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  1. Good luck Dave. Looking at the entry list I reckon you should be good for 4th o/a! Mike
  2. Interesting race 1 of the Kastner cup. 3 very evenly matched TR's at the front. Unfortunately Sam Halkias TR6 was taken out by the number 11 TR8. Race 2 should be on live about 8 pm our time this evening. Mike
  3. My money is on previous winner Sam Halkias in the Paul Newman tribute TR6. Mike Hughes
  4. 8th March 1986 Silverstone Round 1 Cox & Buckles TR Register Race Championship. Good start from Geoff Mansfield 64 and Pete Cox 61. Pole man Reg Woodcock, who had won the championship the previous year, falls back momentarily to the 2nd row alongside Steve Hall 30 and Mike Walker 69. Reg went on to win comfortably from Pete Cox who was well clear of Steve Hall who finished 3rd. Geoff Mansfield retired and car 51 is the TR5 of Jeff Pumford who finished 10th and last. This is the car that went on to win the championship in 1995 in the hands of Joe Henderson. It also won the 50th T
  5. Out on my bike early this morning and met 2 911s, 2 Minis, Lotus Sunbeam Talbot and an Astra GTE near Cholmondeley Castle. Mike
  6. Correction The race is live on the Goodwood website at 10.20 Saturday not Sunday. Mike
  7. Josh Files has just qualified his father Keiths TR4 in pole position for Saturdays Fordwater Trophy race at the Goodwood Revival. A fantastic drive by Josh saw him steadily moving up the timings and setting his pole time on the last lap. Keiths car is one of the Kas Kastner prepared works TR4's that won their class at the 1963 Sebring 12 hrs. Keiths car finished second in class driven by the American driver team of Charlie Gates, Ed Diehl and Bob Cole. First in class was the British pairing of Peter Bolton and Mike Rothschild. Keith purchased the car in the USA several years ago and
  8. No Jon, Dave using the wheels and tyres off my old race car and Robs borrowing the drive shafts! I will be there if the weather looks OK. If so I will be ringing someone for a ticket when I get to the circuit. Mike
  9. Rob Cowing and Dave Bailey are entered as a 2 car/2 driver team. Mike
  10. I will be there Dave, weather permitting, as parts from my old TR5 will be appearing on at least 2 cars that I know of! Mike
  11. I was talking to Graham at the Donington Historic Festival. The yellow peril is now owned by Alan Price whose TR7V8 race car was destroyed by fire in a race at Silverstone about 3 years ago. Graham is racing the car until Alan gets his confidence back.. Mike
  12. Brilliant drive by Martyn Adams in the TR7V8 finishing 2nd o/a in the Future Classics race and matching the lap times of the race winning Porsche in the closing stages. Former TR racers Tony Blake and Paul Dingle, both in Porsches also in the top 6. Mike Cowing appearing after a 10 year lay off in his TR7V8 also went well with plenty more to come I am sure. Mike
  13. Martyn Adams is entered in his rapid TR7V8 in the Future Classics race. I saw him this afternoon on the A500 near Nantwich on his way to the circuit. I will be there but only spectating having sold my TR5 to Dave Bailey last year. Mike
  14. Mick Kermit is now owned and raced by Chris Edwards but when Simon Watson sold the car to Chris he retained the reg. no. 1235 KY which now adorns the beautiful TR4 SLR replica that TR Enterprises built for Brian White who has already had very good results with the car including a 2nd and 3rd overall in the Equipe GTS races at Brands Hatch last weekend and an excellent result in its first race at Spa last year. Mike
  15. It was quick Jon but not very reliable if I remember correctly! Mike
  16. Entertaining race Christian. Why the early retirement? Interesting to see TVR Tuscan challenge car just getting the better of you. They allow them in the CSCC Future Classics series in the UK, albeit that they have to run on treaded Type 1A,1B or 1C tyres. I have fond memories of when the TR Register race series was at Cadwell Park sometime in the early 1990's and the TVR Tuscan challenge was on the same day. Watching Gerry Marshall coming over the Mountain with all 4 wheels off the ground and not lifting until he reached the braking point for Hall Bends was a memory forever etched in my
  17. Did not manage to catch the M1 then Christian!. Hardly surprising really. How far off his lap times were you? Regards Mike
  18. Larry Jeram-Croft I remember you well especially from your Race Championship days. Affectionately known amongst the TR racers as J cloth. Last time I saw you was racing at Anglesey with your son in an MG Maestro languishing at the back if I remember correctly! Mike
  19. I can help with the car's early race history and its participation in the TR Register Race Championship. The car was prepared for racing by Racetorations in the mid 1990's for James Prentice, a gentleman farmer and garage proprietor from the Cheltenham area. He entered the 1996 championship in the Roadsports class where the car was very competitive and despite not doing a full season he finished 2nd in class and was the quickest car in his class by quite a margin. We did not see the car again in James Prentice's hands as he bought himself a lightweight E-type and presumably sold the TR.
  20. Spot On Roy. Went on to race a semi-lightweight E type and last time I saw him was racing at the Goodwood Revival in a dayglow pink Sprite or Midget!
  21. Mike McKenna's TR3A LVS 499 if I am not mistaken. Previously raced by Mike Hazlewood. Originally built by Racetorations for a driver whose name escapes me as I am not at home to check my records! Judging by the wheels it looks to have been converted back to FIA spec or something acceptable to the French????? Mike Hughes
  22. A sad loss. My first event against Barry was an MG Car Club (NW) sprint at Oulton Park in 1977. A great competitor and still racing his Le Mans MGB into his 80's despite a very bad crash a few years ago at the Le Mans Classic. Mike
  23. Wheel arches look very flared on your car Jon! Very Modsports!!
  24. It has been 30 seconds for a few years now and as Roy says some teams can do the change in 16 secs! One disadvantage of course is that the second car goes out mid-race on cold tyres and cold brakes while all the other cars have done several laps.
  25. John There is no exchanging of cars. As the 1st driver comes in for the pitstop in his car the 2nd driver is held for 30 seconds in his car before being released into the race. Rob Cowing and myself have been racing this way in Swinging 60's for several seasons and it works well.
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