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  1. TR674

    Brake issues

    Hi Roger, no I have not checked rubber hoses. I've had the car for 25 years and not changed them. I see Rimmer sell a full set at a reasonable price. I will replace them regardless. When I disconnect the rubber hoses, remaining fluid should drain out of the copper lines, hopefully.
  2. TR674

    Brake issues

    I discovered the leak I saw was the rear brake line. It was weeping slightly and running along the underside of the master and down the booster. Very small leak. There was no sign of fluid leaking out of the master internal seal. With the master back in and no brake lines connected I get full pedal travel and it returns back all the way. Next weekend I'll put some fluid back into the reservoir and open both the front bleed valves and see if I get some pedal travel.
  3. TR674

    Brake issues

    I removed the master today. It's all looking and working as a spanking new master should. I can compress the plunger with my finger, nice and smooth, no binding. Both front brake lines are blocked?
  4. TR674

    Brake issues

    It's interesting that I am replacing parts that are 40+ years old with new parts that can't do more than 3 to 4 years...............
  5. TR674

    Brake issues

    Mike, opening the bleed nipples made no difference. I expected fluid to squirt out as the pedal is solid (under pressure). Also pedal remained solid with the front nipples open. I also just unbolted the master from the booster and there is approx 1/4 inch gap. I can't bolt it back on flush with the booster. Regards Craig
  6. TR674

    Brake issues

    Hello kind folk. I read in a recent forum topic about front brakes locking on. Mine did just that a few weeks ago.I have new master/booster/discs/rear cylinders for the last 3-4 years with no issue. Suddenly I have very limited pedal travel and the front pads are gripping the disc. A member suggested bleeding the brakes. I have just tried to bleed them. I managed to do the rear, but no fluid comes out of the front bleed valves. There is some fluid seeping out between the master and booster connection. Is it looking like the master has failed/jammed?
  7. Amazingly enough my front brakes locked on this evening after sitting in traffic for awhile. I logged into this forum to ask for advice and I found this post. I have a new master and booster which I fitted a few years ago and have not had any issues until now. Even driving in hot conditions. I’ll investigate further over the weekend.
  8. Thanks all. Cutting compound seems to be working with more elbow grease. I'll also try the headlight restorer. One other question - I've got the upper column back in, with side does the indicator cancelling clip fit on the shaft? With the ridge pointing towards the indicator switch or opposite?
  9. Hello folks I am refreshing the upper steering column (new bushings and repaint). The plastic escutcheons are in good shape (no scratches or cracks), but badly faded on the upper surface. I have tried using cutting compound to cut back to the original black with poor results. Are there any good plastic cutting/polishing compounds you guys have used? Or could I try a very fine wet and dry to cut back the surface and polish with cutting compound? Regards Craig
  10. Hello kind folk, I'm having a problem with 5 & 6 injectors having air in the line when left over night. It takes them a while to get pressure up and a nice spray cone. No external leaks I can see on the metering unit. I've bled them a few time now and still same result when left overnight. There is a lot of previous info on this forum, but I don't know where to start. The fuel injection system falls into the Dark Arts for me......... Regards Craig
  11. I bought a new one from the US. I also installed new rotors/pads and new back cylinders/shoes. Brake performance was markedly improved, but I can't really say if the booster was a single factor in the improvement.
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