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  1. That looks like a TR5 bonnet cheers Ian.
  2. Roger, myself and all my mates would like to see the back of Nicola Kranky. We voted to stay in the union and hope their is no Indiref 2. Do not believe that all Scots vote SNP that is definately not the case, cheers Ian.
  3. Just received my high torque starter back from Wosperformance, repaired and sent back FOC excellent and generous service strongly recommend cheers Ian.
  4. Spotted on Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre today White or Wedgewood 4a reg EDU 43C Coventry plate, wonder if it is still around, cheers Ian.
  5. Many happy returns from Scotland, enjoy your pint you lucky man, cheers Ian.
  6. Hi Nigel you have pm, cheers Ian.
  7. TR Bitz gets my vote, have been using them for 15yrs very helpful, cheers Ian.
  8. Ian very interested in how you went about sharpening cobalt spot weld drills as i have just bought new before, cheers Ian.
  9. Interested in where you purchased marine ply in that thickness as i had no luck obtaining it here and had to use hardboard with a couple of coats of clear varnish for protection.
  10. Roger does the above toe in setting apply to TR2-6 as am hoping to get TRs put on to my local mans Lawrence Alignment machine. thanks Ian.
  11. A very good effort Pete, i have two bonnets in much the same nic, wish me luck, cheers Ian.
  12. Thanks Roger will pass him the information. cheers Ian.
  13. Am looking for above valve for fellow club member, does anyone have one for sale, cheers Ian.
  14. glasgow4a

    Water pump

    I got my original pump rebuilt at E P Services in Wolverhampton tel. no. 01902 452914, cheers Ian.
  15. John, phone Canley Classics David Pearson will be able to help cheers Ian,
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