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  1. Try Vintage chrome in Longtown 01228 792661, they did my rear bumper very happy with the result.
  2. Send your pump to Dave Davies in Manchester, tel no 01942 891447 good guy does a great job, cheers Ian.
  3. David. paint your blasted chassis with Bonda primer as in Stuarts post. it is great stuff. phone me if you need to obtain some. cheers Ian.
  4. Did you soak this seal in oil overnight or fit straight away, thanks Ian.
  5. TR3A reg XYK 644 on movie This ir my street 1964, does car still exist cheers Ian
  6. glasgow4a


    Glad you enjoyed Moffat, see you at the International cheers Ian.
  7. glasgow4a


    Our group, Clyde Valley have a stand at this show, come and say hello, cheers Ian.
  8. Try Bresco vehicle services on 01509 610834 or online on www.bresco.com very good service.
  9. White TR4 with Surrey top ARW 571B seen on Scales of Justice tuesday night, has it survived?
  10. John, a merry Christmas to you. The man to ask about overdrives is our group leader Steve Craig, he can be contacted on cheers Ian.
  11. Pete, han my pump rebuilt by EP Services in Wolverhampton 01902 452914 good service good job done cheers Ian.
  12. I have a very good one made by English Classics size 42L pm me for details cheers Ian.
  13. I have an original stanpart one definately beige, Stuart may know colour code, cheers Ian.
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