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Status Updates posted by SuzanneH

  1. First year in about 25 that we are not going to the International! Have a great time everyone, will miss you all.

    1. Pogo


      Sorry to hear that . . . we'll miss you both!

    2. mike3739


      I would love to met you both maybe next year.

  2. I have just installed the engine and gearbox in our Tr4.

  3. Just seen weather report that it has been the dullest winter in London since records began, makes me feel better just knowing I wasn't imagining it like some people tried to convince me I was!

    1. SuzanneH


      Sunny today though, beautifull day!

  4. Looks like Spring might have sprung, the sun is shining at last!

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    2. johnny250


      looks like spring has recoiled around here...dul, dull, desperately dull....

    3. SuzanneH


      It is raining again here.dull drab and depressing!

    4. mike3739


      Sunny in BHX again!!

  5. Yes

    1. SuzanneH


      Go on, ask me where this profile picture was taken!

    2. johanak


      nice car. Any bigger picture?

  6. You will have to update this soon as you are escaping!

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