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    Are you looking for a genuine TR8 or a V8-converted 7?
  2. Yes, MGF wheels and tyres do fit. THe minilite style ones look particularly good, if I was any good with bloody computors I'd attach a picture of my white FHC with them on! The rears come with 205's and the fronts 185's. Just bought another set for my blue DHC, got them from a chap in Glossop who breaks MGF's on an amateur basis. He did me both sets for £230, 5 wheels and nearly-new tyres! Try him on 07887 760113, names Darren. He even delivered the second set to me at work in Lichfield as he gets around the country a bit with his air-conditioning business! As to nuts, I just used the set that came off and they seem perfectly ok.You can get a set with Triumph logos on for £30 off e-bay. The MG logos on the wheels upset a few people though, but you can get stick-ons to cover them.
  3. Morning All, Anyone know where to get roller top kits? Used to appear on E-bay a while back, but now I want a set, nowhere to be seen. Someone out there makes them! Trev
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