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  1. John, A couple of years ago I took our 4 on SUs over the Col d'Iseran at 2764m with out any problems. Given the similarities with Strombergs I would say just enjoy the trip! Mike
  2. mike3md


    Does this help? https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/body-chassis/doors-fittings/doors-fittings-tr4-4a.html https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/body-chassis/windscreens-glazing-fittings/windscreen-sun-visors-rear-view-mirror-tr4-4a.html There are a number of other suppliers websites, but I think all use the same part numbers. mike
  3. mike3md


    Pink, There is a posse from the NLG going, with a couple of Wensum fellas in tow, leaving from Harwich on Thursday night. Howard and Harry are the culprits. Mike
  4. Also available is Varta Blue Dynamic E11 Car Battery, UK Part Code: 096, which I got delivered from Battery Megastore: https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/car-batteries/by-part-number/096-car-battery/varta-e11.html I fit this with the terminals at the bulkhead, negative earth, so positive on the nearside. Mike
  5. +1 for what Ian says Mike
  6. Rob, Sounds interesting. A few years ago I managed to fit a 3 speed a/c fan to replace Smiths feeble effort, by remaking the upper casing, but your solution sound much easier. Are the server fans reasonably heat and damp proof? Looking forward to more details. Mike
  7. John, Or maybe this one, using the hole in the dash after you bin the rheostat. Saves drilling a hole too. https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/long-stalk-momentary-toggle-switch It has a longer shaft than Stuart's suggestion which could be cut to suit. Mike
  8. Pinky, When you say an angle, do you mean the reel would be at an angle to the floor? This is the page from the Securon website http://www.securon.co.uk/applications/app_list/ttoz/seat_belts_triumph.htm I have the 514/30 fitted without any issues, using the inner wheel arch so that the reel is parallel to the floor and an angle guide on the top of the wheel arch. Hope this helps Mike
  9. https://www.spautopia.co.uk/rubber-dub-tyre-and-rubber-dressing Cherry Blossom is a lot cheaper
  10. If you have exhaust gases in the cooling water, it may be the sign of a cracked head (ask me how I know ). Get the head pressure tested before any other work. If cracked, they can sometimes be repaired. To remove the head, if it sticks use wooden wedges, not steel! Mike PS You might try a bottle of K Seal before pulling the head. It sometimes cures the problem. M.
  11. Surely spring length affect on ground clearance can only be assessed when the springs are under load - not the free length? Just saying.... Mike
  12. Similar to Stuart's, except I used a proprietary fitting from car builder solutions and rather than fix to the alloy frame I folded the metal support to fit between the rear glass seal and the backlight trim. Personally I don't think having one at number plate level qualifies as high level, especially on a TR, plus many of today's drivers are conditioned to reacting to that 3rd light.. Mike
  13. Possibly a damaged shaft which has been machined and reused with the collar. Something our friends over the pond might do? Mike
  14. Hi Chris, Presumably the 2000 saloon 'box is therefore no longer useable? I suppose it would not be too tricky to make one. Mike
  15. Yes, the spring is "upside down" as per WSM. Thanks for mentioning. Mike
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