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  1. I thought it,s like a canary but a little bigger
  2. have you checked for any lost budgies in the area it might be stuck in there ?
  3. Hello Andy,

    It was good to speak with you earlier today and I just thought it good form to drop you a quick line. As soon as I can work a trip to Stoke I will be on the phone, but I will defiently be having that block.

    Cheers Chris (07795 474135)

  4. I looked on google sreet today, and dam me there,s my tr on the drive , i only rolled the thing out about three times last summer due to on going work with it .Typical!!!I might get my house removed of google street just in case. Andy
  5. Don,t cars look fantastic when just back from the spray shop, all ready and waiting to be put back together.Andy
  6. Hi, This looks a very exicting project ,I bought a very similar condition car ,about two years ago,and although a bit scary the thought of putting it back together, with plenty of reference it,s been a great learning curve and skill builder .You must keep us all posted on your progress. Andy
  7. Thanks for all the comments ,want i had,nt realised was that the rad cap now fouls the underside of the bonnet because i,ve moved the rad back.(it must have been a close fit before) so much so, the bonnet won,t shut down ,i nearly had a nice rad cap shaped bulge on the bonnet!!!! .So it,s plan B an electric fan, and i,ll put the rad back to it,s origonal postion. Again thanks for all the valuable comments.Andy
  8. Good thought Alec,i,ll try that, cheaper than a new rad ? Andy
  9. Thanks chaps for the info,iv,e repostioned the rad further back by drilling a new hole further along the rad mounts and adjusted the two top bars aswell ,and it,s given me about 12 -13 mm clearence, which is about 5/8 in old money, which is what Richard said is the right gap in his reply , .Many thanks for both of your inputs . Andy
  10. Hi All, I have just fitted a tr6 fan onto my 62 tr4 ,when i put the radiator back on the clearance is very tight approx 6-7 mm at the centre of the fan, i,m getting a little nervous that it,s not enough?? anybody any thoughts or experiences of this mod .Many thanks. Andy
  11. I noticed Tr bitz are selling a dark blue 5 for £37,500,makes your eyes water
  12. I have the chance to buy a rebuilt tr6 /2500 j type overdrive box ,with the intention to put in my 62 tr4. Could someone tell me if all the pressure plate clutch fork slave cylinder etc are compatible, and is there anything i need to know, before I commit to buy. Any response will be very welcome. Thanks, Andy
  13. I have the chance to buy a Tr6 2500pi rebuilt overdrive box at good price ,And what i could do with knowing ,are the clutch mech different or would i need to source new pressureplate ,clutch fork etc ,or are they all compatible ,My tr4 is a early62 non overdrive model . Any advice would be very well received Thanks Andy
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