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  1. mjc

    Fuel Pipe TR5

    TR Bitz made up my pipes for both the 5 and 6 and bent them up in all the right places. Mike
  2. I second Damson6 approx £150 per bumper from what I can recall, but must be "straight" small dents not a problem. Nice people to deal with. Mike
  3. mjc

    Side Lights

    Check the red/green wire bullet connecter under the dash coming from the light switch. It goes to the fuses and then onto the side lights. I had this problem only last week and I found a bad spade connection on the red/green wire going into the fuse board. It was a brand new wiring loom as well. Mike
  4. Roger Try leacyclassics http://www.leacyclassics.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?limit=36&q=Bulb+holder DFB101 for brake/tail BHA4283NF for indicator Mike
  5. The picture on rimmers website shows an adapter to take a 1/4 inch pipe union. I've ordered an adapter from Automec. Hope that sorts the problem. http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-148531 Mike
  6. Just spoken to Automec. A 3/8 thread is too small for a 1/4 inch pipe. Looks like I have been sold the wrong master cylinder at Stoneleigh. Mike
  7. Hi Jerry I think it's 3/8 UNF as well, but I can't find 3/8 male union for a 1/4 inch pipe anywhere. Mike
  8. Hi Can someone please tell me what the size of the thread is for the clutch master cylinder pipe union. I've got the 1/4 inch pipe but can't find the thread size anywhere for the male union. Many thanks Mike
  9. John Try oilite bushes www.bearingboys.co.uk Mike
  10. Thanks Graeme it can be done successfully. Mike
  11. Matthew Put tr6 windshield in ebay and it's the first item that comes up. Approx £26including delivery from US! Mike
  12. Yes the eyeball vents. The eyeballs are plastic, but the surrounds are metal. Mike
  13. My metal louvre vents are a little worse for wear and require bead blasting and new satin black. Is it possible to split these vents by taking the front rims off without doing too much damage and will they go back together with success. The last thing I want to do is open one up and not get it back together again. Thanks Mike
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