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  1. Thanks John, Great idea about the spare belt. The Saint
  2. Thanks Roger, I will take your advice & fit the springs & see how the car sit's and will also get the jack out & raise the engine a tad. Thanks again for your help The Saint
  3. Hi Guy's, Words of Wisdom needed. I noticed today that I have a split in my fan belt, so I loosened off the Dynamo, removed the belt from the pulleys but could not pull the belt over the fan blades because it would not go between the fan hub extension & the steering rack. Have I missed something or just plain stupid. After giving up on the above I decided to replace the rear suspension springs as the back end looked as if it was sagging. With the old RED spring removed it measured about an inch sorter than the replacement spring. With no load the old springs measured about 11.5 inch & the new about 10.5inch. I would assume that if I fit the new springs the back end will be lower ?????????, which defeats the object of the exercise. You help in both matters will be greatly appreciated. The Saint
  4. Rhodri, Thanks for the pic's, they are spot on. The Saint
  5. Hi Guy's, Just trying to put together a box of part's which are my HS6 carburettors. So far I have managed to put everything together apart from the Link rod's (short & long). If anyone has a picture that shows how these are connected to the bellcrank & throttle connecting rod etc, it will be much appreciated. The Saint
  6. Thanks Guy's for the response. Just spoke to Mick Pratt at Moss who confirmed that you could have the engine painted in black, black or black. The Saint
  7. Hi, Would just like to know what colour or colours the engine's were painted. I have a block that is red but not sure what colour the head would have been. Your help will be much appreciated as the Engine is being re-built & I would like to keep the original colours. The Saint
  8. Thanks Trevor & Mike, Sorry I have not replied earlier as I have been in London all week on business. Just joined TR Registar so plently of reading on the way. I have heard that Clive Manvers is a very good so I may well check him out as it's quite a nice drive down to Suffolk, if I can get past boarder control. Once the TR is on the road maybe we can get together as North Norfolk is superb for driving along the coast road's. Thanks again The Saint
  9. Thanks Dave, I will join this week & thanks for the advise. The Saint
  10. Thanks Ian for the information. I thinkl I will have a good read up before attempting the engine overhaul. Yes you are so right, Chapman was a complete genius the handling of his car's is something else. Driving the Esprit was just like it was on a mono- rail & at high speed it would never budge even on the tightest of corners, obviously you needed a good tyres on all four corners. I'm just as excited about driving the TR & I'm due to pick it up next Wedneday, so can't wait to see how thr car performs. Thanks again
  11. Thanks Geoff for the welcome The names 'Keith', in true Bond style. Well as for the Lotus ownership I started off with a 1976 Lotus Elite then went to a 1972 Europa Twin Cam & just sold a 1997 Esprit GT3, hence the purchase of the TR. I have a few jobs to do on the car but hopefully I can pick these up but still be able to drive it on a regular basis, I'm with you I hate seeing a classic car sitting in the garage, with these great looking cars they need to be driven. Time spent now overhauling parts will hopefully give me years of trouble free enjoyment. So on that point, for an engine overhaul, is it something that needs to be done by a garage/specialist or is it something I could tackle (Engineer for the past 30 years) Just sent off for the TR register mag so hope to be joining very soon. Keith 'The Saint'
  12. The Saint

    New Owner

    Hello Everyone. Just thought I would post a message as a new TR4A owner. Just purchased a 1967 TR4 IRS after many years of being a Lotus owner (should I have owned up to this) so please be prepared for a series of stupid questions on everything to do with owning, maintaining & overhauling a TR. The Saint
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