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  1. In-car videos from Mid-Ohio are beginning to appear! This is from mid-field and is a bit more exciting than watching from the lead car as it steams away! It's David Gott in his Tr4, as he dices with Spitfire, Herald and GT6. Also, dozens of photos of the races by Tim Langreder, at That doesn't work as a hyperlink, so https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1831681706955660&type=3 Enjoy!
  2. "You've Got To Ask Yourself One Question: 'Do I Feel Lucky?' Well, Do Ya, Punk?"
  3. Thanks for the namecheck, Dave! I've found that the appearance of the rubber in a damper pulley is a very bad guide to its function as a damper. Only testing will tell. If you would like a test, Dave, contact me by PM?
  4. And another one! Tony Drews drives his TR4, with front and rear view cameras!
  5. Well, up to a point Lord Cobbold! A cut-out on the earth side will leave all of the supply side live, at a higher potential than earth. Any defect, anything that will allow that to go to earth, will. If, say, that was on the earth side of a fuel pump, then the pump will continue to run, or else fuses will blow and wires overheat and burn. A supply side cut-out is safe - an earth side is not safe. No scrutineer would allow it. But the OP wanted to stop small drains on his battery - if it'll do that, fine. Yes, Hamish, the yellow taped earth cable was an early attampt to do the same. It's still in the race regs, but no longer necessary, becasue of the cut-out. BUT!!! I've seen an engine fire, on a rally car. The marshals pulled the cut-out toggle - and the electric fan went on running, fanning an engine fire and blowing away the extinguishant the marshals squirted in under the bonnet. They had to cut the earth lead to stop the fan! The fan was wired in some odd way, so maybe the yellow earth lead is a last resort!
  6. Absolutely, ntc! A cut-out on the earth cable leaves everything connected to the other side of the battery live, so that in an incident any conductor could complete the circuit, negating the cut-out's function. But the OP, "Mk2 Chopper"(?) wanted to prevent his battery going flat, from small feeds to things like radios. I hope this does what he wants, as I fear there is some larger drain. If he has an alternator, Peter Cobbold is quite right, not if he has a dynamo. There is a version of the FIA cut-out for alternator cars (surprise!) that incorporates two secondary switches, to supply the engine etc. when the switch is on, and shunt the current from the 'dying' alternator to earth, through a massive resistance when it's turned off. Like this - switch 1 is ON whne the main switch is OFF. Switch 2 is ON when the main switch is ON.
  7. From a friend in the US, where people seem to be allowd to do their own thing, willy-nilly:
  8. My goodness, Peter! You're a scientist, yet quote, "NICE ignore all science and rely exclusively upon RCTs for COVID" (RCTs = Randomised Controlled Trials) RCTs are the bedrock, the Gold Standard of modern science and evidence-based medicine. In the words of the BMJ, they are the only way in which "conscientious, explicit, judicious and reasonable" medicine may be practiced. If no one has done any RCTs on VitD that does not mean that anyone with an opinion is valid. John
  9. Another in-car video from Mi-Ohio! This time a bit more exciting as it's mid-field, with David Gott in hos TR4 dicing with Spitfire, Herald and GT6! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHVERfezJ4c&fbclid=IwAR2p9kuURi0xzzNquWjBYm5_nj6JhPDvsS7jqPtrbTVID0ixBthAv4Lxai4
  10. John Lilley, of Classic Films in the US is compiling, as he does each year, a film to include as much as possible about the MId-Ohio event. He'll publish in due course, and last years from Buttonwillow Raceway, is available already on his YouTube channel:
  11. In car footage, inc. "The Incident"! See here: https://www.facebook.com/NorthAmTriumphs
  12. Carl Fitchett - no idea if related, but he answers queries and orders promptly and competently. Recommended.
  13. That is a little bit Micawberish, but I take your point! Bests, Hamish!
  14. Well that was fun! wish I'd been there but hey, there's always next year. John
  15. Gosh, the SVRA must know what sector of the population they have watching, the commercial breaks include ads for these:
  16. Kas can't be at this years Kastner Cup - first time, ever. The Friends of Triumph have sent him their good wishes from the circuit. See: (From the North American Triumphs facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NorthAmTriumphs/ It would be nice if the TR Register did too!
