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  1. Thanks, had a look and yes saw that there was 2 speedo drives for different axles. 1 drive had 23 teeth and 1 drive had 21. That is 2 teeth less meaning it could revolve 10% faster giving a 10% over reading. Presumably. Will now need to check axle code to see which axle I have and then see which speedo drive i have. Thanks for the quick reply. Richeee
  2. The speedo and milage readings on my 5 speed tr7 are over reading by approx 10% This is getting a bit annoying when trying to navigate on runs and then having to turn right in 2 miles. In my little brain I have to make that 2.2 and also total millage is up the creek for a run. Standard wheels and tyres. Could it be the wrong speedo or perhaps the wrong axle. Thoughts please and how do I check. Thanks
  3. Last evening replaced the carb mounts with a second hand pair. These did in fact have Paulstra on the rubber. These were not my cracked ones but by chance noticed that a 2nd hand manifold i had still had the mounts on them and look pretty good. Will keep yourselves informed on how i get one. Thanks Richeee
  4. Thanks, I still have my original mounts that were minor cracked and I beleived were the source of bad running. On reflection these were probably not as I had to rebuild carbs anyway. Will put original mounts on while I investigate the solid dolly ones. Thanks again.
  5. Cant beleive it but my carb mounts have split again. This is the 2nd set to go. Any body got any advice on how to stop this. I have a mount fitted below the air filter that sits on the cable mount, but does this not give enough support ? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Might be a long shot but has any body got a copy of a newtronic ignition unit instructions / wiring diagram that they could e-mail or post on the forum. Thanks
  7. Thanks everybody . Just need the courage now to spray my dash when its out. Hopefully club night will provide that kick of inspiration or insanity that i need
  8. Hi, I have to soon remove my dashboard to install a new heater matrix. The grey dash is looking tired and i am considering spray painting with grey bumper paint as in the restoration book by roger williams. Has anybody done this? Does it last? If i do spray will i end up obliterating the heater transfer on the lower console. ? Anybody got any advice. ?
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