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  1. Greg, Sorry, my top is on the car at the moment. Have a look at the parts drawings here: https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/weather-equipment/hard-tops/surrey-top-fittings-tr4-4a-1961-67.html Mike
  2. mike3md

    3VC for Sale

    Push button instead of the Big Healey switch, but another nice comfy rounded top...................
  3. mike3md

    3VC for Sale

    Now with a much comfier round top: https://www.bighealey.co.uk/gearknob-overdrive-switch-cels123
  4. Hi Roger, Sorry, my hardtop is aluminium. Mike
  5. One small point that hasn't been mentioned about the original "tuck in" front fixing arrangement is that it is much easier to store the surrey fabric in the boot, useful when boot and rear bench space may be at a premium on long tours. Incidentally wind noise can be greatly reduced by feeding a length of small section glazing gasket under the lip, removing in seconds when you need to do the tuck.
  6. Looks good on a 4A, but maybe a bit blingy on a 4 (no side chrome strip)?
  7. This is a neat way of doing touchup:
  8. Moss and others do extra long wheel studs, just be careful that your conical nuts don't bottom out before fully tightened against the wheel. Studs can be shortened to suit. Mike
  9. Hi Rich, Yes, I have a set - exactly where you said I would find them! PM me. Mike
  10. Bill, If you are worried about security when away, as well as a good steering lock (Krooklock), plus battery cut out, I suggest you get (or make) a hood cover. This will keep the interior of the car from prying eyes and may help prevent wet carpets, and if you park under trees, bird guano. Some thing like this: https://cabrioshield.com/uk/triumph-tr6.html (although for a TR6 it will fit a Michelotti car). Cheaper types are available, like this: https://www.airflow-uk.co.uk/product/convertible-hood-covers/ If you can find or make one that is tied to the door handles/mirrors and t
  11. The silencer looks OK to me (mine has similar battle scars), I suspect Nigel has it - the pipe before the silencer is now hitting/touching the chassis somewhere. Try giving the pipe a shake (engine off). Mike
  12. mike3md


    Nope, remote header tank is in Stuart's pic.
  13. You can fit the weight and its steady bracketry after the box is relocated in the car, but before the tunnel is fitted. The clamp around the tail of the box may need bending to open out to fit. On the (too many!) occasions I have had the box out, I haven't been able to remove the clamp part from the weight, so just pulled it (with the weight attached) sideways off the tail with a bit of brute force. Personally I would refit it. As has been said, it might make a difference. Mike
  14. On an associated point, for maximum delivery to the cabin (flap open), make sure that the top of the tunnel carpet/felt is not stopping the flap fully opening. I have cut a slot in the top of the tunnel carpet etc to maximise the opening. Mike
  15. If you have a 4.1 diff, and overdrive, then converting the overdrive to 28% from 22% gives you the best of both worlds! Mike
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