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  1. Sad story. Legendary story that Colin Chapman fitted one of his early cars with a cardboard firewall. Challenged that it should be metal, he pointed out that he had used aluminium paint on it, "And as far as I know, aluminium is a metal." John
  2. It's on TODAY, and its being live streamed. courtesy of MotorSport magazine, NOW, at https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/articles/historic-racing/live-stream-2022-monaco-historic-grand-prix-watch-saturday-qualifying?utm_campaign=2212398_ED_F1 - 150522 - Monaco Historique&utm_medium=email&utm_source=emailCampaign&dm_i=4DIP,1BF3I,49SMYJ,62ZQK,1 Enjoy! John
  3. PS Just checked my own and weighed the wrench itself. 2.5lbs, so you can add that to the test weight, or IMHO ignore it.
  4. I didn't understand Ralph's "grip the square in the vice with the handle horizontal so that the weight of the handle does not affect the readings," unless 'horizontal' meant "vertical"! In which case, a spring balance would be necessary to exert a measured torque on the wrench. But IMHO the weight of the handle is trivial. John
  5. The FIA does approve, as at its F1 Commission meeting in London yesterday, the use of helmet cameras had unanimous approval, and all drivers will use them in 2023. John
  6. Ralph, Rather than a spring balance to check the wrench, why not use a actual mass? Sure, you need to measure the mass weight using another fallible machine, but once done, maybe checked on several scales, you know what it weighs, and can use it again. I have an old flywheel, over 20lbs, that I hang on my torque wrench to check it. That mass won't change! John
  7. I concur with Deggers ! Learn something every day (Socrates, or someone)
  8. I may have told before, oh working in an MG dealer at that time. The apprentices ( it was that long ago) and I were rounded up and bussed to Oxford to deal with a whole compound of Bs that had been flooded. In sewage. We stripped out the internal trim, the engines were turned over with the plugs out to expel the water - and they went back to the factory to be retrimmed!!! Anyone ever had a B that smelt of ShOneT in wet weather? John
  9. If you watch F1, you may have seen views from inside the drivers helmet! I presume built into the lining, so the above isn't a problem, although to have a device just there might cause injury if struck on that side. I hope FIA approved!
  10. For motorsport, a shoulder mounted camera is a BAD idea! You want to be able to get out as quickly as possible, or to be rescued, ditto, and that large impediment between neck and shoulder will make removing the safety harness much slower. Many police officers today wear a 'bodycam', but they are much less obtrusive, and mounted by a docking clip (like the radio on the other side) on a close fitting HiViz vest, so that the devices may be pulled off if necessary. And, they are using lap and diagonal seat belts, not full harness. Likewise, suction mounts are NOT permitted for
  11. Tom, That's not an in-service service, that's the initial post-build service. If your head nuts loosen after that something is wrong! As it is if the threads get oiled in use. Apart from the above, there is no need to re-torque head nuts, ever. Suspension bolts are a different fish of kettles.
  12. Where does it say in any car's service schedule that the cylinder head nut torque should be checked? Yes, 200-500 miles after rebuilding, but not for service in use. John
  13. Just seen a video from the USA of someone who had lined the back of their pick up with plastic , driven to the 'gas station' and filled the back up with petrol! No fire, remarkably. (The woman who uses 'dude' all the time is almost as inflammatory!)
