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  1. 7 minutes ago, AndyR100 said:

    ARE Silverstones.... in that finish they may be more recent replicas (GC360 Enterprises ?)

    ....... Andy 

    Genuine magnesium ARE Silverstone, sourced from the States and then crack tested and finished by Ian Jemison Engineering. Finished with Michelin XAS. I just love 'em!

  2. The Chromed brass windscreen cappings that Tom has mentioned above were only available 'I believe' on the early TR4's, but offer the protruding nose that is required to help the securing of the leading edge of the surrey soft top as Roger has touched upon.

    I went down the route on my TR4 of replacing the TR4 windscreen with a TR6 windscreen and adapted surrey soft top with a TR6 header rail to uterlise the TR6 fitting system.

    Whilst I puzzled over the best route to secure my surrey soft top I did source a chromed brass windscreen capping. This is now excess to my requirements so if of use to anybody please PM me.

    Cheers, Chris

  3. Chaps,
    I am hoping to source a pair of second hand rear light lens (amber/red) that are original Lucas L669 numbered. If anybody has a pair tucked away that they are happy to part with for a number of beer tokens, I could guarantee them a good home.

    if I can source the above I will be able to make available a Lucas L799 lens, original to the TR5.

    thanks, Chris

  4. Hi Roger,

    Thanks for the compliment. The photo was taken in early September, somewhere high up in Italy. I cant be too exact as we were on the Club Triumph 10 Country run and at times it was all bit of a blur but bloody good fun. I would say the cars colour is an Old English White but cant be more exact than that as the car underwent a renovation in the late 90's and I have only had the car for 14 years.:blink:

  5. Hi Pete,


    I brought a set of ARE magnesium wheels back from the states and had them crack tested and refinished by Ian Jemison. http://www.ianjemison.co.uk/


    I was a little concerned with putting a set of original mag ARE wheels on my TR but the crack testing gave them a clean bill of health and the finish that was applied stopped all further corrision. They still look as good as they did when finished and have done @18K since. Ian Jemison offers great advice from my experience.


    Hope this helps,


  6. Gentlemen,


    As the title indicates I am trimming a hardtop and rearscreen this afternoon, I am taking my time and everything is going fine. I am however pondering how far to pull the vinyl round or where to finish the vinyl at the rear of the hard top.


    Would anybody be able to forward or publish a photo of how this should be finished for my clarification/sanity?




  7. Hi


    I am clearing out my garage and these original TR4 steel wheels take up too much space so have listed them on ebay.


    Might be of interest to someone here. If you have any questions or want more photos please shout.


    It would be good to see them off to a good home!






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