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  1. My fuel gauge was showing just under half and I experienced similar problems as you describe above. My problem - the car was running out of fuel and a faulty reading on the fuel gauge....OK I felt like an idiot at the time but I now re-fill the car every 150-175 miles therefore ensuring I have at least a quarter of a tank at all times.
  2. I would agree with that as the fingers on the B&B plate sit proud\high enough for lip on the bearing to make decent contact. A few seem to have some issue with the B&B but apart from being heavier and then only a little heavier, I can't see the problem The Borg & Beck always reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons where Homer goes to the gym and only works out one arm...maybe I have the something similar Borg & Beck leg!
  3. Plenty of experience with 'uprated' bearings. Be careful which plate you use. I figured it won't work correctly with a Laycock plate. See this thread I created a while back http://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=32233
  4. I Just wanted to return to this thread briefly to let you know 73D successfully completed her trip from Dublin (via Ferry to Cherbourg) through France to Malaga. There was no problems with the clutch at all - no rattles, no stickyness. In fact a pleasure to drive. I have the Borg & Beck plate with the RHP bearing. A few other facts I drove 2231km or 1386 miles in 3 days On a decent section of road between Rennes and Niort, I averaged 10.4km\l or about 29.3MPG. On a more mountainous section, therefore less air - a section north of Madrid I got 8.9km\l or 25.1mpg - so altitude seems
  5. Thanks TRNiall for the suggestion. OKISTAG was very much up for that - so much so I nearly posted the keys to him! However the car is the best we can get it and its ready to go the 1295 miles to Arroyo de la Miel, near Malaga. We leave on tomorrow night's boat....followed by the long drive down through France and Spain
  6. I need a cover in a hurry. I don't have time to wait for a 'tailor made' one. Being in Ireland I will need to source one from a multiple retailer such as Argos or Halfords. It is for outside use more to cover the car 'out of sight out of mind' style than protection against the elements. Has anyone ever used one over their beloved? If so which one and\or what size? I don't want it to blow away in a light breeze either.... Any ideas or links Thanks in advance
  7. I believe that have already re-issued them http://www.wolfrace.co.uk/eurosport_details.php?wheelID=244
  8. I agree the Halfords are a good replacement with a long warranty. I was a bit wary of the HCB072 as the terminals are in the front and its a bit of a tight fight into the tray. I opted for the HCB005 which has slightly less starting amps at 510, cranks over no problem and is a little smaller. The terminals are at the rear so might suit your application better TRTerry. http://www.halfords....tegoryId_165762 On other tip - both of these batteries stand about 2" taller than the original - or the 450SA after market I had. If you have the stainless clamp, you may find the fixing rods too sh
  9. Check the choke is correctly set in the first place. Both at the MU and at the throttle. Do not use too much choke and get rid of it as soon the car will run without it. As PJM said give it sometime, say 30 seconds, to 'recharge' the fuel lines and then as a good friend of mine tipped me keep the accelerator peddle about 1/3rd down when cranking it. As I said in another post recently, might need a good blow\clean out too. Go on a run and keep the revs +3000 and constant. They need to be driven.
  10. The .75 is for the USA cars http://www.moss-europe.co.uk/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=2409
  11. Thanks for the input on this one - the car has been driving better the last few days and the pull is becoming less and less noticeable. Certainly if doesn't go away fully after a while I will change the disc and replace pads both sides. Do you have to change both discs (as with pads calipers etc)?
  12. I am preparing 73D for its long trip to Andalusia. The car is pulling to the right sometimes when the brakes are engaged. A few weeks a it was discovered that the piston on the calliper, passenger side had a ceased piston so I replaced the callipers with the new after market ones that have been made available recently. We have also replaced a rear wheel cylinder and some pipework. The pull is still there We have bled the brakes starting at back passenger side and in addition using the wedge the bit of wood against the seat method as Staurt has suggested in other threads. The brakes
  13. Niall, I was just curious as to why there are two different types....
  14. On this subject what is the difference between the nylon adaptor bung with two O rings to the one that has just one? What is the difference between the push in type and screw in type injectors. Were one for CP one for CR?
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