  17. Well, that was this mornings races. Ormost of them - it finished on the green flag lap of the last. so not much of that on show. For me, now, its 1745, 1245 in Ohio, and they are breaking for lunch. I wonder where the live stream for the PM races will be? John
  18. Yes, Mike, the commentators had not done the home work - or else the Friends of Triumph had not provided them with notes. They clearly had no idea that the "Striped Vitesse" is the KASTNER-Brophy car, built by Kas for the TransAm in the 70s, and my dream car! And even the SVRA office staff, who I emailed, had no idea about online coverage beyond the app!
  19. That SVRA app turned out to be bloody useless. It gave me a lovely view of the previous race, up to the last fopur laps - and then collapsed. Thnak goodness for the North American Triumph Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NorthAmTriumphs that showd a good view of a major ccorner through Qualifying. More padovk videos I hope and Race 1 at about 2100 our time! No idea how Sam Halkias did, MIke. The SVRA is supposed to display a leaderboard, but didn't when it was live. No doubt we'll find out. John
  20. Roy, Seems that live streaming is not available on the SVRA website after all, but only via the app that they sponsor: https://svra.com/svra-mobile-app/ It's available in Apple iPhone and Google Android versions. Many (most?) mobiles use either one of those operating systems (OS), so if yours does, go and get it. On your PC, the North American Triumph page is featuring short videos of the cars and drivers in the paddock, asnd I think will show some Kastner Cup racing, as they were scouting for a good trackside post to video from yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/NorthAmTriumphs Leave a message for Shawn so that he knows the Brits are watching! My problem was that A/ I have a tiny phone with a tiny memory, too small for the SVRA app (!) unless I delete essential apps, and B/ My tablet is a Kindle Fire, whose 8" screen is much more acceptable. It uses an OS that is related to Android but won't accept the Android SVRA app! If that is your situation then go to the "How to Geek" webpages, and look for "How to Install the Google Play Store on the Amazon Fire Tablet or Fire HD 8" https://www.howtogeek.com/232726/how-to-install-the-google-play-store-on-your-amazon-fire-tablet/ The instructions are straightforward, and sensible, especially that after you install the programs advised, it may take a little while for the tablet to sort itself out, so go and have a cuppa! And it works! John
  21. After a digital battle, I've managed to install the SVRA app on my KIndle Fire - it will not run on a PC and the SVRA will not be streaming via thier YouTube channel. I've also found the "North American Triumph" Facebook page that represents the online magazine http://www.triumphspitfire.com/. They have been touring the paddock,videoing the cars, interviewing the drivers and sussing out a good place to video Qualy and Race 1 tomorrow.. No qualy today, as in practice, a Sp[itfire lost its oil. Track owners HATE that, it's bad for the tarmac, and drivers hate it only slightly less as it tends to reduce grip and traction a tad. So there was some delay while it was cleared up, and the time was taken out of the Triumph allocation, cancelling the Qualy session in the pm. Fair doos as they say. Maybe the guilty will buy a few rounds tonight? So, we should be set for a day of racing and paddock walks tomorrow! Enjoy! JOhn
  22. Thnaks for that Jerry! Yes, FIVE hours! Doh! Here's the entry list - FOURTY TWO racing Triumphs!! I've high-lighted some anomalies, which will be no doubt sorted. The weather forecast is not good! Thunderstorms! So the race schedule may be rearranged at short notice.
  23. Several Triumpheros and I were due to cross t'Pond this summer, to enter the Kastner Cup, but along with so much else those plans have long gone. But we can be there, more than just in spirit, because the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association is live streaming the Mid-Ohio meeting, online. The virtual Drivers' Meeting has already taken place: I don't have the race programme for the meeting yet, so can't say when to watch, but Ohio is three hours behind us. This will be my evening's watching, this weekend! JOhn
  24. Can't comment on the Webcon, but the Facet Solid State should not be confused with the cylindrical Facet models which are really noisey!
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