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    After many years of various classic vehicles it's time I scratched my TR7 itch so I'm looking for a decent FHC to lavish my attentions on. Watch this space! :o)
  1. Doyle was the main driver of the TR7 but the Dolomite seems to have been shared more or less equally.
  2. Hey I reckon with skill, and a rather tenuous link, I could get my beloved bike a mention here too... Triumph - Acclaim - Honda - CB900FA! Result!
  3. So, if there was no TR7 what would be your favorite Triumph - and why? I reckon I'd go for the Dolomite Sprint because if it's good enough for Doyle....
  4. You make it sound like I took advantage Alec - it was Tom's price and I gave him plenty of opportunities to think about it/back out ...even after the money had changed hands! The last thing I want to do is upset people (I really mean that!) - if you feel that strongly I will sell it to you for the amount I paid Tom without quibble - there are things I'm not 100% happy with the car so I really don't mind - it was offered to me, it was the least rusty one I'd seen, so I bought it. It hold no special place in my heart (yet) it's just an old Triumph to me! It's up to you - can't say fairer than th
  5. Well for those who are interested in hearing the end of the story I ended up buying WFH302X the ex-Pringle 2.0FHC which, as many of you already know, was recently de-rotted, fitted with numerous upgrades and (at enormous cost) refinished in gleaming pearlecent black ...including the engine bay! Ok so I would've preferred a car in a standard TR colour but this was the only TR7 within my price range with absolutely no rust (yes really!) so it just had to be bought! There is plenty for me to do (like fit an engine!) but this will be no bad thing because it will give me the opportunity to get
  6. Thanks for that I'll follow it up. What I meant by re-cut was having the outer rims diamond cut on a lathe so they could be polished - the inner 'hub' will be painted.
  7. Can anyone recommend somwhere in East Anglia I could get some TR7 alloys re-cut please?
  8. Ah the man himself! Thanks for that we can all sleep soundly again now!
  9. As you may be aware I'm seeing Tom tomorrow so I'll get back to you about the rims in due course - feel free to email me a pic & price though!
  10. Probably too expensive for me then Alec! Was hoping to use the tyres I get with the car ( ) I'm after so looking for just the rims ...unless you're interested in a set of TR7 alloys in exchange? PS. It's about time you sorted out your avatar dude!
  11. I've not seen many TR7's fitted with Dolomite Sprint alloys but they look good on the TR (kinda poor-man's Allycat!) so is there some other reason why this is not popular? ...or is it just that everyone's upping their rim diameter to fit bigger brakes? I am right in thinking they're 13" and a direct fit on a TR7 aren't I?
  12. £2K would be conservative for a top-notch paint job and it wouldn't add much actual 'money value' to the car ...but it would get a sale over the next guy's TR7. If you're doing it for yourself (i.e. you're keeping the car a good while longer) then go for it!
  13. Erm, kinda reminds me of a Hotwheels concept car - you'd need to stretch the wheelbase by about 2 feet for these to look right!
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