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  1. ok check the obvious first, are the tyres round with no bulges in the tread, run your had over the tread any vibration inducing buldges will feel like mountains, altenitavly any fast fit centre can whip the wheels off and spin them up on a ballencer to see if they are nice and round
  2. aww if i could i would! but the equipment is set in concrete to prevent it from moving as the gauges are wireless, and cosists of a four poster ramp, a pc, and a huge tower with four cameras to measure where each wheel is sitting. looks impresive when it's set up!
  3. i know its a different car but i had a fiesta with a siezed on clutch, i just drove it around late one light untill it pinged free, you can change gear without using the clutch if you get the revs just right, sounds agresive but its the easiest and cheapest thing to try first
  4. just wanted to add that we are now going to be keeping shims for the front camber and rear toe, i made a template using the last tr-6 that i aligned and im getting some made by a local engineering firm so theres no need to worry if you dont have the shims. i have done 4 or 5 now, any feedback would be great. i love working on these cars, i get a buzz from seeing the end result of the geomety and look forward to the next one! cheers to all those that i have seen so far and hello to those that ar thinking of a wheel alignment check
  5. daniel p

    Colway Tyres

    vredestein hi-trak are good in the wet if you can find them, they are beating the likes of michelin and continental in many tests and are priced roughly the same as firestone + dunlop
  6. somewhere like euro colour or keypaints can match the colour if you take the car (or part of it) they will also make up tins or spray cans in base coat that needs to be laquered or solid (no laquer needed)
  7. hmm seems a bit over kill, most of the tr-5/6 i have done have usualy none or 1 in the inner sections and between none and four in the outer, adding one in each adds a very small amount of possitive toe, but if there are few in each side then maybe removing 3 from the outer and one from the inner would give the same result, but it is pretty much trial and error until you like the readings, its not always possible to get perfect readings as you are using shims rather than off-set washers.
  8. any time you're ready, just make sure you have a few smims (front and rear) because we dont keep them,
  9. voltage is nothing without amps, if you have access to an ameter (sp) it may be worth checking how many amps the alternator is pumping out and how many it should be!
  10. try another compresion tester to make sure the one you are using isnt at fault
  11. glad to hear it feels ok and don't forget about the free 'fine tune' after it has been driven a few miles just to ensure the steering wheel is straight and the front toe is still spot on, this was a nice example of a Tr-6, a pleasure to work on. needed to remove 1 shim from the rear toe and reset the front toe, all in all the job took just over an hour. if you have any queeries with the readings just drop me an email or give me a ring at work and i'll see if i can explain them a bit better.
  12. Hello all, i just joined, im Daniel from above, thanks for the kind words Harry! i found the web site straight away so its nice and easy to find. can i just add a bit of infomation to the above? the machine i use is a 'Hunter dsp400' its a full geometry machine, basicly this means it checks a lot of angles including. rear toe rear camber thrust line front camber front castor front toe king pin inclination (sai) steer ahead. a checkand printout of the results is £29.32 including vat and takes about 20 mins then depending on what needs adjusting the price and time will go up, typicaly the tr-5/tr-6 costs around £80 as harry says and can take between 1-2 hours, i loose track of time while im doing a geometry so im not too sure how long they take. Thanks again Harry for the nice words.
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