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  1. hi john, i could do with one too! could he make another one at the same time? failing that a paper pattern would be good. cheers, alan
  2. i'm afraid i can't comment on the hardtop fit, but the shape of the frame looks ok to me, for a 2 or 3. it looks like andy's car is a 2. all the photos shown are of the later 3a shape sidescreen without the lower "signalling" flap. alan
  3. my steering box cover has a grease nipple, so i pump it in there until it emerges from the hole halfway up the steering column. that way, i assume, it's filled the box and is lubricating the bearing at the bottom of the column. i originally thought all steering boxes had a grease nipple fitted, but i know that's not the case. is there a problem with this method? cheers, alan
  4. i may be dreaming this, but i seem to recall reference to 2 sorts of starting handle hole - dry and wet. the wet one is formed of a square section tube around the hole, so there would be water circulation between the top and bottom around the hole, as it were, if anyone understands that clumsy description. the dry one is blocked. alan
  5. alanh

    here you go

    that's interesting, stuart. didn't know that. another item to add to the long list of non-original features on my car! (not that i'm particularly counting)
  6. alanh

    here you go

    and only 50 from mine, ts2018. i spotted the overdrive switch, rear view mirror and door pulls, but missed the fuel lines etc. also i don't think the bonnet prop is right is it? shouldn't it have the spring thing and bonnet release catch in there somewhere? still lots better than mine though. alan
  7. Hi Alan thanks for your tip I will give it a try. Pete

  8. is the valve on the back of the cylinder head open? often they are closed for the summer to avoid heating the cabin when not required. alan
  9. ian, i repaired mine last year, without too much trouble, but didn't take any pictures i'm afraid. i do however have a spare control head which is complete and in working order if you want to borrow it for reference. cheers, alan
  10. i assumed it was an indicator switch - it doesn't seem to be on the steering wheel boss. i was wondering what the card reader was under the glove box, but i think it may be for a "tag" linked to the satnav for paying road tolls. there are a LOT of toll roads in japan. the japanese car enthusiasts have quite wide tastes in cars and like our LBC's as much as their own "LJC's". of course they've been inspiration too, for their own products - mazda mx5/miata/eunos and wasn't the original datsun fairlady their version of the mgb? alan
  11. and clayton themselves are still selling heaters and replacement matrixes (matrices?). http://www.claytoncc.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=23&Itemid=37 from the website blurb they sound pretty good. anybody got any experience of the copper replacement matrix? alan
  12. thanks all for your comments. stuart, i don't think i thrash around, but it's all relative isn't it? i'm sure some of you would think me a sedate driver, but some of my friends think otherwise. alec, you've really confirmed my thoughts, re the lockheed axle and rolling resistance. i'm pretty sure i'm still on 4.5 rims, so will order up the 155's. the existing tyres are fine, or at least appear so, but are now 6 years old, so i thought it wise to change them anyway. cheers, alan
  13. hi menno, thanks for that, it's cleared up some of my confusion. it seems they still make sprint+ tyres, only in 165 r15 86s and they are available from camskills over here at £42.70 + delivery sprint classics are available in 155 sr15 82s (i have these fitted at the moment, now 6 years old) camskills £63 + delivery, mytyres £49.20 inc delivery. sprint classics in 165 hr15 86h are camskills £120 + delivery, mytyres £70.50. i now have to decide whether to go for the sprint classics 155's which i have been happy with up to now, or the 165's. i think the 155's look right on my 2, but i know most people go for the 165's is there a lot of difference do you think? i'm always a bit wary of too much strain on my poor lockheed rear axle bearings, with the (slightly) bigger tyres. cheers, alan
  14. just checked my tyres again, and they are labelled "sprint classics" but are only "S" rated as opposed to the current sprint classics which are "H" rated. i'm sure mine were the cheaper option of 2 tyres at the time, and i assumed the cheaper ones were the "sprint+ ones, but maybe my memory has let me down (not for the first time). alan
  15. i hesitate to resurrect the tyre subject again, but i've been thinking about changing my 6 year old sprint+ tyres for new, and can't seem to find the sprint+'s anymore. the sprint classics are available, at around £50 for 155's and £70 for 165's (at mytyres.co.uk) has anybody bought sprint+ tyres recently? cheers, alan
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