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  1. Congratulations Ed on a fine piece of research and instruction. We could do with more like you. Terry
  2. I have had numerous sources of petrol smell over my many years of TR6 ownership. 1. Fractured fixing lugs on an aluminium tank ( twice!). 2. Slightly loose petrol sender gasket. 3. Ill fitting filler pipe leaking just a wisp of fuel, only when brimmed. Found all of these using the talcum powder trick.
  3. I also had a new loom from them, and I'm very pleased with it. I had the advantage of taking out the old one at the same time which is a help. Although it looks confusing you will find that the wiring will fall in to place once you have the main cable routed. There is a colour coding that makes sense, for example blue for headlights, a white stripe indicates from a switch etc. There is a coloured wiring guide that also helps http://www.advanceautowire.com/tr2506.pdf Just make sure you get the right white wires to the ignition switch. I miswired and could not get the car to start as I had c
  4. TRTerry

    Petrol Smell!

    Puff talcum powder around the tank. Fill it up and go for a run. I did this and found my fuel gauge sender gasket showed tell tale signs of leaking by way if a track though the talc. Also did the same for an aluminium tank and discovered stress cracks to the top third of the tank.
  5. Add hazards for safety's sake
  6. TRTerry

    Car lifts

    I might be selling mine shortly if my house sale goes through and I have nowhere to go. Brought six years ago. Built by Laycock in 1950's, works off 13 amp ring standard house supply ( but it does draw a bit more ). Chain driven cogs spin around large screw threads. Easy to put up and dismantle, but a bugger to get through standard garage doors unless you tilt it at around 45 degrees. Lovely piece of kit, nice and simple, and spares are still available!
  7. Overcharging creates gassing which is potentially dangerous. Anything over 14.46 volts will produce gas. Battery explosions are nasty! Excessive charging causes electrolysis, emitting hydrogen and oxygen. This process is known as "gassing". Wet cells have open vents to release any gas produced, and VRLA batteries rely on valves fitted to each cell. Catalytic caps are available for flooded cells to recombine hydrogen and oxygen. A VRLA cell normally recombines any hydrogen and oxygen produced inside the cell, but malfunction or overheating may cause gas to build up. If this happens (for
  8. I think it may be the main beam relay is miswired.
  9. TRTerry

    Hi all

    Steve, Come along to a Leicester Group Meeting and share a beer. We meet at the Gate Hangs Well, Syston, every 3rd Thursday of the month. Our group is very partner friendly so do both come. There is a wealth of knowledge and help and companionship at any local group meeting. There is a member in Exton that would like to contact you. He has a black TR4A. Might see you soon? Terry
  10. I would also fit a relay to the impact cut-off switch to take the pump load as it sounds like you have Bosch pump and the switch cannot handle high currents (starts to melt).
  11. WI once had a woodruff key break in on of my rear half shafts/ hubs. Has a similar effect to clutch slip as would engage on light load but slip when power applied.
  12. Ignition switch's known to fail, try jiggling it.
  13. Check the coil is wired to the correct ignition switch contact. It's easy to confuse the accessories contact with the ignition contact. The accessories contact is switched to the off position by the action of engaging the ignition contact (when you get the spring resisted full turn against the key) but the starter motor will still spin, and off course when you check the wiring all seems OK as then the accessories contact will be 'live' again as no longer in the spring resisted position.
  14. I used Aldridge and found them to be superb. I had no issues with costs, and found them very competitive, especially when you think you are tapping in to all of that expertise when they fit for you.
  15. Could also be the fuel cutoff as this consists of a ball bearing balancing on some contact points, they get a bit of corrosion and 12 volts will not pass. Try manipulating the plunger and see what happens. I relayed mine to take the current power away as it was getting warm with my twin pump system and melted..
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