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  1. Hi Nigel, 

    i see that you are looking for a hardtop for your 4.

    if it is only the hardtop and you have the rear screen I may be able to help you. I also have a 4 with rear screen and an aluminium hardtop, but I also have a good steel hardtop which i am willing to let go at the right price. I am not selling it off cheap as they are so hard to come by now, and I was planning on refurbishing it as an alternative for myself. 

    It will need to be refurbished but it is all there, and is not at all rusty. It also has the rear stainless steel trim. If you want a photo I can sort that. As I say I am not selling it off cheap so I would be asking for £1,200.



  2. Hi Parky,

    If Mark (Tenpin) hasnt taken advantage of your high port head, could I ask if it is still available? And if so what do you want for it? I have a short block that needs building up but I will also need a head soon.

    Cheers Chris

  3. Thanks Mike, That was a cracking deal and now cements a trip to Spa-Francorchamps in September. Cheers Chris

  4. Hello Andy,

    It was good to speak with you earlier today and I just thought it good form to drop you a quick line. As soon as I can work a trip to Stoke I will be on the phone, but I will defiently be having that block.

    Cheers Chris (07795 474135)

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