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  1. Hi, Thanks for the help, I did a compression test this morning and got number 1 185 psi, 2 60 psi, 3 175 psi and 4 170 psi. This on an engine which hasn't started since 1990. I took a chance and poured some fuel in and the engine started. I reassembled the carbs, restarted and ran for about 3 minutes. When I turned it off the engine ran on for about 10 seconds, this could be due to the high compression or because there was no water. I'll re check the compression figures when it has cooled down. Regards Andrew P.S The engine had 60 psi of oil pressure while cranking.
  2. Thanks Rod it looks like it has had a 147thou head skim!
  3. Hi, Following on from my earlier question; I have striped my engine further and found 120thou shims under the rocker pedestals, the head to block thickness is 3" 258thou and approx 3" 183 for the head its self. The valves are have 312/ 1000, the head also has an alloy plug stamped USS and I have found N59 cast near number 4 cylinder. I would appreciate peoples thoughts on the head thickness and pedestal shims. Regards Andrew
  4. Thanks Don but it has the oil filler at the front , the mystery deepens
  5. Hi Wayne, It's good to be back. Hope to see you and the 'yoof' at malvern. Henry and I will hopefully join you for a BBQ. Regards Andrew
  6. Hi I have just bought a tr3a and i would like to know if it has the original engine? . It has number ct14698e the dissy is 40735. week 8 1962 the car has chassis number ts63379 regards andrew
  7. Hi for those running HS6 S.U carbs I have found BCZ needles with yellow springs to offer good economy up to 3,000 rpm and hi performanc beyond regards Andrew
  8. Hi I think its for a Vittess II and GT6 II/III regards Andrew
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