  14. Or, the smaller Israeli numbers! (Of people in the studies) The smaller the difference between the control and experimental groups, the more in those groups is required to show a significant result. Or, the greater is the potential error, and the Standard Deviation! John
  15. No study can be perfect. The investigators discussed the seasonal variation, see at 14 minutes in. They removed anyone who took supplements and Lo! the difference disappears! But consider those results. "Secondary Outcome", the numbers that developed a real SARS-Covid infection. (6 minutes in) The calculated "P" for those numbers was 0.5. To apply statistics, it is assumed that the two factors being tested are not connected. If P is 1, then it is certain that they are nothing to do with each other. To be sure that they are connected, then P must be 0.05 or less, ne
  16. You all may be interested in this. An online video presentation is a new way to publish your research findings, but this is from Queen Mary Hospital and was done through COVIDENCE online data gathering, so the method is appropriate. Some, as were the investigators, may be disappointed but they summarised the results in this slide: You can see the presentation in its entirety (15 mins) at I'm sorry too, that such an easy and safe measure isn't effective, John
  17. The question of the torque wrench's accuracy, mentioned above, may be critical. I once ruined an engine block by torquing in the studs (I know now, you don't!) And cracking the block! Testing later found the wrench was under readng by 30%! Testing on the bench is straightforward. Clamp the drive bar, the square that fits in the socket, into the vice so that the handle is horizontal. Hang a weight on the handle and move it outwards until it clicks. Then weight divided by the distance to the drive bar is the torque exerted, in whatever units you like John
  18. Quote, "TR Register members are invited to join Red Rose Group on this year’s Drive It Day Run to Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker on Sunday 24th April 2022" What don't I understand about the word 'secret'? John
  19. Ralph, From Engineering Toolbox website Size(mm) Typical Maximum Tightening Torque (Nm) Grade 8.8 Grade 9.8 Grade 10.9 Grade 12.9 M5 7.0 7.8 10.0 11.7 M6 11.8 13.3 17.0 19.9 M8 28.8 32.3 41.3 48.3 M10 57.3 64.1 81.8 95.7 M12 99.8 112 143 167 M16 248 277 354 413 M20 500 690 809 M24 865 1195 1395 M30 1719 2377 2774 Sorry about the poor tabulation, but that quotes lesser values than you found. I'd
  20. Alan, "comparatively" priced? Competitively? The price of 2.5L engines for rebuilding has been rising recently, but this is the first at over £1000 I've seen. And after being flooded, I fear that the accessories with this one are worthless. I won't be bidding.
  21. Few can claim to have survived beign struck by lightning. I can't, but I did defibrillate myself once! I was using a defibrillator, that passes a large charge through a victim's chest to stop ventricular fibrillation, in the hope that normal contractions will restart, and the patient survive. He did, but as I replaced the 'paddles' on the device, the old fashioned machine had recharged itself -they don't now because of this! - and I must have pressed the button. About 200 KiloWatts of power were released into my hand that held the paddle, via the conductive jelly I had smeared on
  22. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144504128912?hash=item21a51e0590:g:TBsAAOSwhE5iWA~1 This advertises just the engine, when the car looks quite reasonable. and it started as a small-ad, fixed price at £950 (I think). It's now £1050. One heck of a price for just an engine! John
  23. I refer the Honourable Members to my reply a few hours ago. Mr.Hammond started and drove the car away. Of course that was quite a long time ago, when Top Gear was an interesting show and not taken over by rampant personalities, so maybe there was less 'sensitive electronics' in the car he used. I'll bet that a Triumph would sail through the storm! RobH, Tyre rubber contains carbon black doesn't it, so conducting. You will have observed that the lightning just bypassed the tyres and jumped straight to ground with significant sparks, so not very conducting, as a MegOhm is one
  24. Before blaming the head gasket, I would trace the source by dusting the top of the engine with flour. Yes, flour! Self raising, strong, wholemeal, it really doesn't matter! This will reveal where the oil comes from by forming a stained track, which may be washed off afterwards. The engine is mounted with a slight rearwards tilt, so that a leak from anywhere forwards will accumulate at the back, where you find it. Personally, I suspect some oil may be escaping from the filler cap! Good luck! John
  25. Not so! As you can see, the bodyshell is well insulated by the tyres, but the lightning strike has continued to the ground via at least three wheels, as seen in the video. But the shell forms a 'Faraday Cage' allowing no current and no electric field inside, protecting all the electronics. There are many, many records of aircraft struck by lightning - they do not crash! And you may recall Richard Hammond's exepriment: He drives away! John
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