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  1. The silencer looks OK to me (mine has similar battle scars), I suspect Nigel has it - the pipe before the silencer is now hitting/touching the chassis somewhere. Try giving the pipe a shake (engine off). Mike
  2. mike3md


    Nope, remote header tank is in Stuart's pic.
  3. You can fit the weight and its steady bracketry after the box is relocated in the car, but before the tunnel is fitted. The clamp around the tail of the box may need bending to open out to fit. On the (too many!) occasions I have had the box out, I haven't been able to remove the clamp part from the weight, so just pulled it (with the weight attached) sideways off the tail with a bit of brute force. Personally I would refit it. As has been said, it might make a difference. Mike
  4. On an associated point, for maximum delivery to the cabin (flap open), make sure that the top of the tunnel carpet/felt is not stopping the flap fully opening. I have cut a slot in the top of the tunnel carpet etc to maximise the opening. Mike
  5. If you have a 4.1 diff, and overdrive, then converting the overdrive to 28% from 22% gives you the best of both worlds! Mike
  6. Andy, Door mirrors - I have the same type, and sourced them here: https://www.motoringclassics.co.uk/mirror-ital-style-rh-lh Mine are flat glass. Mike
  7. Miles, I saw Mike's voltmeter and was envious! For my later TR4, I made this up using a standard Smiths voltmeter http://www.minispares.com/product/Classic/Gauges/Amps, volts/SIB220.aspx?1401&ReturnUrl=/shop/classic/Gauges.aspx|Back to shop I then replaced the front shroud face with one from an old broken Lucas ammeter, respraying to obliterate "Amps", but masking off "Lucas", and then adding "VOLTS" in matching typeface using Letraset. Unless you get really close it looks original. Mike .
  8. mike3md

    Heater Fan

    Multi speed heater switches: https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/micro-three-speed-fan-switch or https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/fan-speed-conversion-switch-three-position or https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/3-speed-heater-fan-switch-with-rubber-knob Mike
  9. mike3md

    Heater Fan

    Andy, The Car Builder Solutions fan looks very similar to the one used in the Clayton type heater. It will not fit in the existing upper fan housing (the part that fits to the plenum). You could try and make a new upper housing to take the fan, or maybe try this: https://www.malpasairflow.co.uk/ItemDetails/ItemDetails.aspx?ItemNumber=30103062&SingleResultCriteria= It is 12v and IP68 waterproof, and judging by the drawings might well drop straight in. Single speed, but probably would work with a simple rheostat control. Mike
  10. The square extension sections and the central drive bar section are easily cutable with a hacksaw, and the cut ends are hidden inside the "female"ends. Mike
  11. I think Darby needs to confirm he has a TR4, not an IRS TR4A
  12. Think the tractor unit in the first pic may be reversing the load round the corner.
  13. Mike, Yes, for advance purchase (from website http://mgandtriumphsparesday.co.uk/ ) Advance Price: £11 incl booking fee. Under 12's free of charge Advance tickets go off sale at 9pm Saturday 8th February 2020 (You can purchase tickets after this date on the gate) On The Day Prices: Adults £14. Under 12's free of charge
  14. Roger, If you have a local exhaust specialist (not the Kwikfit type, but one that does custom systems), they can probably find you a piece of stainless made to fit, slash cut and polished up to your liking. Mike
  15. At the risk of stirring up a hornets nest, they must have driven the TR like Miss Daisy. 43mpg! Mike
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