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  1. Do you know if there is ANY availability, or chance of getting an original washer rocker switch (148418) - without being robbed!! I note that Moss & Co, and others quote a switch p.n. 158452 - is this a direct replacement, does it fit... I note the bezel is also not black, so would have to be painted before fitting, or will it mount into the original? Thanks. Michael F.
  2. Today, after queuing for an hour+, I gave up trying to get into Gaydon, and went for a nice drive all around the Cotswolds instead. Why was there such an issue in getting in - "be there by 9:30am to display with the Register", I was in the queue at 9:15am and left it around 10:30am - not having reached the entrance.
  3. The pedal operates fine, and is in the correct place, but I just find the angle of my foot to the pedal too acute, and it causes cramp in my leg. If the whole pedal assembly were higher off the floor, the angle would be less, and more comfortable. The pedal operates correctly - full travel, so no issue with the car as such - just my leg. If I could actually make the point of contact between my foot and the pedal rubber a couple of inches higher off the floor, it would be fine. The alternative is making it lighter in use - hence the servo query.
  4. Has anyone fitted, or know of any form of servo to fit and assist the clutch pedal. I find I get cramp, especially in heavy traffic or town driving, and it's almost as if the clutch pedal is too close to the floor. I understand that carpeting with underfelt underneath doesn't help - but even a higher pedal would also help, so any resolves would be considered. Michael F.
  5. How do you go about syncronising (or balancing) the butterflies on a TR5 (with no air bleed valve fitted). Not something I have ever done...... so any advice / help welcome!
  6. I notice there is a buyers premium of 12.5% + vat. If you have a winning bid of £80k for the car, that's another £12k on top! The mind boggles!
  7. Thanks for your advice. Yes it is RHD. I have not pulled back the gaiter yet, to see if the ball joint is the culprit, or if it is indeed within the rack itself. I assume, if the ball joint is the fault, it is not adjustable, but is replaceable, and can probably be done in place, without removing the steering rack.
  8. The movement is definitely either inside the gaiter (the ball and socket), or inside the rack itself.
  9. Try again, as I posted yesterday, and it has disappeared. A couple of days ago I discovered there was for and aft movement on the front nearside wheel, which is not the bearing, as the steering rod moves a little, too. The offside is fine. I initially thought it was wear in the ball swivel joint, but now think it may be inside the rack itself, and looking probably at either having my own rack refurbished, buying an exchange refurbished rack, or buying a new one. I have purchased new track rod ends from Amsteer, nr Birmingham, as I have been recommended to use these (better quality), b
  10. mafield

    FND 205F

    It is such a shame when threads get locked, due to the few being unable to contain themselves from either personal abusive and rude comments, or trying to deride, devalue or undermine the topic in question. It then means that a genuine query on the topic from a possibly new member cannot be posted - an opportunity missed, and caused by the few. Let's hope this one doesn't go that way too!
  11. Can we keep this on topic, please!
  12. Well, while in the shower this morning, I have a missed personal call from a David Morgan from the DVLA, wanting a call back as soon as convenient! Updates later.... UPDATE: The DVLA has supplied me with the information I requested - there are 17 taxed fake TR5's and 12 Sorn'd fake TR5's - 'fake' defined by the commission number/vin number NOT starting with CP. He is also going to send me the email address of the Vehicle Policy Group for Registrations, and asked that our Registrar write in to them. I also pointed out the issue with modified vehicles and the new MOT regulations, of
  13. It's not just about the monetary values. There were a very limited number of UK TR5's built, and only the survivors of the original builds, whether a total rebuild, sympathetic overhauls, or fully originals, should be registered on V5c documents, as TR5's - to protect the marque. I am waiting for an answer for Freedom Of Information request to the DVLA, who have turned it down once so I have appealed, to know how many V5c's have been issued as a Triumph TR5, when the commission number does not start with CP. It was initially turned down on the pretence that it could result in cr
  14. mafield

    FND 205F

    We all know that a genuine TR5 has the greater value, and that some unscrupulous sales persons (individuals or businesses) are benefitting from selling non-original 5's to unknowing purchasers, but this is not the only issues. We are all aware that there were 1161 UK RHD Triumph TR5's built, and it is the number of survivors from this build number that needs protecting. However a car reaches it's current age, be it through a total rebuild, a multitude of sympathetic overhauls, or an original, it will still be what it started life as, and not a different model. If there are say 300 survi
  15. There are now 4, yes FOUR cars just on Car & Classic being touted as TR5's, that started life as a TR250 (one being a TR4/TR4a from Greece) Isn't it about time the TR Register started taking a PRO_ACTIVE role in trying to stop this, for the protection of the marque, and to gain some credibility in representing it's members, particularly the TR5 owners, otherwise we will end up with more rogue TR5's than original ones. So far, no one with any clout seems to 'care' about these 'fake' TR5's, except just a few TR5 owners themselves. The one quoted above... The one in the other
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