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  1. Ian, if you still have them I’d like to buy a set. I’ve tried the email address but it “bounced” I’ll try again but I do need a set and you can consider them sold! Thanks, Paul
  2. Peter, I bought my 3A from a guy in Missouri who provided description and photos. What arrived was similar to the car in your picture but with a bent chassis, lots of body putty and thick red paint. I was not a pleased customer but I have since restored the car top to bottom and I console myself even today by knowing the PO will one day roast in hell. Interesting picture though. Paul
  3. Not the best pics but late TR6 wheels with chrome discs from Moss. The 3A hubcaps would leave the outer rim holes part covered but I was willing to sacrifice that to cover the hub and lug nuts. To fit the caps I had planned to drill holes and thread in the studs pictured, made by a friend (free) but still haven’t got around to it. I went to wider rims and tyres because I thought they’d improve grip and also a friend following me was less than complimentary about the appearance of the skinny originals. The car was rust and body putty and junk when I bought it so originality was never a worry.
  4. I’ve never seen one. Any chance you could post a picture? My TR3 will, one day, be Winchester Blue but it will be some time before I need a blue suitcase for it...but I’d still like to see what it looks like. Paul
  5. Tom, I sent reply to your email address. Thanks, Paul
  6. I’m trying to find a source for Winchester blue paint for my ‘57 TR3. It’s PPG Ditzler 12013, ICI Mix 5944, Martin Senour 25430. I’m told this isn’t enough info and I should supply a sample. My car is mostly rust with a few patches of the original Colour on panels that can’t be sent in the post. Any help greatly appreciated. Paul
  7. On my 3A, brakes all re-done with new stuff, brake fluid squirts out the pin hole on top of the reservoir. Not much, just enough to take the paint off part of the lid. On the one in the picture, from my TR3, PO must have had the same problem. He soldered the curly copper tube over the hole and I’m assuming that would prevent the little squirt from ruining the paint. Good point about clearing the bonnet. It does with about an inch to spare. On the TR3, It’s a long way off but I’m switching to dot5 when the time comes. So the curly copper tube will just be a conversation piece. By then I’ll have thought up a good lie or two about it too. Current status pics
  8. From previous owner, cleaned polished and painted by me. It will be a few years before I know if fluid still squirts out but I don’t think it will. And it looks awfully cool to me. Paul
  9. If you go to the Triumphexp.com site under the TR3 Forum, under the title “Paint, or Not another Red, Green or fill in the blank TR3” about fifteen subjects from the top is an interesting explanation of the correct BRG. Paul
  10. Tony, Am still trying to get a reply posted...where are you located (or where is top?) Thanks, Paul
  11. Where are you located? Paul

    1. Tonyloz



      The hardtop is located in the NE of england....middlesbrough is the nesrest big town


  12. Do you have a pic? Thanks, Paul
  13. Thanks. I used the bolt on version from Moss. Paul
  14. Iain, it’s too late for me but which r&p system doesn’t increase the turning radius? Thanks, Paul
  15. Richard didn’t mention and there is usually a nut loose behind the wheel.
  16. Am not sure about vibration, but I think everything on my 3A was put together (by me) correctly but fluid has always “misted” out of the pin hole on the lid of the reservoir. Not a lot, just enough to ruin every bit of paint it touches. The attached photo is of the reservoir lid from the TR3 (I polished and painted it) I’m now working on. Not only does it look cool, when I get things together I’m hoping it will eliminate the reservoir “mist”. Paul
  17. I know, I’ve got two. I give rides at various charity events, free, no taxi meter.
  18. Tony, I can’t believe you took my comment seriously.
  19. “Original Rob Slotermaker/Triumph Competition SpeedPilot and Halda”...I’m disappointed I thought it was a taxi meter.
  20. Ian, Winchester blue is what I was hoping for. Thats what mine was originally and will be again one day. Here is another example of my getting the cart before the horse.
  21. Ian, I keep myself enthused by finishing stuff before it’s necessary. I have two beautiful SU carbs with manifold and linkage all finished and screwed to my work bench and it could be two or three years before I need them (by then I might have to re-do some cork washers but I’ll worry about that then) but they’re nice to look at so I rebuilt them. Motor sitting in pieces though. At the stage your car is I’d strap in the fuel tank, with hose, cap, sender, etc. I’d wire rear lights and run the wiring harness in to the tub and leave it there til later. Then put in the hardboard wall that hides the tank and then the carpet. Then put on the hinges and handle and that rod that holds the lid up. When finished It’s a nice place to put stuff too, if you have a messy garage like I do.
  22. Ian, What colour is that? Nice.
  23. Don H, from the rust, the putty and the blue (Winchester blue?) inside of the trunk, I think I bought that car two years ago....a ‘57. I didn’t get all the headlight rims though. Paul
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