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  1. I like it, suits the car! Richard.
  2. Hi Martin, I can't help you with your query and I apologise for the slight thread drift. I've often wondered what Lucas/Standard Triumph had in mind for the throttle bodies, I'm referring to the two circular castings perpendicular to the balance tube on each throttle body, directly inline with the injector socket. I don't think those are there by accident, more an abandoned idea by the designer? Richard.
  3. Where did you find the viton fuel sender gasket? Richard.
  4. I have the MOSS kit, purchased 10yrs ago and never fitted. How does it compare with other offerings? Richard.
  5. Thanks Dave, PM sent. Richard.
  6. I contacted WBH who manufacture the locks and unfortunately they're unable to help with a repair or supply a replacement clip. However I found a locksmith who ma be able to help. Richard.
  7. Thanks Stuart, I have those locating plates fitted and holding the locks firmly in place. The problem is definately with the lock itself, it needs repairing or replacing. Richard. My lock doesn't have the black clip as seen in your photo above, is that an essential component, could this be my problem?
  8. This is a replacement matching lock set from Moss fitted a few years ago, this particular lock was never working correctly, feels to me like theres too much play in the mechanism and doesn't engage properly. Richard
  9. Does anyone know of any trader who can repair a door lock from a TR6? If I need to buy a replacement lock is it possible to have it altered to suit my existing key? Richard
  10. Seems there's an opportunity for an entrepreneur bulk buy some R14 spec Gates Barricade hose and make those kits for those with the Bosch pump conversion. Any takers?
  11. Which ad? Someone gave me some bother a couple of years ago, long story. But I've noticed the same name advertising again on our classifieds. Richard.
  12. Very pricey Stuart, do you know if they'll supply by the meter? Richard.
  13. Hello All, I don't have access to my car right now. For shipping purposes can anyone give me the appropriate dimensions & weight of a TR6 gearbox with "A" type overdrive fitted? Richard.
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