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  1. I'd use it . It's basically moly grease with graphite.
  2. In Australia the police have issued defect notices for older cars they find fitted with LED's. In Queensland they'll put you off the road. I'm weighing up the issues because I have an old Holden V8 I use for a lot of country nightime travel over winter.
  3. The sooty plugs could be the cause of your misfire.
  4. No, the filter's on the same side as the inlet manifold , fixed with a clamp on the base of the filter to the radiator frame. The brace strut goes over it. I don't have a photo down here and the car is garaged 100 odd miles away. I'll take a photo when I can get out of this CV19 lockdown.
  5. I've never seen the point of these hoses. Long gone on mine and my filter housing has been rotated 180 degrees to pick up cold air from alongside the driver's side mudguard'
  6. +1. Do your plugs fire in the air with a crisp, blue spark?
  7. Mike C

    Tyres again

    I've got the standard steel wheels fitted with 195/R15 P6 Pirelli's, they give me very good handling and are readily available in Australia.
  8. Did you reset the PRV after installing the new pump? Could be cavitating by trying to pump a lot more fuel if the new pump's curve is working at a much higher pressure/ flow point than the old one.
  9. Your confusing spiral bevel gears with hypoid gears. A hypoid gearset has shafts that are non intersecting and non parallel: https://www.motioncontroltips.com/hypoid-gearboxes-what-are-they-and-where-are-they-used/ In a motor vehicle differential this has the advantage that the propeller shaft can be lowered to below the axle C/L. It has a disadvantage in that the hyperboloid pitch circle's gear teeth have some sliding action (like a worm gear)- this sliding action and high tooth pressure requires an Extreme Pressure (EP) gear oil. This could go on forever, but I believe Murra
  10. Probably half, if not more, of the TR6's in the world don't use gear oil in the gearbox, they use various forms of engine oil. Where are the hypoid gears in the TR6 gearbox? Use GL5 in a gearbox and the synchros won't engage and it will probably jump out of gear due to the high surface friction additives used in GL5 ( this happened to me after a repair shop refilled the GB with GL5) -so I won't be using the same oil in the gearbox and diff. But the GB oil argument was ancient when I purchased my TR in the 1990's , most of us have settled on an oil selection that's worked for the
  11. I wouldn't - for the sliding friction in the hypoid gears you need a SAE90 GL5 oil ( the factory says GL4, but really, I find their recommendations a bit suspect these days- same as with the GB oil).
  12. That's a very good price. About half of what my last set of BUR6ET's cost in Australia.
  13. Used to have this problem with BP5ES and BP6ES plugs. Never had it since I switched to NGK BUR6ET triple electrode plugs.
  14. Or the fuel is still in the combustion chambers and available to be ignited.
  15. How long does the engine run on for if you don't stall it?
  16. Like you, my setup works and I'm not touching it, but I'm also not buying a new pump.
  17. I'm pretty sure if you back the flow off the pressure it supplies will increase. I need 680 kPag for my system to work from the Bosch and a Carter primer pump. And my system works at a lower pressure than most. What pressure is your PRV set at? You have to get at least that pressure.
  18. 4 bar is not enough, but maybe you're looking at the wrong point on the pump curve. To match the Lucas original pump you need something like 7 bar at 72 litres/hour.
  19. You don't need the safety hook unless you have to brake hard . If the bonnet's floating free it will fly up as you slow down as, aerodynamic forces drop and it pivots over its hinges. Then you have the collision - it's hard to see past the bonnet when it's up as far as it's holding strut will allow it to go.
  20. I found a second hand original catch in the US recently. Once postage to Australia was included the price was about the same as a new reproduction unit. Personally, I'll never buy repro parts if I can get an original.
  21. Before I had my PI system rebuilt I used to have all kinds of airlock problems with no 2 and no 5 injectors, especially no 5. I suspect that the NRV's on the MU banjo connectors were leaking, allowing the injector lines to drain down when the engine was shut down for a while.
  22. I use Penrite HPR30 Full Zinc, holds oil pressure on 40 degree days: https://www.penriteoil.com.au/products/hpr-30-20w-60-mineral Many years ago, I had problems with the detergents in heavy duty diesel oil ( as used in Caterpillars, Detroit Diesels etc. ) opening up unwanted engine oil leaks.
  23. Could be liquid petrol lying in the inlet manifold boiling off when the butterflies are closed.
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