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  1. Thanks Ivor I will contact Prestige - as it happens the leak seemed to cure itself (again) so I suspect it is just dry seals expanding as they get wet (the car was still for 2 months). Do you have twin filters on yours? Paul
  2. Thanks Mark Yours is the only reply in 10 days or so but very useful. Paul
  3. My CP series pump is clearly not the original. It is mounted under the rear nearside wing, behind the wheel. In the last year it has routinely leaked a few drops after being left for a few weeks but this normally clears up after a couple of minutes - today, after a two month standstill over winter it leaked profusely. I think I need to replace it (or at least the seals if I can). I cannot identify the make of pump but it is a simple cylindrical affair, and looks nothing like the Bosch version shown on the Moss website. It does not look like it comes apart easily but I guess it must som
  4. Well chaps, I have a spare one (see attached) complete with knob. Sorry for the photo quality!! I bought it recently in error and it is available for £7 or so. I aid a fiver for it - the balance is just for postage etc. Paul Carey
  5. I am looking for a professionally reconditioned gearbox with A type od and switches for my 1970 TR6. I will part exchange the Triumph 2000 box with J type od. What would be a fair market price for such a box?
  6. Thanks Stuart - must be why I saw it in Surrey, but £1500 seems a bit steep for what they are. Paul
  7. I'm not sure of the technical term for it but I am looking for a "quarter" (my term) hard top, ie just the back window section that would require a removable soft top panel (rectangular) to complete the roof. I saw one on a 6 in Bletchingley, Surrey and it seems to provide more useful space behind the seats plus some protection from the wind blast. Does anyone know where I could get one? Paul Carey
  8. Thanks Stan Q3 - I meant buy, not but!! Where can I buy a good recon box with an A type OD? Paul
  9. Mu six is a CP series, 1970 H reg, but fitted with a Triumph 2000 gearbox with A typr OD. However, I want to replace this with an original box. According to the workshop manual TR6 A type ODs were only fitted to CP and CC series. Questions then: 1 What OD type would this car have ahd originally in 1970? 2 Which type of OD unit is best - A or J? (Incidentally, is an A type OD for a Triumph 2000 that same as an A type for a TR6?) 3 Where is the best place to but well reconditions boxes with ODs? I want to keep to OD in 3 and 4 and have a reverse light switch. 4 On wha
  10. Thanks for all the tips Gents. I don't think I will bypass the gear switches! BTW my TR6 is a CP series H reg (1970). However, I am told the gearbox is from a Triumph 2000 which had the saem ratiosn and more or less the same dimensions. The last restorer (several owners before me) bothced it in somehow. The OD looks to be J type (as shown in the TR6 workshop manual). The wiring generally was not well done and crawls all over the car - some original, some new. When I first took the car out this year I noticed for the first time that the OD was jumping in and out, and lately there w
  11. Has anyone ever condiered bypassing the 3rd/4th gear switch in the overdrive relay feed circuit so that overdirve can be used in all four gears? Is this a wise thing to do? Paul Carey
  12. I was told by Enginuity some time ago that my TR6 (restored by a previous owner) actually had the gearbox from a Triumph 2000. This is a bit of a bodge fit but it is nevertheless there, having the same ratios as the TR6 box, and after four years of ownership has so far been problem free. After the normal winter garage period the overdrive is now not staying engaged. When it is turned on, but not engaged, I can hear a "chatter" like a circuit arcing across a gap, at quite high frequency. I have yet to look underneath - it may just be dirty connections on to the soleniod. Being
  13. The paint on my TR6 seems rather brittle and has several small "holes" in it where stones have chipped it. Most are just a millimetre or so across. What is the best way of hiding these without making it look like the surface of the moon? I have about 6 or so in various locations, including the bonnet which look obvious. Paul Carey
  14. The offside rear quarter light window of my hood has become detached from the canvas. It's simply the joint between the two different materials that has failed; not the window itself. I suspect it was a poor joint in the first place but the warranty is well expired. Does anyone know where I can get this repaired? I do not know the original manufacturer. I hardly ever have the hood up so it is not a big issue, but if I ever get caught in the rain..........
  15. The nuts are definitely chromed steel. It looks as if I am getting about just over a diameter's worth of thread purchase (8/9 threads/turns) so I think I have enough. The main problem is to find replacements with the correct (17mm) bush diamter. Any ideas guys?
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