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  1. The cowl is loose from the “down pipe” on my 6, so when I use overdrive, the cowl and switches rotate a bit. Was it originally tac welded to the pipe section? is there a simple fix for this, or column out? Or just put up with it? Thanks John
  2. this was inside Portmeirion…. They allowed us 3 cars at a time to go in for a photo shoot. Well done them.
  3. Coventry Group & friends tour of North Wales from Sunday till today.
  4. There should be a 1.5-2 mm hole through the rubber and the plate behind it. There wasn’t. they offered to send the correct one, but I decided to drill the hole as I need the car on Sunday. drilling completed, just need to test the car now. I did run it for 5 minutes, and no “pressure” sound when I released the cap, so should be fine. John
  5. Fitted new “vented” cap, and tonight, the 6 kept coming to a halt every 10 minutes or so. released the cap, and lots of pressure released. Car ran again, for 10 mins or so, released cap again and ok again. the rubber on the new cap has a very small slit in it, like a Stanley blade cut. is this enough? Should it have a 2 or 3mm hole in it as I’ve seen suggested using Google? should the cap itself have a hole in it, or is a hole in the rubber enough? thanks john
  6. Ordered from Revington, thanks
  7. Mine is a 73 CR pi. Is it the wrong cap?
  8. Hi my PRV refused to come undone, so removed the petrol tank to give me a fighting chance. That sorted it, however, looking at the petrol cap, it has a hole (threaded) half way down the “shaft”. The hose between cap and tank seems to have been fitted slightly over the boss for the hole, warping the hose a little, although I imagine the circlip still sealed it ok. is this the breather? And could it be the cause of the petrol smell in my boot? Does it need anything else attached? the moss pictures shed no light on it thanks John
  9. Stuart I will be following the advice from you and others, and wiring as per Gareth’s suggestion. eg new wire from battery to spare fuse in fuse box, then from there to collision switch, and from that to pump. I will use existing wiring to power relay. a question my 73 CR has white and green/white on the collision switch. The diagram I’ve seen shows white from the ignition switch, green/white to pump. does that seem correct? Is it crucial which way round the wires are attached to the switch? Are there markings on it that I may have missed? th
  10. Supplier sent a new pipe with the sensor fully fitted and tested. Seems good now, but need to get the car up to temp for the final check.
  11. And that’s what I’ve removed today. I now just have wire going to 86, and another wire to earth. And, it’s working from the switch. just need to get the sensor fitted and connected and hopefully all sorted. thanks all John
  12. Tried a different switch. green to pin 86 black to earth fan comes on via this switch….
  13. Thanks for this. Will try later, off to see TS2 at Gaydon in my 4A
  14. Sorry about the size, not sure how to make smaller. Sensor in water pipe not actually fitted yet. I have a different thread on that issue :-) John
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