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  1. Hi, do you happen to know where I can get those? Is it still Classic Driving Developments? many thanks, Austin
  2. Greetings, oh sage ones, mot last week, and the mechanic pointed out that the drop-link rubber had split on the LHS. These were replaced after the mot two years ago, less than 5,000 miles. Any suggestions where I can buy decent quality ones, please. Thanks. Austin
  3. Thanks for all your responses. Waldi - I have an AFR guage, I’ll take a good look next time out. Mike - yes, I’ve checked that and it appears OK. Tim - I can try that, thanks. Stuart - I have some EP80/90, will that be OK? Again, many thanks. Austin
  4. Hi Jochem, I used County bearings from Chris Witor when I changed the big-end bearings last year - they probably didn’t need changing, but I had a ruined piston. The old bearings were also County. The engine is supercharged, and produces around 200bhp. I hope this helps. Austin
  5. Greetings, Oh Sage One’s! My ‘74 CF starts readily, and runs well when warm, but the 5 or 10 minutes in between are awful, firing on only 4 or 5 cylinders. I’ve changed all the usual suspects. Has anyone got any ideas? I am running a single 2 inch SU and a supercharger. many thanks, Austin
  6. i did this, John. I bought a TR5 switch plinth, and ignition switch from TR Enterprises, and lengthened the wiring cables. I seem to recall two of them had to be joined together, as the terminals are a little different. Works a treat. PM me uf you need any more info. Austin
  7. hello James, as you say, they will fit. My understanding is that the 60 spoke rims were simply nit as strong as the 72's, so there might be some issues if you drive 'enthusiastically'. Ferrari's used 82 spoke rims. If my memory serves me correctly, the longer studs were to be used on wire wheels, not the steel versions. I believe there are a very small number of Pi cars in the states, but the CC head ports were specifically built so that the CP Pi could not be fitted retrospectively. Tyres will probably need to be 165's max. Good luck, let us know how you get on. Austin
  8. Hello Martin, I think I know what this is, as it happened to mine. In my case, it was the right hand road spring colliding with a bolt-head as it turned. I had had the suspension bushes replaced by a TR specialist, and it appeared after that. To correct, I had to dismantle the right hand suspension, turn the spring through 180degrees, and re-assemble. Bingo! Please let us know how you get on. Austin
  9. +1 for Stuart's diagnosis.
  10. Hello Red6 (do you have a Christian Name?), it's difficult to tell, but I would suggest valve gear. Have you checked the valve clearances recently? If not, it might be worth a try. As for life expectancy, as long as the oil is changed regularly, the noise doesn't sound terminal to me. Please keep us informed howit goes. Austin
  11. Hello Mr Gee (do you have a Christian Name?), in my humble opinion, unless you have access to some pretty expensive kit, you really can't put too much faith in the numbers your compression tester gives you. As long as all 6 cylinders give a similar reading, that's fine. Even better if the figures remain similar if you squirt a little engine oil into each bore, and re-test. Let us know what you find. Austin
  12. Hello Mike, please forgive my stupidity - I have never seen one of these on my car. My reading of the workshop manual led me to believe that the voltage was reduced by the use of a resistance wire. Where will I find this on my car? Or do I need to re-wire, by-passing the original wire, and using the ceramic ballast resistor? Austin
  13. Hello Rich, that looks like the correct part. As an aside, if the hydraulic level of fluid is good, then you have a more difficult problem. You probably should change all three components in order to be certain that the problem is addressed. Let us know how you get on. I don't know the value of Danish currency, but 375 looks a lot! Austin
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