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  1. Dear TR enthousiasts, The TR2's of Edwin Tiben and me are equiped with the original steel rims. In trying to improve the original wheels, as they are bent and out of alignment after a hard and life we have send them for improvement at a Dutch -specialist-. This specialist has replaced the outer rim with new material cut from newly produced VW Beetle rims. He welded the TR wheel centers in these Beetle outer rims (not rivited as per original). This however has not led to a positive result. The wheels are out of shape. We therefore are very interested in any other sollutions you may have ome up with in improving / refurbshing the original steel wheels of TR2/3/4's. Please share your advice. Thanks! Niklas & Edwin
  2. Have purchased the Austin A30/35 rack Peter suggested and the spindles are the same! Wheelbox described as 72592K. Note that durng production of A30/35 other varities of wheelboxes could have been used. Check before purchase. Thanks!!
  3. Indeed, it looks the same. Have bougth it. Will let you know on this thread if it fits. Thanks Peter!
  4. Thanks for the advice! If no replacement spindle is available, this would be the way to go. Cheers!
  5. Dear all, We're planning a trip accross the Alps next May. With preparing the TR2 (TS1757) we found one of the wiper drive spindles to be damaged. The usual suppliers do not have a replacement spinle or box. Do you have any suggestions where to source a replacement spindle or box? Thanks!!! Niklas
  6. Hi TR people! This is my fathers TR3a. We've acquired this car from the Toronto area some 15 years ago. This VIN plate was with the car. The car has been restored for us by a local specialist. As he painted the firewall he had to replace the (original) rivets. The addition of the "9" could very well be the reference to the year it was built as it is a 1959 car. As for the colour, i do not know if it is the original BRG. Will try and find traces of the original paint, if there is a different colour shade of green to be found. Thanks! Niklas
  7. Dear TR fellows, I would like to replace the spring packages of a TR2 with foam. However I cannot find any supplier. Can any of you inform me what supplier I should contact? In Europe? Thanks in advance! Niklas
  8. niklas

    Drain taps

    Available on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR2-TR3-TR4-Morris-Minor-MGB-Radiator-Block-Brass-Drain-Tap-061864-/222464136701?hash=item33cbe555fd:g:F0wAAOSwo4pYhi8M
  9. Maybe one of these? https://www.classiccarsinrhodesia.co.za/Makes/Triumph.html
  10. niklas

    Long door

    For your consideration. I have one of my long doors for sale. See: http://www.imparts.nl/autodata/auto.php?id=223&search= Thanks!
  11. I know the indicator ligths are poor, but would like to stay original where possible. I think i will be drilling the holes in the inner fenders next weekend. Advantage is that exchanging broken bulbs is easier. Tried to build LED ligths, but the light is too bright. Many thanks for your replies! Niklas
  12. I have done this conversion with a TR3a. Note that this is a late model (post TS60000). The early models do have an issue, as there is too little space to fit the brackets. Also there is a risk of the live axle tubes coming free of the differential housing as the brackets of the shocks are welded to them. After all I would have also preferred to stay with the stock lever arm shocks.
  13. Hi Robin, See http://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/page/triumph-tr2 Good luck! Niklas
  14. Dear TR people, I have an odd question that I would like to share with you. I’m bastardizing a TR3a to a TR2 shape. For this I have changed the front apron from wide to a smallmouth. The placing of the apron was a straight forward bolt on job. However it introduced a challenge with the indicator/side lights. I would like to use the flat lenses (TR2), not the beehive models (TR3a). But for the installation of the bulb holders in any shape or form there is too little room between the inner fenders and the front apron. It’s has about a little less than one inch of space. I can imagine some of you have come across this issue. I would prefer not to cut holes in the inner fenders. So maybe someone has a smart suggetion? Thanks for your thoughts! Niklas
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