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  1. Thank you for your ideas gentlemen The plaque is now installed on the left hand side of the grille and looks very good. It does bend a little at the top when the bonnet is opened, but nothing of any consequence. Brain now back in gear. John
  2. Has anybody else bought one of these, if so where and how did you fit it. I bought mine because my car will be 50 on 28th December. When I came to put it on this afternoon I decided that the obvious place would be on the front bumper. The 1st thing that immediately became obvious was that the zip ties supplied were nowhere near long enough. A garage search ensued and luckily I had a bag of ones that were plenty long enough. Stood back to admire it and realised that it obscured the side light, there was no room to move it further out and if I moved it in it would obscure the no plate
  3. For various reasons yesterday was the first time I could take my 1970 CP for a serious run after the winter lay up. After about 2 miles the rev counter started swinging wildly from side to side and eventually stopped working with the needle at zero. But then suddenly after a further 20 miles it started working perfectly again and was still working today. Was it just lack of use or do I need to investigate further or perhaps disconnect at the dissy end and put a few drops of oil in the cable? Anybody got any idea as to what was going on? John
  4. Yesterday my TR6 failed it's MOT Because when the brake lights (which are LED ) were applied the front side lights also came on. The garage replaced my LED bulbs with standard filament ones the fault went away. Can anybody explain this or hopefully suggest how I can put the LED bulbs back and prevent the same thing happening. John
  5. Hello Paul I don't know what the thread is, but I can tell you that the only spanner that will fit is Whitworth. Hope that helps John
  6. I had the same trouble, so when the car was painted I ordered 1 from the TR Shop and it was perfect 1st time fit, John
  7. I sold the kit to Pete. It originally came from the TR Shop in London The shock absorbers are gas filled Although it didn't do a huge amount of miles it was fitted to my car for about 6 years and did not cause any damage. John
  8. I believe it is just a push fit and can be removed with a good hard twist. In my case it was refitted with Araldite---just to make sure. John
  9. I have the Clarkes one too and it has done sterling service over the years,using Aluminium oxide as the medium. However an efficient dust extractor is essential and you will need a biggish compressor to keep up. Mine is a 2 cylinder, not sure of the cfm as that disappeared years ago but I do have to stop and have a rest while it catches up when blasting at 91 PSI. John
  10. You are not alone Bob I recently ordered the 3 rubber grommets that go where the heater fan assy bolts to the bulkhead. Not only were they so thick and rigid that it was impossible to fit them but also the hole where the piece of metal tube goes was far too small. I managed to get by using 2 of the old ones but on the other one I had to open up the hole with a rotary file and cut the grommet in half. Over the years I have spent a lot of money with Rimmers and this is not the first time they have caught me out, so never, never again John
  11. To avoid the problem of sealer ending up inside any unit I always use an Anaerobic one, usually orange in colour. It will only set where there is no air present ie actually in the joint. Any that squeezes out will remain liquid and so not cause any problems. I can't remember the name of it at the moment but am sure that if you \\\\\\\\\GOOGLE "anaerobic sealer" it will come up. John
  12. Hi James Got some the right size from Bresco, just Google Bresco and you will find them. John
  13. Make your own from bicycle brake cable which is lined and smooth as silk. I have done this with both my Spitfire and TR6. Just Google bicycle cable and then all you need id a little ingenuity. John
  14. Hi Billy When I bought my car it came with chrome wires fitted + a full set of the original steels. After a couple of years I took a good look at the car and decided that the chrome wires really did not suit it as they were from another era, So I had the steels shot blasted and painted them with Simonize Silver Wheels, I now get many nice comments about them. John
  15. Agreed Simoniz Silver Wheels followed by Simoniz clear lacquer. Got mine from the local motor factor or is readily available on ebay. My wheels have been admired many times. John
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