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  1. Hello Phil H 4. Can you advise where you purchased your wind break? I’m interested for two reasons. Possible fuel smell elimination as well as hopefully, less hair ruffling. Not mine. Cheers!
  2. Markus

    Thread size?

    Does anyone know what thread the throttle body plugs are? These are the one's on top of each T/B and are used for booster and metering unit vacuum as well as rocker cover breather. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks guys. That has got to be better than trying to slide it along the channels even with soapy water or rubber grease. Cheers!
  4. I've also been wondering about the larger element. Now that's sorted can anyone help with advice on getting the seal into the channels? At the very least without too much blue language. I know patience is a virtue but there is a limit.
  5. Thanks Andy. As stated in my original post I'm going to run the vent line from the rocker cover through an air/oil separator (Moroso) and then to the pods. Not sure about the flame trap but I have it sitting here so might use it. when you say you had hot start issues I assume that was caused by heat soak from the exhaust manifold? Perhaps some nice heat shields under the pods might be the way to go. Cheers!
  6. For those running the three individual K&N pods on their PI engine how did you plumb the rocker cover vent line? Did you just replace the line with a small filter? I tried this but it's a bit "messy" even on my freshly rebuilt engine. Did you run a line to one or more of the pods and, if so, how did you make the connection? I'm planning on running an oil/separator if I go this route. Photos would be very helpful. Thanks!
  7. Great job! Love it! Love it! Love it!
  8. Sorry for resurrecting an old post but I'm sure this topic has been the source of many a pain in the, ahhh, bottom for most on here. I'm trying to get mine to fit properly without luck so far. Has anyone tried using an alternative style of boot to the original? I thought about using a small shift lever boot and mounting it to the flat panel sandwiched between the master cylinder bracket and the panel. Thoughts?
  9. Thanks gents. I'll check the injector again as well as replace the plug and I have a spare lead I can try too. Fuel is fresh and no change from what I've been running for the past 10 years. BP Ultimate. Fingers crossed! Mark
  10. My rebuild was finished and I got the Roadworthy Certificate (similar to MOT) and registration so I thought we would be using the 6 for a weekend club event starting tomorrow afternoon BUT now the previously reliable injection system has decided not to play nice. At low revs the engine is stumbling and running rough. Number 3 injection line has a much weaker "pulse" then the others and when I removed the plugs all except number 3 are really good with tan base electrodes and off-white insulators. Number 3 is black and sooty and dry. I've tried another injector but no improvement. Can anyone suggest my next move (be nice). Thanks in advance. Mark
  11. Isn't it fantastic to see a younger generation enjoying themselves mucking around in cars. Well done to the team!
  12. We have pressure! Yay! My mechanic came to visit with a cordless drill and a pump drive shaft and after a couple of false starts I had a lovely, and I do mean LOVELY, oil spill on the concrete garage floor. He had that drill turning counter-clockwise for quite a while with the PRV removed but once we put the PRV back in place we had a gusher. Everything back in place and we had ignition and lots of wonderful noise. Still lots to do before getting back on the road but we're well on our way. Thanks again to everyone for all the support and ideas.
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