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  1. Richard71

    Unburnt Fuel?

    Yeah, might just do that. However, the starter motor (WOSP) was failing maybe one in 20 attempts, so I dropped that off for a health check yesterday. I've never been happy with the oil pressure (new pump) since rebuild, it's around 20psi at hot idle, I have a replacement from Chris Witor to fit. There's quite a loud ticking noise at idle which could be a blown exhaust, something wrong with the valve train or just my ears playing tricks on me. I have quite a bit to do over the next few weekends so might just as well remove the head. Richard.
  2. Richard71

    Unburnt Fuel?

    No, doesn't seem to be losing any coolant, no tell tale signs in the expansion bottle and no excessive pressure in the cooling system. I might whip the cyl head off at the weekend and have closer look. Richard.
  3. Richard71

    Unburnt Fuel?

    See attached pic, plugs 1 - 6 viewed from left to right. I'm no expert, but I reckon they look alright, 1 & 6 maybe a little darker. Engine fully rebuilt 2000 miles ago, throttle bodies also reconditioned, injectors changed 500 miles ago, valve clearances as per Newman Cams spec. A compression test I carried out as a matter of curiosity after the 1000 mile run-in, all cylinder were quite equal, somewhere around 180psi as I recall. It'll be some weeks before the engine will run again. Thoughts and opinions on the plugs please......
  4. Richard71

    Unburnt Fuel?

    Having removed my exhaust for other reasons I've noticed the pipe on cyl# 2 on the exhaust is quite clean as is the cylinder head port (see attached pic). This to me would indicate unburnt fuel escaping through the exhaust and washing the tract. It's a Pi engine which runs absolutely fine once up to temperature. Any informed ideas? Richard.
  5. Richard71

    Fast Road Exhaust Manisold (SS)

    Thanks for the replies. Ian, I have loads of exhaust wrap leftover from industrial engine installations, that's why I was surprised at the price, I thought it was free of charge. Roy, I have an overhead throttle linkage, so I shouldn't have any issues there. Richard.
  6. Richard71

    Removing attachments

    +1, it's been like that since the upgrade.
  7. Richard71

    Fast Road Exhaust Manisold (SS)

    Thanks for your input. I've decided on the Phoenix 6-3-1 manifold with a "Y" piece, that way I can still use my nearly new twin rear silencers, seem to me to be the best compromise. I'll be wrapping the manifold despite the inconclusive debates. Richard.
  8. Richard71

    Bosch Pump woe's & Noise

    I have the same kit as Nigel, bought from Prestige around 10yrs ago. I have an Andy Wiltshire fuel tank with baffles, swirl pot etc. I find my pump very very loud, but......I've never heard another to make a comparison. So it could be quite normal??? Richard.
  9. Richard71

    Distributor Clamp CP PI

    PM sent.
  10. I know it's probably all been done to death before, but I can't find any significant info on this system from RTR https://www.revingtontr.com/product/rtr2042/name/6-1-extractor-mansystem-ss-tr250-5-6 . Does anyone have any first hand experience of this system and can offer comment on it's performance and noise, that is to ask will it be louder/noisier than the twin SS sports system I have fitted at the moment. Racetorations offer something very similar and at a similar price. The reason I ask is the 6 branch extractor I currently have (SAH original I'm told) has a few holes, dents & bruises not worth repairing, so a change to something with an increase in performance without the increase in noise may be in order. The car is/will be used for long distance touring mainly, not so much thrashing around etc. I notice RTR advise wrapping the exhaust, but how can they justify £80+ for a 50ft roll??? Richard.
  11. Richard71

    Distributor Clamp CP PI

    Hi Mark, I bought a new one from Revington TR, quite pricey though for a bent piece of steel. Since then I bought a spare pedestal from a TR5 owner, I think the clamp is still on it, I'll check and get back to you. Richard.
  12. Richard71

    Cheap PRV

    Only slightly off topic here......refer to Clarkey's photos above please and the PRV, note the small barbed pipe adjacent to the domed nut. Underneath the domed nut is the adjustment screw for fast and easy adjustment of fuel pressure, the small barbed pipe is I believe to accommodate turbo boost attachment, from the pipe I reckon I'm getting some fuel vapour filling the boot space.....anyone else find this? I have no apparent fuel leak, checked with trusty blue roll time & time again! Richard.
  13. Richard71

    TR 6 valve oil seals

    £1340? Still too high even if the cyl head must be removed, I'm guessing that quote was given by Racetorations? It's not particularly difficult specialised work, try another engine shop for a more reasonable quote. Where in UK are you? Regards, Richard.
  14. I bought the relay kit from Rimmers and yet to fit it...…..slightly off topic, they supplied fused relays but I'm not very keen on their configuration, I'd prefer a relay with an integrated fuse and being me I would like all things neat & tidy. I've tried all the usual places but can't find a waterproof relay box that will accommodate 4 fused relays, does anyone know if one exists? Richard.
  15. Richard71

    Engine Noise.

    Do the metal screw-in type rattle at all? That's what I already have fitted. I couldn't source a plastic one for the servo which is an aftermarket item from TR Shop, TRW probably. Richard.

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