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  1. Slightly off topic, and a basic request for some help please ! My gearbox / clutch is making some intresting noises. A ticking sound when the clutch is depressed, but now I'm also getting some noises when the clutch is not engaged and the car is not in gear. When in gear and motoring it is fine. I'd like to check the gearbox oil. Where's the filler, and is there a dipstick type device ? Is there somewhere I can go (web) that gives me an idea of some of the simpler TR6 tasks ? Please excuse my naivety. Cheers. :-)
  2. Keep us appraised Chris, I'll be going over in just over 3 weeks for my annual pilgrimage, in My 1993 RX-7 though ! Very tempted to take the TR6 one day soon. Martyn.
  3. Evening all. Been a while since I've posted, and still yet to get to my first TR meet, need to make the car reliable enough to get there first ! So, problem, every now and again the ignition dies. Just goes, and I roll to a halt. Leave it a minute or so, starts straight off, and off I go again. Or I open the bonnet, waggle the connections, and off we go. Thought process deduces that I have a bad connection or even a bad earth, so I will go through the system next and have a look. Before I do though, a question. I have a Lumenition setup that all came on the car when I bought it, and t
  4. Right, OK, went to Bristol......(had checked the pipes in the footwells and they seemed nicely intact before I left) Trip down fine with the roof down, bar the numb fingers through my driving gloves when I got there. Pulled strongly at 70 on the M4 though. Parked up on level ground, under a tree unfortunately but beggars can't be choosers in Bristol. Came back to the car the next afternoon (it had chucked it down) and again, quite a bit of water in the passenger footwell. Staining also on the inside of the roof, I am pretty certain now that the material is just letting water straight thro
  5. Hey guys. Chris at TRGB is sending me a headlining rubber for the windscreen if it's that (rain has been horizontal recently), and he also suggested the drain tubes which I will check out this weekend. Also driving it to Bristol (in what looks like rain) Friday so wish me luck ! Cheers for your help.
  6. So I took my Dad out for a drive at last, show him how superior my TR6 is against his old MG (frankly just wanted him to know I hadn't bought a pup), and we got back, and I said I'd show him the engine. "Pull that lever there Dad, give it a tug as it sticks a bit"........ So he turns round to me with the handle in his hand as he was obviously superman in a previous life. The cable hasn't snapped, just the handle come off the cable, so fortunately (phew) I can still open the bonnet with a pair of pliers on the cable. Fixing advice ? Can the handle successfully be crimped back onto the cabl
  7. Hi Andy. Recently bought a 6 from TRGB, dealth with Chris, absolute top man. I went there for two hours and drove 4 TR6s and also the white TR4 you mention. It's a bit tatty in that it will never be a concours car, but it drove and stopped very well, no smoke, good oil pressure. I was almost in love with the shape and very tempted, but frankly as the classic was to be my everyday drive I opted for the TR6 as it would be cheaper to run overall, the panels for TR4s are damn expensive alone. I certainly would have picked the TR4 above some of the TR6s I saw though. For a bit of peace of m
  8. Gents, there is nothing better than joining a forum where everyone dives in to help everyone else, thank you so much for your guidance. Sunday morning (so it wasn't me in Amersham), I disconnected the fuel pipe from the carbs and we were definitely getting fuel delivery when I turned the engine over. Next, pulled a spark plug and no spark whatsoever when turning over. Had a good look around the ignition circuits and wiring, Lumenition box doing something or other, then noticed the damn earth had come of the solenoid. Such a ridiculous oversight I thought something else must be up but I turned
  9. Cheers Gents. Fuel pump is not transparent and has 'made in Canada' stamped on the top. Chris suggested the plunger on the pump but it doesn't have one. Fuel filter seems to be full of fuel. Will update you after I have a play at the weekend. Cheers.
  10. Hey all, hope you're good. OK, so I got my TR6 from Chris at TRGB a couple of weeks ago, did the 40 miles back plus another 80 on top that first night, car hasn't started since. When I got home it was low on fuel, and I parked it on my drive tail down nose up as there is a gradient. Didn't start the next day, hasn't since. Last weekend pushed it up the road (blown away how heavy she is !), turned it round and rolled back down the slight hill, trying to bump start it. I think there may have been one cough, but no joy (not a good gradient). Parked it nose down this time. Since then I've top
  11. mart160plus


    And if you watch the WRC in two weeks time in Wales, they generally have that sized plate on too, although that would be an interesting discussion on the hard shoulder.....
  12. mart160plus


    Luck and an easy throttle pedal whenever I spot the plod ! On the way to Germany though I have to pay most of the petrol stations 'up front' as their cameras can't read the plate. Used to have one of the same size on my GT-Four too. I always carry a regular sized one in the boot for the 'I've just been to a show and forgot to change it' quote. Mart.
  13. mart160plus


    OK, so surprise surprise, Chris at TRGB called me today and the car is ready, well before I expected it to be, excellent ! I called Sue at Towergate whilst I was walking the dog, and not much after that I had a comprehensive policy, unlimited mileage for a 35 year old living in Milton Keynes, car doesn't have to be garaged for the policy, all the usual Homestart breakdown and foreign cover, £261. Not bad, quite a bit more than some of you are paying but it is unlimited (The 6 will be my daily drive, when I have to drive anywhere that is). Mailed Peter S Taylor, they came back with £105 w/
  14. mart160plus


    I look forward to meeting up with you guys but unfortunately not then as I don't get the car until the day after ! Can't wait to start learning about the car ! I will also report back on my insurance findings, I'm tempted to see if I can get a two-car policy as my other steed is a modified 1993 Mazda RX-7 Type R2 that I take to the Nurburgring every July. Mart.
  15. mart160plus


    Excellent, found the link not long after posting (d'oh), thanks anyway Gents. Will call them shortly.
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