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  1. For the 4A the colour is Wedgewood blue, I made the same change from Royal Blue as you intend to. Dunno the difference from Powder Blue myself, but one of our experts may know. (Just found the chart below.)
  2. I had the unnerving experience soon after purchasing my 4A, of being overtaken by the rear driver's side wheel's spinner during one outing. Luckily I wasn't doing eleventy twelve, and the wheel stayed on while I pulled over to the side of the road. That's when I discovered that the spinners on the right hand side said 'left' and the ones on the left hand side said 'right'. After that the spinners were swapped over and belted on with the copper mallet. After that I couldn't care if Triumph (or God for that matter) told me they were self tightening, they were going to be belted with th
  3. littlejim

    surrey top

    I had to get a new one for the 4A, chose Moss. To get it to fit I had to : a. Rake the windscreen back as far as I could.# b. stretch it with weights for a day (sunny) or so. c. do a bit of weight training before the first go at fitting. After the first go, which was a struggle, it gradually stretched and finally became pretty easy to fit. Took a while to be able to tuck the front bit completely under the 'holder onner' metal bit. # Despite the extreme backward rake of the windscreen the hard top still happily went into position.
  4. include replacing the ignition light bulb on the list. had friend with similar problem in non TR car and the ancient, failing ignition light bulb was the problem. When the clever electrics man replaced the bulb the problem went away.
  5. Bit more on the Platypus Suzanne mentioned. The Federal Police in Canberra established a water police unit (???) on the fresh water lake that is the feature of Canberra. The sgt in charge visited the ANUniv professor of Greek to get some ideas for a fancy name for their patrol boat. The professor suggested "Platypus" as a good Aussie name, of Greek derivation, associated with water. The boat was duly named Platypus*. * Platypus is apparently the Greek for "flatfoot".
  6. Suzanne, think it is more related to the 'what' than the db platypus. was the 'wit' bit when I expressed 'surprise' that your swans were white?? No fishing until I get my boat trailer fixed up for registration. Lost my trailer number plate. Went to the authorities to get a new one, and they said it had been unregistered for two years?? The coast mailbox does have stuff fall out of it, plus the snails eat the mail if we haven't been there for a while. Currently spending lots of time fixing stuff the trailer rego man doesn't like. Still wondering how he worked out that the n
  7. It's a 'killer' boomerang _ they aren't meant to come back.
  8. littlejim


    I prefer to use one with molybdenum disulphide or these days PTFE in it. Those advertising campaigns obviously work on me.
  9. When I first got my 4A it used to snap from understeer to a violent oversteer on sharper bends. Shimming the back suspension to zero toe in fixed it for me.
  10. Pete makes a good point. To avoid distortion it pays to do small bits at the ends and in the middle of the section you are doing, and do the fill in with a fair bit of separation. Even doing this I had to anchor the ends of the chassis to the garage floor, as I was starting to get the dreaded 'chassis creep', as the welding started to pull the chassis away from its original angle.
  11. Wire feed rate is just one of the variables a beginner has to contend with. Web searches provided starting voltage settings for the metal thicknesses I was welding, (chassis first) and suggested wire thickness. Think I looked at every MIG article on the web (eg. Lincolnmigwelding guide.pdf) which got me started on wire size, and current settings. Then there is the gas rate setting, eventually I settled on 12 L/min which I bump up a bit on thicker stuff. In my case I used a reel of wire during the learning phase. One of the local comedians says he invented non-stick Velcro. For most of the
  12. You b-----s get it good. All I got to do was shovel 2.3 tonnes of dirt into the trailer and then 30 minutes later shovel it out again at the dump site for $34.30.
  13. I used the spot weld drills. On mine there was lots of rust inside the chassis where the 4A narrows under the 'breastplate'. replaced all of the re-inforcing plates that run from top to bottom of the chassis in that area.
  14. on the 4A the system used to self park is a disk in the circuit with copper for nearly all the way round. This keeps power going to the motor after the dash switch goes to off, the motor stops when it gets to the disk section with no conductor and the wiper blades park.. The disk has to be adjusted on its shaft to match the desired 'park' position. Sounds like the disk has come loose on its shaft and contact isn't getting broken. (Please ignore all of the above if the TR6 has a different system.)
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