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  1. Hi John, I agree with what Stuart says above. Note; do run your TR2's engine for at least 30 minutes for all components to heat up to normal temps before trying to free your clutch. Select 2nd or 3rd gear but not 1st gear as you could damage the gearbox or back axle using 1st gear. Overdrive must be in off position. I used have the same problem decades ago with my 3A, then I changed the pressure plate & clutch disc & never had a repeat problem. Many years ago we used to free the clutches on our TRs after long lay-ups the following way. Run engine until hot, turn off engine, we would tow the TR with the ignition off, pre-selected in 3rd gear, clutch fully depressed, when the towing car reached a steady 40kph we would slowly & gently release the TRs clutch pedal & drive in 3rd gear for circa 200 metres until with a slight bang the clutch freed itself, then turn on ignition & engine fires up immediately, stop the tow! P.s. circa 7 kms was the longest tow we did before the clutch freed itself, but usually it just took a couple of hundred metres towing. The emphasis is to perform this exercise with a minimum of pressure placed on the other engine/drive components that are under stress too. Good luck & chat soon, Pat.
  2. Your long-door restoration is looking great John, will be great to see her finished & back on the road next year...
  3. Superb collection of images of TR2 & 3s from 60+ years ago. Thank you for uploading them Dan.
  4. Excellent news John, chat soon, Pat.
  5. Hi John, re. values on TR2s, our club members have recent experiences of both buying & selling TR2s. We'll chat about this when we meet in Dublin next month. Happy TRip across the equator. Pat
  6. Hi John, I would add 1 additional spare to your list. A spare float for for your carbs. The low grades of petrol + additives added these days to petrol are corroding the fragile carb floats. Had a 2nd example of this carb float failure here in Ireland earlier this month with an overseas 3A on tour here. We supplied him with a spare float ensuring his motoring holiday wasn't ruined. Hope to meet with you in Dublin next month... Happy TR-ing, PaTRick.
  7. Replying to Bill.P Regarding your question Bill of how many sidescreen TR owners have owned their TR since new. Our club member George Roch-Perks in Co Cork has owned his Dublin assembled ckd July 1956 TR3 since new. You may recall Bill that George & his wife Mary on their honeymoon in 1956 shipped their TR3 from Cobh (Queenstown up to 1922) in Co Cork to Canada & then toured Canada, USA & Mexico for 18 months in their TR3 before returning home to Co Cork with their TR3. George & Mary are in good health & their TR3 resides in dry stables on their farm in Co Cork today. Do you know Bill if there is a sidescreen TR owner anywhere in the world who bought their new 1st owner TR earlier than George? Note; We have a 1955 TR2 here in Dublin that's owned by the daughter of the 1st owner. Although now in her mid-seventies she regularly uses her Dublin assembled ckd TR2 to go shopping in Dublin city centre.
  8. TS27004


    I have read & enjoyed every one of Bill's 12 books. Indeed I refer to Bill's books regularly for facts & figures knowing their accuracy on TR matters. Ruby131's attitude is shocking, starting with him not detailing the which book he wished to purchase, then to comment on the book he purchased in a outrageous outburst of juvenile petulance. Our club, The TR Register, would be better off without Ruby131's inputs. Is he even a member of the Register? Hope not. In the 40+ years I have been in contact with Bill Piggott on TR matters he's always been the epitome of professionalism & correctness. I look forward to buying & enjoying Bill's 13th book when it's published...
  9. Re-core your old Coventry Radiators rad if you can, their 60 year old build quality is still unsurpassed...
  10. A sailing buddy had a Sparksman&Stephens 30', been in his family since new, multiple race winner home & abroad, S&S are wonderful boats & still very competitive in class. Good luck with your long-door's rebuild John, you're 'over the hump' with her now. Happy TR-ing, Pat.
  11. I binned 2 of the cheaper ones, didn't fit correctly on the bottom corners. Could see daylight when frame was fully assembled with the cheapies. Bought the Triplex one which is a perfect fit.
  12. Hi Peter, if you have an overdrive gearbox in your sidescreen TR you should be using a 20w50 grade oil as Don has mentioned above. I use Millers Veteran & Vintage Classic Performance 20w50 oil in my o/drive gearbox on my 3A. I use the same oil in my 3A engine too. A non-overdrive 2/3/3A/4 gearbox should use a 90 grade oil, same as rear axle oil. Hope this helps... Happy TR-ing, Pat
  13. TS27004

    Cover Girl

    Hi Roger, super news, congratulations on getting your superb 2 on the front cover of Triumph World mag, that steering wheel looks superb! Cheers, Pat.
  14. Little Money = Little Quality. Get your quality made original distributor repaired by a professional. Remember the £35 mechanical fuel pumps recently on sale! Horror stories...
  15. Hi Alec, an interesting observation from you & of course it's up to any purchaser of any item what they do with their purchase. Re. the strength of the TR2/3/3A non-o/d gearbox; In May 2014 one of our club members emailed me to say he'd 'lost' First & Reverse gears on his TR3. With a few events coming up that he wanted to attend in his TR3 could I help him. In a corner of my garage I had a 'rat' TR gearbox I had taken from a dismantled 1960 TR3A back in the mid-seventies. I knew it would be of use some day, I gave him the gearbox pro-bono & wished him happy TR-ing. As of today this gearbox is still in his TR3 & behaving itself too. All our club member did was pressure-wash the exterior & put fresh EP90 oil into the box. He's taken his TR3 with this 'rat' box fitted to foreign shores without a hiccup. My thoughts generally are; If it aint broke don't fix it. Happy TR-ing, Pat.
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