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  1. glasgow4a

    J type over drives

    John, a merry Christmas to you. The man to ask about overdrives is our group leader Steve Craig, he can be contacted on cheers Ian.
  2. glasgow4a

    Water pump help pls

    No problem, all the best, Ian.
  3. glasgow4a

    Water pump help pls

    Pete, han my pump rebuilt by EP Services in Wolverhampton 01902 452914 good service good job done cheers Ian.
  4. glasgow4a

    Flying jacket

    I have a very good one made by English Classics size 42L pm me for details cheers Ian.
  5. glasgow4a

    Surrey frame colour

    I have an original stanpart one definately beige, Stuart may know colour code, cheers Ian.
  6. glasgow4a

    Diff. Front plate fixing bolts, puzzle ?

    Rhodorseal? please explain, Ian.
  7. glasgow4a

    Bumper help needed

    PM also sent re Ian.
  8. glasgow4a

    Rear Seat Pan

    I have mentioned this panel twice before on this forum. It is available plus many more panels from Mark Campbell in Grimsby.He can be contacted on 0782 849 4101, cheers Ian.
  9. glasgow4a

    IRS Rear Seat Panel Wanted

    Alec,Mark Campbell in Grimsby makes this panel among others. I have bought panels from him for my 4a resto. He can be contacted on 0782 849 4101, cheers Ian.
  10. glasgow4a

    Removing Waxoil

    Happy New Year to yourself, see you at Stoneleigh, Ian.
  11. glasgow4a

    Removing Waxoil

    HI John my suggestion to you is take back to bare steel with zip wheel on angle grinder, if sound treat with milkstone remover followed with Bondaprimer then paint or if holed follow Stuarts advice and repair what you have with a patch, cheers Ian.
  12. glasgow4a

    TR4 STOLEN - ALP 71B

    Ditto here in Glasgow, as my 4a is the only one here. That particular 4 used to belong to a friend of a friend here in Glasgow. Hope you find it, cheers Ian.
  13. glasgow4a

    Spin on oil filter

    MANN w712 available at GSF branches on my 4a, Hope this helps, Ian.
  14. glasgow4a

    Spin on oil filter

    MANN W712 filter on my 4a available at GSF branches, hope this helps Ian.
  15. glasgow4a

    Rear end O/n

    I have also sent a pm, thanks Ian.

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