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  1. Hello Peter W it's a couple of years gone, but I'm about to install the heater since I'm getting close to have the car on the road. Do you repair the Smith's heater fan motors ? I live in Norway, but travel frequently to UK (Somerset) so I can bring it over and ship from there. Regards Lars Erik
  2. Where can I send my TR3 heater fan Smiths motor for repair. Do you have any recommendations ? Regards Lars Erik Hjertaas Norway
  3. I have an original Smiths fan motor for my TR3 but it does not work. Does anybody know where I can send it for a repair ? Regards Lars Erik Norway
  4. Hi some years ago I got a scheme of paint and trim materials for TR2/TR3/TR3A from the TR Register. The scheme was an extract from TR Action no. 33. Unfortunately, nobody can help me to find a convertion table telling what the old paint specification number will be equivalent to an existing paint code. I want to have my 1958 TR3A Signal Red as original as possible. Can anybody tell me which paint manufacturer and paintcode is the nearest to the original Signal Red from 1958. I've been working on the car for years (ashamed to say how many) so I can hardly wait to get the body and
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