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  1. I have a dilemma with my seats, the vinyl is starting to split and the sponge is obviously now brittle as the dust accumulates on the carpet. I am quite willing to do the work myself, even though I have no experience but if I go down this route I would like a safety net, ie a coach trimmer I could take the work to to get a proper job done. If I do the reupholstering myself where is the best place to get the materials? I have seen the John Skinner website and done my sums.(I was drawn by the leather) It ain't cheap. Am I better off from the start going somewhere and getting a proper job done professionally? Obviously alot of you have had the same questions. How did you resolve it? If anybody knows of a trimmer who does TRs in the leicestershire/northamptonshire area it would be appreciated info. Thanks in anticipation of your help. John thanks for the door card info - they flew off!!
  2. Swarf

    Door Cards

    O.K. so what is the secret to removing the window winding handels and the door opening lever. The more detailed the answer the better, as I am new to taking bits of my TR4 apart! What do you mean you guessed!!
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