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  1. MJL

    Best wishes at the AGM Roger.

    In my humble opinion the TR Register needs someone like you at the helm.

    I let my membership lapse some time ago but would be happy to re join if the ethos of the club changed. I joined a club not a business!


    Mick Loynes 

  2. I bought a carpet and trim set 7 years ago and found it to be a Skinners set and not a TR Bitz set that I had great results with and that I thought I was getting. Just got round to trying to get it to fit due to house move and am disappointed to say the least. I feel inclined to consign it to the bin! Nothing fits and the tunnel carpets seem too short. Can anyone suggest a classic car trimmer in Worcestershire?
  3. Redditch Powder Coating made a good job producing a crackle finish for me and it seems more durable than the paint finish that i achived when i rebuilt the car first time round 20 years ago. Mick
  4. Lets try again! Your dash needs to go forward away from the steering wheel. Drop the dash down slide it forward then lift it up so that it comes behind the wood that the pegs for the lift a dot pegs are screwed into. This wood should have studs fitted that will match up with the slots in the top of your dash and holes to the left and right.
  5. Thanks Andrew this looks like the answer.
  6. I to am puzzled by which wires go where when the alternator is fitted particularly as Moss refer to yellow and a yellow/green wires where as on the alternator supplied I have a yellow and a heavy and a light brown wire. I think recently there was an article on gutting the control box and using it as a terminal block for the spare wires. Can anyone please point me the right way? Many thanks.
  7. Don many thanks for your help. Meno was also good enough to send some pictures also so I have the information I needed now. Mick.
  8. I have just bought a set of stone guards from the same supplier that I bought some from many years ago. The originals fitted with no problems, the new set are miles out. Any guides on how to make them fit or where to purchase a set that may fit?
  9. Could somebody post a few pictures of the routes that the clutch and brake pipes take across the bulkhead from the master cylinders on a LHD TR3A. I am converting my car back to LHD for use in Greece having used it in this country as RHD for the last 15 years. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Looked again and found what I needed. Thanks for the prompt.
  11. Rhodri Thanks for the response. I looked at MGAGURU yesterday but could only see external views of the gauge. Will look again tonight.
  12. Has anyone got a schematic of the wiring inside a Jaeger fuel gauge. I have broken some of the wires to the coils inside the gauge and would like to see a diagram of where the wires should go before I tray a soldered repair.
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