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  1. Hi All, just swapped my TR6 for a TR4A so please bear with me. Quick question if I may : My TR4 is fitted with steel wheels, can I fit 5 1/2J wire wheels as there are some on the forum for sale ? Cheers Jeremy
  2. Hi All, Have a CP engine on twin SU's fitted with electronic iginition. When revved past 3500 revs it feels like a rev limiter is in place and it will not accelerate past this in the same gear. Any ideas ? Thinking timing may need to be advanced ? or is it a need for a dizzy rebuild ? Cheers All Jeremy
  3. jstone

    Sump Gasket

    Hi All, Found the leak. It was P*ssing out of the braided hose that I had used as a loop back / closed system from the spin on oil filter as I have not put a oil cooler in yet. Does any body know where I can get a 2 female connector braided hose with a decent pressure tolerance that will fit onto the spin on oil filter fittings ? for a sensible price ? Cheers Jeremy
  4. jstone

    Sump Gasket

    Hi All, Complete the long overdue Oil change and sods law the Sump gasket has now failed !! Are all sump gasket available from teh usual suspects the same ? Or is there a preferred one that gives plenty of live ? Any opinions / experience would be gratefully received. Thanks Jeremy
  5. THere's a guy in West Oxfordshire I use but he is a bit expensive and spends too much time overseas in Norway !
  6. Hi All, Managed to pull the choke cable knob right off. Thought it was a shame but not too worried as I thought it would set me back a tenner and a bit of time. Have looked on the usual suspects site and they are £42 !! Am I missing something ? Can I re-attach the said knob to the cable ? Many Thanks Jeremy
  7. Hi All, I would just like to say for a final time thank you all very very much for the advice and guidance. Without it I would not have got the TR6 back on the road and enjoyed the sunshine this lunch time. Whilst I may have bought a Pertonix unit that does not actually work, on the upside I have learnt a lot about the iginition system in a week ! One last question and then I promise not go. I have set the timing and can not hear any pinking when under load so am thinking that I may not have advanced the timing enough. The car goes well and I can't feel any real dip in performa
  8. Hi All, I returned to the points system, set the gap etc and guess what..............started first time on the button. Now need to sort the timing having messed that up Cheers for all the help Jeremy
  9. Hi all, I have just ordered a new set of points, red rotor, condensor ect from the Distributor Doctor (who I have to say is a really helpful and knowledgable chap) and will be fitting these later this week to see if I can get the 6 firing again on the same set up prior to me breaking it. Will let you all know how I get on as you have all been really helpful with the advice Cheers Jeremy
  10. Hi Mike, just tried the power to the coil when turning the engine over and I still get the 12 .9 Volts. So am I right in thinking there is no ballast resistor on my car ? I can't visually find one Cheers Jeremy
  11. Sorry, thinking about the pulsing, the reading drops off when testing the negative side of the coil to battery at 0.6 v but I think this is the important one, when testing the negative lead of the pertronix I get a steady 6 volts constant with no falling off of the volt metre. Thanks Jeremy
  12. Hi Neil, have tested the following as per the discussion yesterday : Negative side of coil to red positive on battery - I get 12.6 v when ignition not on, when ignition on this drops to 0.6 v and also when the engine is turned over. There is no pulsing (i.e the display on the volt meter does not flash etc I also tried negative lead from the pertronix to positive side of battery. I got 12.6 v without iginition on , but this dropped to 6.2 v when engine turned over. Again no pulsing though. Thoughts greatly appreciated. Cheers Jeremy
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