have "Britool Expert" Imperial Ratchet Spanners, can't seem to find them online right now. Richard.
  7. There's mention in this topic of two different sizes of window to "A" post seal from Woolies. Could anyone post a link to these seals please...….I took my car out in the rain earlier and it's high time I got these fitted. Richard.
  8. I managed a short 15 minute run out in the 6 this afternoon, I've adjusted (rear only) the dampers to the halfway setting and what a transformation!!! I found a note with the settings advised by CTM, they were set and maximum stiffness and backed off 1/4 turn, that was much too harsh, running over a cats-eye was quite a thud, even with MX5 seats. I'll run like this for a while before tampering with the front dampers. Thanks to all for your input. Richard.
  9. Thanks Ian, Excuse me for asking the obvious, so what did you do, count the revolutions from the hardest to the softest setting and gauge your half way point from there and are you using uprated lowered springs? My springs are about 1" shorter than standard (I think?). Richard.
  10. I have KONI Classic dampers on all four corners, these were supplied by CTM Engineering along with their conversion brackets & uprated lowered springs. I'm finding the ride very harsh. I set them to whatever it was CTM advised (can't remember?), I'd like to alter the setting, so can anyone with a similar suspension set-up advise on what they found to be a good setting. P.S. The dampers are of the kind where you close both halves and adjust by turning clockwise or anti-clockwise, no the click or count the notches type. Richard.
  11. That's superb work Mark! I haven't been to Northampton for quite sometime, let me know when you're free.....I'll bring my own roll of pipe . Richard.
  12. Around 2:30pm today I happened upon a Red TR6 (pimento?), they were northbound on the A9 in the Dunkeld area. Sporting a 50th anniversary placque on the front bumper and number plates of a European country other than UK. If you're reading this, then I was the guy in the white Transit van manically flashing the headlights ! Hope you enjoy your trip around the Scottish Highlands. Richard.
  13. I could do with a replacement union too, the flats are badly rounded off and re the fibre washer, that's passed it's best too, a copper washer replacement might be the way to go. Thanks Bruce for the heads-up on the replacement unions being below par. If anyone knows who supplies decent unions, please let us know. Richard.
  14. Richard71

    hood bag fitting

    Derek, What purpose does item #16 serve? Richard.
  15. That's some very neat pipework Nick, I'm most jealous. Re your braided fuel hoses along the chassis, I was warned against that idea with the argument of flying stones and other debris puncturing/damaging the armour. I do so wish I hadn't listened. Is that rubber inserted "P" clips you've got attaching the hoses to the rails, what about the 90deg bends up towards the tank, is it the same length of hose or have you integrated a steel pipe elbow? Richard.
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