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  1. Thanks very much for the info and the very speedy responses! Tyres on order! Will let you know how it handles/looks. The trip to Spa 6hrs should give me plenty to talk about!
  2. I am struggling to get some 185/70r15 tyres for my steel wheels on the TR6. Can I use 165/80r15 instead? Cheers. James
  3. I'm sure this has been covered many times before. I'm struggling to get my CP model TR6 running correctly. On the emissions tester at work it idles at 4.5% co. At fast idle it rises to 9% I am using an alarming amount of fuel. Is this right? I have fitted new plugs. Replaced breather pipes and hose clips. The choke lever on the MU does return correctly when choke is off. The car pulls well. And cruises happily at 70ish. Cheers James.
  4. Thank you to all the people who have recommended Lutterworth MOT Centre.... that's me! We test a lot of classic cars so you would always be welcome. Kettle's always on. Just make sure you let us know if you're planning a party as we're quite busy at the moment!
  5. Excellent news Dave, I am getting over the embarrassment of such a school boy error! Love it or hate it sometimes, nothing else puts a smile on my face quite like driving the TR!
  6. One of mine is leaking and could do with an overhaul. Does anyone do this or do I have to buy new ones? Thanks. James.
  7. Hi Alan, I have seen this oil pressure worry once now, car has done 12000 miles since full engine rebuild, no other noises or oil leaks, oil pressure has always been excellent. I will remove my oil pressure valve and inspect/clean. What bearing details did you give simply bearings ltd so I can quote/reference sizes etc for ease of order? Many thanks, James.
  8. Hello fireman.. Can you send me a copy to please as my next job (of many) is to re-pair the side screens too. Many thanks, James.
  9. It would seem that after all the fault finding, testing, expletives etc.. A minor over look was the reason for the idle issue... Tappets. Now adjusted it runs like a dream, infact with all the work caried out, it starts, runs AND idles better than ever before! Thank you to everyone for your words of wisdom, help and advice. I should now be slightly more ready for the ten countries in three weeks! James
  10. back from my holiday in Devon, lots to try many thanks...
  11. Thanks everyone for the help, ideas and info. If the dizzy were fitted incorrectly would the engine miss fire? I have superb power and speed just no idle. If it were simply fuel/air adjustment it should still idle if not lumpy or choked up.. I have rebuilt the carbs with new jets and needles as per the original workshop manual. Jet alignment seems to be correct, dash pots/dampened falls with a nice free feeling and bottoms out on the bridge. Choke has been temporarily disconnected to ease adjustment accesses and eliminate over fuelling. The pulleys fitted are for a modern belt, with electric
  12. Timing can't be an issue as the car drives so well at speed.. Well I presume anyway? It cruises up the motorway at speed with no miss fire. It doesn't seem to miss a beat under load up through the gears. The throttle spindle and butterfly's were replaced 13,000miles ago when I restored the car. Spraying these points where the spindles go through the bodies makes no difference to revs. The only thing I haven't yet adjusted or checked is valve clearances, there is no noisy tappets, compression check showed an even 110 across each piston. But if a valve were staying open this wouldn't help but
  13. Hi, thanks for speedy reply. Changed inlet manifold gaskets, vac advance pipe is fitted and not leaking....
  14. Some advice or help would be greatly apreciated. My TR3A running on twin H6 SU carburettors has decided not to idle. Last summer I went to the Silverstone classic, on our way back, the core plug in the back of the head 'popped' out. After a very nice man came to our rescue and delivered me home I got to work on removing the head over winter. While the car was out of action I thought it a good oportunity to send the distributor off to be reconditioned by 'Distributor Doctor.' The water ways around the liners have now been cleared out using 5 aplications of kettle descaler, a dremmel a
  15. Powder Blue... original, but I am of course biased! But what interior colour? Many have the dark blue interior with white piping, mine aparently had a stone colour interior. I found this out as the stitching in the seats has now started to drift apart, but is still original.
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