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  1. I’ve booked up to come down, and will come and say hi. Here’s my car next to yours - a tribute I drove Goodwood last October at a great track day event. Really nice track
  2. Friends TR2, and my TR4 (and a Lotus Esprit).
  3. My TR4 at Goodwood track day last October.
  4. You’ll be able to get the factory paint code from a plate on the car, or via the VIN. Have you got a plate on the door edge? If early car I’d have guessed at Flamenco (CAD) or Pimento Red (CAB).
  5. I’ve been on a few trips with Ken in our TR4’s and look forward to more adventures in the TR2’s (mine should be complete by the end of this year). Good luck with it Ken, see you on the Hull ferry in a couple of weeks!
  6. Good luck, keep us update.
  7. Okay, so a (potentially) positive update on the trace. I arranged for a search by the people at the Devon Records Office for around July/August 1954 and they located one entry for a Triumph of 1991 cc sold by South Devon Garages. The date listed for this car is 30th July 1954 which is the same date that I got from a HPI check on my car using its current reg no. (the V5 document lists the re-registered date of 1996) so hopeful. The original records show the reg. no. as RTT 487 and an email to/from Bill Piggott says he’s fairly certain it must be he same car due to the few cars sold around
  8. The stabiliser is a smaller rectangular unit attached to the top of the instrument cluster.
  9. Sorry, it does read that way but the 4-speed axle is much lighter and one of the reasons why the 4-speed TR7 can feel a bit more sporty. I have a 4-speed TR7 and a 5-speed TR7 and had the pleasure of replacing both axles over the years (also taken off/on a 4HA axle on a TR7 rally car and that was even heavier!).
  10. You can put a LT77 gearbox in and retain original 4-speed axle, with a suitable prop shaft, but why would you want to? You can also put in a diff from an automatic to give slightly better motorway driving. You can also put in a single-rail Dolomite overdrive gearbox as well instead of an LT77. If you want an even stronger gearbox you can use a R380 gearbox from a 2-wheel drive MGRV8 or TVR The original 4-speed axle is weaker than the 5-speed axle but much heavier (didn’t BL use the 4-speed axle on the first 16V rally cars though?) E&OE !
  11. Hi Alan, Yes, just a couple of miles away. We did chat at Raby a few years ago. TRE upgraded the engine on my TR4 and they’re currently sorting out the rear ride height and installing a bigger clutch (too much power and torque for the TR6 clutch!). They’ve also got the TR2 now and will be fixing the body bodges and repainting it. Cheers.
  12. Hi Alan,, I presumed only 1 number would cover whole engine but new to the early sidescreens so don’t know much about them. I did think that the numbers would consequetive and 692 was a spare engine that they used when my original engine was replaced under warranty. Cheers.
  13. Yes, presume the engine pre-dates the car by some months and was set aside for factory replacement later?
  14. Hi guys, messaged Mike but no response as yet. Details are: VIN: TS2320 Body: 728300 Engine: TS692FR Thanks
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