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  1. This morning took the 6 for a check over by my local garage as the mot would be now due (but exempt). It would have failed an mot. An inner bolt was missing holding the lower plate onto the wishbone on both sides! While not critical it does make me wonder if I would have picked this up later before something showed itself in the running of the car . Check all your bolts. Simon
  2. Hi Andrew Its a Laverda 3cl Jarama. Not commonly heard of. It was mainly a US export. I must get the correct decal fitted on the side panel to identify the model. Farnham just down the road from me , I live near Hook. Simon
  3. It seems quite a few of us have bikes and TR's. here is mine, renovated 4 years now . Simon
  4. After investigating knocks from the diff it appears that one of my diff mounting bushes has perished. It is the front upper bush just above the single exhaust. Whether heat is an issue I am unsure Not sure if its rubber or poly bush. Lower bush is purple coloured. Rear bushes look like rubber Can anyone recommend replacement material and supplier? Heard or read somewhere about noise transmission from polybushes. Wellsy

    Tyres and wheels

    Also looking at new tyres to replace my 195 NCT's. The 165 Vred. T Tracs2 are around £37 and the Vred. Classic sprints £87. Are the sprints that much of a better tyre for the price than the t tracs? Wellsy

    Soda blasting

    I have had very good results on aluminium carb bodies, motorcyle barrels and casings with soda blasting with my diy kit. Not good ,as already said, on steel and rust. It was bicarbonate soda I used. Wellsy
  7. Looking at the quality of the chassis repairs. Buyer beware.
  8. + 1 for the chain man. Supplied all the chains for my motorcycle and a mine of information on chain quality. Wellsy
  9. John, Made my own from sheets of plastic I obtained from work,. No idea what plastic it is but its flexible and impact resistant . Fixed mine with plastic number plate nut and bolts around the arch, no problem with rust! Sprayed with some sort of stonegaurd. Butted up to wings with the same section of seal as on the baffle plate, works very well . wellsy
  10. WELLSY

    Seat Change

    Same as ShaunC. Refurbed tilting headrest USA seats . Look very good and comfortable for an over 6 footer. No issues with fitting. Wellsy
  11. Some tips that might be of use when rebuilding the body onto the chassis to help alignment, that perhaps have been mentioned before. 1) Fit the fuel tank into the rear 2) Fit a hardtop. 3) If using a spirit level . Make sure it is accurate. Wellsy
  12. Thinking of fitting a rear anti- roll bar to reduce roll .Has anyone fitted one ? Can anyone recommend a supplier? I have uprated lever arms. Wellsy
  13. Hi Peter, Attached are images of my homemade system . Mild steel box with a detachable ali cover. Fed with cold air via cone filter and original hose. Simon
  14. Been thinking about bonnet louvrers for my weber carbed 6. Can be very lumpy in traffic, which I am sure is due to heat build up under the bonnet. Perhaps only one is needed above the carbs? Wellsy
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