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  1. Thanks all. Cutting compound seems to be working with more elbow grease. I'll also try the headlight restorer. One other question - I've got the upper column back in, with side does the indicator cancelling clip fit on the shaft? With the ridge pointing towards the indicator switch or opposite?
  2. Hello folks I am refreshing the upper steering column (new bushings and repaint). The plastic escutcheons are in good shape (no scratches or cracks), but badly faded on the upper surface. I have tried using cutting compound to cut back to the original black with poor results. Are there any good plastic cutting/polishing compounds you guys have used? Or could I try a very fine wet and dry to cut back the surface and polish with cutting compound? Regards Craig
  3. Hello kind folk, I'm having a problem with 5 & 6 injectors having air in the line when left over night. It takes them a while to get pressure up and a nice spray cone. No external leaks I can see on the metering unit. I've bled them a few time now and still same result when left overnight. There is a lot of previous info on this forum, but I don't know where to start. The fuel injection system falls into the Dark Arts for me......... Regards Craig
  4. I bought a new one from the US. I also installed new rotors/pads and new back cylinders/shoes. Brake performance was markedly improved, but I can't really say if the booster was a single factor in the improvement.
  5. Superb Andrew. I had an accident in my TR6 last year. An elderly lady went thru a stop sign. I rang the police from the scene and they said too busy to attend!!!! Then I noticed on the finalised police report that no fines were issued.......WTF??? Are W.A. police off with the fairies? Anyway enjoy your beast........ Regards Craig
  6. Can you include an Evilbay link?
  7. Stuart where can I find a helper to carry the axle as shown at the end of the video?? Regards Craig
  8. Pete spot on diagnosis. Regards Craig
  9. Axle out, wheel hub side CV joint is past it's used by date. You will have to use your imagination as the photo won't upload............. Upload worked third attempt.....
  10. Niall, rocking the car stationary doesn't recreate the knocking sound whilst driving. It has got worse when I took it out for a drive a few weeks ago. I took it for a drive this morning and 200m from my house something finally broke as it is now making a constant noise like a ball bearing loose in the plastic wheel cap. I don't have time now, but over the weekend I'll take the back wheel off and all should be revealed....... Thanks Craig
  11. Roger I'm leaning towards trailing arm bushes. With the car jacked up, the wheel is firm, no play at all. I'll have a microscopic look over the weekend.......
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