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  1. Shane's car list takes me back quite a few years to when then TRR NZ Registrar Kevin T and I teamed up to try and track down the only 2 RHD Speed Model TR2s ever delivered. Speed Models were offered as a likeness of MVC575, but they never took off as only 3 were sold, The first TS19, a LHD car, was pictured at the 1953 London Motor Show after which it was rumoured to have gone to Canada. We knew the 2 RHD cars had been shipped to NZ but little else. Miraculously both cars eventually turned up after decades in storage following accidents thought to have occurred in the early 70s. If I remember
  2. Perhaps another 3B anomoly Don ?. To add to the equation there was a third fan hub a slightly shorter than the long TR4 hub which didn't have a separate p/n either.
  3. Don, like Peter I've never seen an 8 hole extension before, so a degree of guesswork. The redundant holes appear to be square pattern rather than rectangular as original, indicating a non TR fan has been tried. Perhaps a novel attempt to overcome cooling shortcomings in hot climes like yours and ours. The longer fan hub is TR4 128318 which is understandable on a TR3B. Viv
  4. Have the early starter, generator and an SAH/TriumphTune TT1100 exhaust manifold - still good after many decades. Needs heat wrap past the generator (or ceramic coat), or heat transfer failures can (and do) occur at any time. If the generator just stops charging and not too far away or using headlights, a decent battery will get you home. Generator rear bearing failure is a different matter. Worse still possibly due to exhaust heat on a long summer run, I've seen a generator burst internally into thousands of tiny pieces. Lower down the collectors come very close to the starter motor c
  5. Careful if looking at fitting 10" rear wheel cylinders to 9" backing plates. Bores were the same but there was an upgrade to the handbrake lever that slid the wheel cylinder along to lock the brakes on.
  6. If any spare bezels or matching bases 502347 turn up, a mate restoring a quite significant early TR2 is after same. For a good cause being one of only 3 Speed Models ever made. Another down here restoring a pre TS500 TR2 is chasing a 201522 thermostat housing. Viv
  7. Tim, Tecalemit isn't original for a TR3A engine as they weren't fitted until early 1965. Changeover began with the TR4A (along with closed engine breathing) when USA supplier Purolator was replaced by UK supplier Tecalemit. TR3A engines were fitted with Purolator full-flow oil filter assemblies part 203271. Tecalemit is easily identified by the hex head.fitting embedded in the centre of the filter head. This embedded fitting, being hollow with female thread to accept the long cannister bolt, was an advance in that it was easily replaceable if cross threaded. Viv .
  8. It's a Tecalemit - most likely from a TR4A engine. Cannister, oil filter and long bolt were different to Purolator. (Tecalemit oil filter has smaller holes around the circumference)..
  9. These Oz made floor pans are as good as is possible. I recall they have a UK outlet - perhaps email them for info. http://www.kas-kilmartin.com.au/KAS%20Triumph%20parts%20description.htm
  10. John, seeing you have the engine and radiator in, run some strips of masking tape on the inside of the core opposite the dog bolt. Mark where you need the hole. The hole is nominally 30mm x 30mm or just big enough for the starter handle boss to pass through.
  11. If it's any comfort John, I have the locally sourced tractor voltage regulator (and generator) and despite cleaning the points as part of annual servicing, the ammeter still fluctuates as you describe. To preserve contact points surfaces, I use Contact Cleaner then run thin cardboard though to remove any debris. Speaking of Fergie tractor parts, it's amazing that a new crankshaft prefectly good for a road use TR, sells for just A$253.18 inc tax - less than a blue TR3A apron badge !.
  12. All 1961 TR3As had Rheostats (Introduced 1960). Viv
  13. Years ago a mate Ken Copeland chased down an aluminium hardtop and I went with him to collect it. The owner, a Brit expat, related a story of it being a short-run lightweight item for competition cars. He claimed it was made by an aircraft bodywork company called Helliwells. At that point I listened more carefully as Helliwells were known to do aluminium work for Jaguar and a bit of prototype fabrication for S-T. Later of course, as Tube Investments after a takeover, they built the aluminium bodied Swallow Doretti. Ken hated any form of top on his TR3A and only ever used aeroscreens regard
  14. The last of a variety of different Stanchions were 804512 RH and 804511 LH but 804511G wasn't a factory part number.
  15. True - the 1953 Paris Motor Show car finished in White with Geranium leather and weather equipment Viv
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