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  1. John390

    Speedo repair

    I have bought gears from JDO to repair Rolls Royce speedos. Expensive but great service and they worked a treat. Cheers John
  2. John390

    TR3 798 ERA

    If you read Ken's post it say's the car was owned by his friend (in 2016). Why don't you contact Ken (Doretti) Cheers John
  3. You didn't tell me that you had some TR5 tan seats! Having said that, I did not ask. Cheers John
  4. You need to reconnect the Ammeter! Everything apart from the starter will be dead. Cheers John
  5. What year is your car? There are a few different types of TR6 seats. Cheers John
  6. It might well be a gearbox from a saloon. The speedo will always read wrong if that is the case. If this is the case you probably need to change the annulus in the overdrive for a TR one. Cheers John
  7. Hi Conrad, I wasn't being critical. The guy asked for a TR6 bumper, I was just saying that there are 2 (UK) types. He did not say what year. You obviously know that. The early bumpers (unboxed) are difficult to come by now as I don't think they have been remade. They also sit further back nearer the front valance. I managed to get a usable one a few years ago for my wife's 69' TR6. Cheers JOhn
  8. I hope that you sold him the right one Conrad. You know that the UK ones changed. Non boxed brackets then boxed brackets! Cheers John
  9. John390

    CP Seats.

    There are different types of CP seats. 69 seats are non-reclining. Cheers John
  10. The head bolts on the Vanguard engine are a smaller diameter from what I remember. Cheers John
  11. They still can find the car from the engine number, if it was recorded! Cheers John
  12. If you know where it was sold when new (area), check the County records department for that date. It will be recorded with the com. no. It might cost you but it might not. I should have read your last post. Cheers John
  13. If you get a BMIHT certificate it will tell you the day it was built as well as the original trim colour and whether it had wire or steel wheels when new. Cheers John
  14. The chrome rocker cover carried over from the TR5! Cheers John
  15. The seats were not reclining. The trim and seat covers should all still be available from most if not all the main TR spares suppliers. The rocker cover (engine) would of been chrome plated. Cheers John
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