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  1. speak to Richard Verhayden - one of the TR guys has a connection with Mulhouse
  2. I will Dd a few photos when home. Bert is competing at Spa in his Chevron. A was recounting test set up on the old long circuit to Tom only last year. Life's coincidences. . .
  3. Thanks for all your replies. I found a spot on the Mulsanne that is armedcoed off all year close to the chicane. A little shumac tree was there. A will get the wind in his hair twice a year. Many thanks to madman and the YTCC guys and girls who made me so welcome. Touring gently across to Spa. Chillier night tonight as heading north now.
  4. I have 2 tredle machines that may be of use as well !
  5. Off on a well deserved break. Historic meeting at Le Mans. Bert Smeets in his Chevron and Chris Marx in the V8 group 44 car. Spa six hours who else will be there. Got my tent but if anyone has a spare sofa ? Hoping to scatter some of Alec's ashes on the long straights of old from his Chevron days.
  6. I can have a look to see if that is any good on my old one as I have new floors ready
  7. Cider will arrive at 7 possibly warm again. Got towels !
  8. I am thankful to have all your support over the last 2 years, it meant a lot to both of us. I received a beautiful perfumed array of flowers from the Register so I rang the office to thank them yesterday. They have arranged a room where we can share memories of Alec at Lincoln, photos and written anecdotes will be appreciated. There will be a memorial moment for him around 3pm on Saturday - please look in program or check at the Register desk. We are not having a formal funeral this week for several reasons - our granddaughter is due next week so I do not wish Tom & Lou to do 300 mile trip. I have had surgery recently and am very sore. Something I have hinted at during Alec's saga but rather kept to myself has had to be done. So please HUG ME GENTLY at Lincoln ! And as local support has been amazing I want to be able to spend time arranging a memorial for him here at a time better suited. Obviously you will be welcome here too - please let me know at Lincoln or message me if you wish to come. I will be adding a Charity Just Giving for donations asap However Alec's private Cremation is early on Friday morning - I shall follow him there in his Jag - so please raise a glass, cheer, say a prayer, take a photo of something special, anything that feels right for you.
  9. I followed Chris' link from his facebook page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm1yqERQ5u0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Bq7oMiBQFw If that does not work use the video id after the = sign and put into the search bar on youtube directly. ie Gm1yqERQ5u0 and 6Bq7oMiBQFw Chris - if you qualified 7th (finished 8th) - why did you have to start at the back of the grid ?
  10. Not watched all of the 2nd video but you have an awesome car and an excellent drive - well done Chris - love checking the mirror to see how fast the cars disappear ! Have you got a link to the results page please ?
  11. Posted Today, 10:26 PM Well done for an excellent day - I was only there for a couple of hours to fly the Pringle flag. Alec is very poorly and can only stay awake for half an hour at a time. Cheerful drivers in spite of the p....g rain ! Julian (TR3A daily driver) took his just rebuilt Mallock out - his son and our long term friends Jeff & Chris had a great day taking it in turn to run it in and get rid of the gremlins. Happy days to come. I will try and add my video clip of Jeff (TR6 owner) driving it after lunch using my phone. PS Thanks to all who signed Alec's card !
  12. So its the Exeter Trial again and yet nothing has appeared on here to give any info on where to spectate or their stop at Haynes Museum. Both Wayne Scott and Phil Tucker are competing again. So is it a CLOSED SHOP ? Dissapointed.
  13. Wish I had the concentration to drive in anger again - spirited maybe. I loved doing Goodwood Sprints and Gurston Hill Climb but never achieved very good times back then anyway. I have some photos of my car with Julian Furness' TR3B painted orange and Dennis Futcher's TR3A. Also found a surprising picture of my car with the nose of Alec's TR6 nearby before I even knew him ! Loads of photos of the Round Britain run as well including Donington Loop International = 1978 ?
  14. I took the Surrey top off once and ended up having to jack up the back to get it back on so I never dared remove it again as the chassis deteriorated. Back then about every 3 months I had yet another bit plated. So definitely no Dunlop umbrella.
  15. Body was naked about 3 weeks ago. Jeff has now striped off all the suspension and swing arms from the mounting points. NO easy task using the longest bars imaginable. Which was one of the reasons DRN was parked as we could not get it apart to fix a broken trunion. No wonder Alec did not want me driving it any more way back when - what chassis ? The holes are enormous behind where the swing arms were. OK I regularly had chunks of the chassis welded at the time but . . . . . . So a word of warning however solid you think it is - it isn't !
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