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  1. Hi everyone Just returned from 3 weeks in Portugal with TR Register France.... and every day we had a pool of oil under the car... got quite embarrassing and I was sure we would end up running dry... we seemed to put more oil than petrol in the car.... our friends merely remarked that it would not be a real English car if it did not leak oil.. but I did not find that comforting.. No doubt Clive will be following up some of your suggestions on how to identify exactly where the leak originates and get it sorted.. once he has recovered from the dash home. The rest of the group flew home and had their cars transported... only us Brits were brave enough (mad enough) to do the whole trip by road! Well done you forumites !! Great to have such info readily at hand. Stella
  2. Hi Ashley Had a quick glance and it looks very interesting... well done !! Kind regards Stella
  3. Hi Paul... have you checked the carburetor ??? Hopefully the problem will be something simple to remedy, even if it is a beggar to locate. Best of luck Stella
  4. Also for what it's worth........my LHD ex USA west coast, 4A solid axle has got stiffened springs (Revingtons supplied TR4 ones that fit after removal of the deep spring cones) and Limora do a tube shock conversion, as do several other suppliers if you want to go that route.......I think that again it is the TR4 conversion., but I have not needed to do this as the cart springs are very good. Clive
  5. I first discovered these knock-on spinners when we were out with a group of enthusiasts.. we had all stopped to admire the view, but my contemplation of the countryside was interrupted by a frantic appeal for help from a comparative stranger ... actually. he was rather good looking so I followed him back to where the cars were parked (it's OK Clive came with me)... and there we found some folk hovering around a lovely old car... turned out to be a Daimlet Dart. Pierre (as we now know him) was trying to change a wheel.. he was hammering away at the spinner and getting nowhere !!! Consensus was that being an English car an English person was obviously needed to sort it.... Clive took a look and told me what was what... I translated his words (more or less) and a red-faced Pierre hit it in the other direction... success.. wheel changed and drinks all round ... another friend added to our list... We have since discovered he also has an MGTD and an Amil car both of which he uses regularly... a lovely man in every sense, Pierre is in his 80's and his motor still turns (as he delights in telling me). regards Stella
  6. I can recommend TR Bitz as we bought our TR4A from them in 2003, having seen advert on the web. We drove 300 miles on their word that it was a good buy.......and it was. Re-imported LHD from the States and that was what we needed for France. Excellent service and support. Best of luck, keep looking regards Clive
  7. I have both my six volt cars on CTEK's and both the 12 volt cars on Lidl's version.................Have been using them for years now with no problems! regards Clive
  8. No Pete...........Manual hydraulic scissor............but very easy to use. Purchased in Perigueux, but I suspect available in the UK. Clive
  9. I agree with Alec........the wind-up ones are awkward. I have a hydraulic scissor jack, nice low platform and easy to raise, fits in the off-side wing cavity with all the other tools. regards Clive
  10. Purely as a matter of interest with my 1965 TR4A Solid axle: The "Attestation de Conformite Partielle" given by MG Rover France in 2004 states clearly that the TR4 and TR4A is a 2/3 seater. The Technician at the "DRIRE" now the "DREAL" was also quite happy to confirm it as a 3 seater for the official documentation for registration in France. However, under Carrosserie information from MG Rover France the car is described as 2 places principal, plus extra place for occasional use by one adult or two children. Hope this helps the discussion as my car was also an ex USA car re-imported to the UK before I purchased it and brought it to "La Belle France" the V5 did not show the number of seats. regards Clive p.s. As the Insurance company has copies of all the documentation, they are also happy with 2/3 seats.
  11. Hi Mick and Ian............ Good point........as we are driving to Portugal for three week tour with TRR France in May, it may well be the time to replace the tyres. We do not want any problems en route......... We will replace with another set of Vredsteins regards Clive
  12. Hi Mick and Ian............ Good point........as we are driving to Portugal for three week tour with TRR France in May, it may well be the time to replace the tyres. We do not want any problems en route......... We will replace with another set of Vredsteins regards Clive
  13. Hi Lee, I have had 185.70 Vredestein Sprint Classic on for 9 years now and there is little or no wear, grip is brilliant and the tread pattern looks the part. With inner tubes and rim protectors, all easily available. Cannot recommend them enough. Regards Clive
  14. Hi Peter We have two small flags on the back of our TR4A.. one is the French Flag and the other is the St George's Cross... They are both screw on, but we knew we wanted them, so it didn't matter to us.. As a matter of interest, few foreigners seem to recognise the St George's Cross, or to realize its significance, and that makes another topic of conversation... gives us the chance to chat on a bit about the United Kingdom and its history... regards Stella
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