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  1. Thank.you.all.especially.Roger.for.such.an.informative.reply. Really.appreciated. Lee
  2. Hi all, Just returned from a 600 mile trip to Wales, fitted new standard pads to my 4a on the return trip brakes started squealing badly. 2 questions why do they squeal? I have some anti squeal shims should I fit them, how do they work? sorry that's 3 questions thanks for any good advice Lee
  3. Duts

    Block drain tap

    Andrew, I have just renewed the brass drain tap on my 4a and took it off several times (easy without removing anything) as it was dripping. Spoke to Rob at TRGB he told me they all drip at first turn it on and off up to 12 times it will bed in and stop dripping. Did this been fine since Regards Lee
  4. Duts

    Door Locked

    Thanks to all for your help, especially bob got it all done today very fiddly and tests your patience but got there in the end without the need of a disc cutter thank goodness best regards Lee
  5. Duts

    Door Locked

    Hi all, Just got my 4a through the MOT feeling chuffed when I went to get in the door wouldn't open it was on the first latch so I climbed over and left it till I got home, after a lot of wiggling managed to get it open, three of the screws holding the door latch mechanism had worked loose and fallen out so I thought simple job just renew the screws but the door swung back and held on the second latch again. After a few choice words I tried to wiggle the door again but just couldn't get it open this time. I then thought I may get access from inside but was at a loss how to remove the inside door handle and window winder. Any suggestions would be most wecome regards to all Lee
  6. Duts

    TR4a Brake Pads

    Thanks Stuart, Will do Best Regards Lee
  7. Duts

    TR4a Brake Pads

    Hi all, Just got a set of NOS pads as Stuart suggested to try out, just a quick question they seem to have a thin film of black tar looking substance on the back surface, is this anti squeak? should it be cleaned off before fitting? Will try these and report back, fingers crossed Regards Lee
  8. Duts

    TR4a Brake Pads

    Thanks guys especially Roger, really helped have ordered new set of pads so fingers crossed, I think bedding them in is very important, but my green stuff pads always seemed to be highly polished not sure why. Best regards Lee
  9. Duts

    TR4a Brake Pads

    Thanks guys, I have recently changed the front discs to vented ones so not happy about having to change them...is it really a must? cheers as always
  10. Hi all, has anyone any experience of Moss ceramic brake pads or advice as to where I can get pads to improve braking on my 4a looked for mintex but all a bit confusing. My current pads are green stuff very old and highly polished. regards Lee
  11. Duts


    Thanks to everyone for your help and advise really appreciated. Have fitted vented discs and will be ordering new pads and rear shoes to go with them. Best regards Lee
  12. Hi all, Need some advice with regard to improving the brakes on my 664a. the calipers have been professionally overhauled but have the original green stuff pads which must be at least 10 years old, do pads harden with age and their stopping power reduce? what alternatives would give better braking? I have silicone fluid which I understand gives a spongier feel but don't really want to change it ...too involved. Would the addition of a servo help matters? The braking used to be pretty good had to lay the car up for 2 years due to illness now trying to get it running ok. Just replaced the stage 2 cam with a standard one so running is much smoother but really would like to improve the braking system. Any advice especially with regard to servo installation would be most welcome. Regards Lee
  13. Duts


    Hi already have a spare distributor, like most people I guess fitted with condenser points etc. so easy to swap, however do take Bobs idea on board, may go that route as not really that expensive. best wishes to all and the fun from Roger always brings a smile, keep it up Roger ! Lee
  14. Duts


    Thank you guys, I had fun reading the comments, well as it is an accuspark type unit will keep at 25thou any problems open up to 30thou (sod metric) I used to be 5ft 8in now I am 1.73mts doesn't mean anything to me. Have a great day, be careful out there !! Lee
  15. Duts


    HI all, Got fed up with points constantly needing adjustment so have fitted electronic ignition to my 4a, will I need to increase the plug gap? If so what gap would be best suited ? Many thanks Lee
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