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  1. Kevin, just had my A type overdrive repaired by Overdrive Spares - Rugby (01788 540666) and gearbox overhauled by Klassic Transmissions - Wolverhampton (07801 882771) both gave a great service and I'm happy to recommend them both. Ray
  2. Hi Dave, Not sure if this helps, but try PJM Motors in Market Drayton (on estate behind Countrywise store)- they are specialist trimmers and have done a couple of excellent repairs to my hood, seat recovering, trimming ect. Hope Chomendley wasn't too wet! My car back at last (clutch/gearbox/overdrive issues) so should be out and about now that the weather has reverted to winter! Cheers Ray
  3. Hi Yorkkie, I used a polyurethene glue [can't remember if Gorilla glue or Liquid Nails]to fix my doorcaps some 3 years ago - caps are still very firmly fixed despite SWMBO eagerly testing the adhesion EVERY time she slams the passenger door shut!!! One point to note - use this glue sparringly as it foams when curing - excess can be carefully trimmed back with a craftknife, but better to not put too much on in first place. Cheers Rayh
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