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    Work in the real estate industry, but have outside interests in sports such as Rugby and jetboating. Spent 5 years restoring a 54 Citroen L15 that I still have, and 6 years restoring a 55 TR3, now I am onto a 62 TR4 restoring as a works replica look a like. possible the only one in NZ.

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  1. Tony CSI are another Dutch electronic distributor company that produce dizzys like 123 and of equal quality. The main diff in my opinion is that 123 machine the housings from billet Al, whereas CSI have lucas look alike bodies made to house the electrics for the more original look. Additionally CSI have a housing for the TR6 with the mechanical tacho drive on it as per the original but with the electronic inside they can do them with pre programmed curves or as a bluetooth option. Both a very good products in my opinion. I have CSI fitted in two of my cars one bluetooth one
  2. Hi Guys Can you advise what these sidescreens would fit. Old sticker on them says TR2, they are new condition, but very lite weight, they have a latch to clip into the A pillar supposedly. plus the arms are thin and nothing like the sidescreen arms on the screens I have on my 3. Any ideas what they might be for would be appreciated. Cheers Jim
  3. Interesting Thanks for the info. Will check the stud thickness next. I’m sure he will want a sportsman block vs the standard vanguard…….just sounds better
  4. Looking at a friends TR4 yesterday and realised his dipstick was located to the rear of the oil filter assembly, where as on my 3 and 4 it is forward of the oil filter plus all the moss catalogs and photos I see on the web have shown the dipstick forward of the filter. Does he have an unusual block or is this normal? Just wondering cheers Jim
  5. Brilliant Thanks Stuart, I will fabricate one up now appreciate the help. Hope your all good down in Turo. Thanks agin Jim
  6. If anyone has a TR4 engine torque bar sitting around would you be able to provide me with a diagram of it and dimensions so we can fabricate one alternatively happy to buy one second hand but its usually the freight to NZ that kills it. Stay safe over there cheers Jim
  7. Thanks for the responses so far
  8. Thanks steve for the reply, will be interesting to see who else responds cheers
  9. Hi Guys, I have access to a CSI pro distributor that I am thinking of trialing on my TR4, has anyone on the forum got an adjustable 123 or CSI pro fitted to there car? if so can you advise me of what modifications you have to the engine and provide the figures for the advance curve you currently have dialed in. Figures for the Vaccume curve setting would also be interesting. cheers Jim.
  10. Hi everyone, can anyone tell me are the weights at the base of the 25 d4 the same across the models. i need to build up a distributor for my TR4 the current reproduction options are way to erratic as the internal weights and springs are hopeless. I have two old Lucas 25d4 off other cars based on the model numbers one with a 17 deg cam one with rebuilt cam now stamped as 12 degree. What I want to know regards the weights and the springs. Are the weights normally the same size, weight across models? I know the mechanical advance cam varies across different cars , it’s the w
  11. Thanks everyone. Stuart the photos are particularly helpful. Cheers
  12. Hi everyone, Just wondered, where and to what extent you are putting sound deadening down in a full car rebuild, ie are people just doing the floors, or would you also recommend up the fire wall and over the rear wheel arches, boot etc Just unsure how far to go with sound deadening on a clean rebuild. cheers
  13. Just checked the number on the speedo and it is 1184. so it's correct for the TR4 so then I checked my TR3, it has always read wrong as well and it is number 1180. So next step is I will switch speedos and see if that reads any better and if so try that to see if that will get me through this speedo test that's part of registering a new vehicle on our roads. Ian can you advise me what is the correct number range for a TR3 speedo.. cheers
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