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  1. Hello again Mike, yes, I’ve done that too. All seems good. I really appreciate your interest. Austin
  2. Hello Tim, I’ve bought a 123TUNE, but I haven’t fitted it yet. Could you let me have your advance curve, please? Many thanks, Austin
  3. Hello Mike, Yes, I’ve done that. All seems good. I have to to elucidate, I didn’t set the ignition timing at 18 BTDC for performance reasons, but to get it running. At the recommended 10 BTDC, it simply wouldn’t run. Very strange. This engine is supposed to tickover at 4 ATDC. No chance! Austin
  4. Greet, Oh sage ones. The value assessor came yesterday to value my car for insurance purposes. He was pretty convinced that there should be an identification number stamped in the bodywork somewhere. Is there? I showed him the aluminum plate riveted to the B post, and the two tags riveted on the bulkhead. Is there anything else? Regards, Austin
  5. Hello Rob, and thanks for coming back. I have monitored the voltage, and it looks like I’m getting around 9 volts, except during start - when it’s 12. It does have electronic ignition (Pertronix), but I’ve bought a 123TUNE distributor in order to retard the ignition under boost (the engine is supercharged). I’ve had to replace the Pertronics twice, and the coil three times within about 15k miles. It does seem excessive. I’ll check the voltage at the coil again. The coil is rated at 1.8 ohms, but there is no resistance rating on the resistor. Austin
  6. Greetings, oh sage ones, my 1974 CF is eating coils. To be precise, Flamethrower coils. I have now bought a Bosch red coil, which comes with a resistor. So, is this a reasonable choice? should I do a bit of re-wiring, bypass the old resistor wire and incorporate the ballast resistor? Thanks for the advice. Austin
  7. Hello Mike, thanks for coming back. I spent all weekend on this. I found 3 problems. The ignition switch was buggered. A garage mechanic had twisted the wretched thing so badly that one of the terminals was loose. The junction at the positive coil terminal of the 12 and 6 volt wires was poor,and the coil was faulty. It seems a lot better now, but static timing is 18 BTDC! Cheers Austin
  8. Greetings, oh sage ones! I’m having a few problems with the car (1974 supercharged CF), and I think the ignition switch (aftermarket, dash mounted) might be the culprit. The engine is running very poorly, but perks up if I supply 12 volts to the coil (its a 9 volt Flamethrower). I’m considering changing it to a 12 volt coil, as I’m not completely convinced as to the reliability of the 9 volt supply. Or maybe I should bypass the ballast resistor wire, and fit a stand-alone ballast resistor (assuming it exists). I’m no electrician. What do you guys think? Austin
  9. Hi Peter, the plugs are very sooty, and wet. It’s always ran rich, but I left it because I worried about pre-ignition. Now I’m worried that I will not be able to identify the real situation. Help!
  10. Hello Tim, I have a UEGO gauge, and it says it’s OK, but I shall try richening up the mixture. Thankyou.
  11. Hello Peter, I did that, and the problem was still there. I git the dizzy from Kai, so I’ll drop him a line and ask if he has any ideas. Stay well, great to hear from you.
  12. Greetings, Oh Sage Ones! Here we go again. It’s a supercharged CF, and the lumpy tickover led me to install a 123TUNE. A bugger to set up, but after it ran sweetly. My wife said ‘it’s making a funny noise when you accelerate’. My hearing is pretty poor, and I worried that it was pinking. Long story cut short, it now pulls really well above about 3,000rpm, but misfires horribly below that, cuts out on tickover, difficult to restart. I’ve changed the fuel filters, reset the timing a dozen times, stripped the carburetor (SU HD8), and closed the plug gaps from 30 to 25 thou. Plug gaps had the
  13. Hi Waldi, any idea what the clearance should be? The servo and master cylinder worked fine for several years. Austin
  14. Hello folks. I got the reconditioned cylinder back from Past Parts yesterday. Fitted it yesterday afternoon, and took it out for a spin, and there is still a problem. About one in ten depressions, and the pedal goes about an inch further than usual. Also, the reservoir is flooding, and forcing fluid out of the breather hole in the lid. I’ve just had a long conversation with Nigel, he thinks it might be something to do with the servo, and suggested lubricating the output shaft from servo with rubber grease at the seal. Can this be done without disconnecting the brake lines? I have rubbish
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