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  1. Roger does the above toe in setting apply to TR2-6 as am hoping to get TRs put on to my local mans Lawrence Alignment machine. thanks Ian.
  2. A very good effort Pete, i have two bonnets in much the same nic, wish me luck, cheers Ian.
  3. Thanks Roger will pass him the information. cheers Ian.
  4. Am looking for above valve for fellow club member, does anyone have one for sale, cheers Ian.
  5. glasgow4a

    Water pump

    I got my original pump rebuilt at E P Services in Wolverhampton tel. no. 01902 452914, cheers Ian.
  6. John, phone Canley Classics David Pearson will be able to help cheers Ian,
  7. Buy a gallon of Milkstone Remover from your local farm supplier. This stuff is the equivalent of Jenolite at a fraction of the cost., cheers Ian.
  8. The vehicle on the end is a Standard Vanguard estate, a mate in Keighley ownes one, cheers Ian
  9. glasgow4a

    Advice on help.

    Hi Cal you have PM cheers Ian.
  10. Soap and water, small nail brush job done see you at Stoneleigh cheers Ian.
  11. Repair Kits UK can help you. I recently bought a repair kit for my High Torque starter in my 4a. Guys name is Carl Dawes on 01543 226222, cheers Ian.
  12. Had my rear bumper done by Vintage Chroming in Longtown nr Carlistle 01228 792661 very pleased with job, cheers Ian.
  13. Try Vintage chrome in Longtown 01228 792661, they did my rear bumper very happy with the result.
  14. Send your pump to Dave Davies in Manchester, tel no 01942 891447 good guy does a great job, cheers Ian.
  15. David. paint your blasted chassis with Bonda primer as in Stuarts post. it is great stuff. phone me if you need to obtain some. cheers Ian.
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