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  1. Once again there is strong contingent of TRs in this fascinating event, including a good representation of Cornwall's finest. All of the TRs are among the early runners, so barring any major delays or mishaps, they should all be arriving at Blue Hills anytime around 13:30hrs. I will be campaigning my TR3A with a new passenger Julian Stephens the current webmaster for the Cornwall Group. Hes done it before but I think the route's changed since 1981! Please follow this link for more details. http://www.groups.tr-register.co.uk/cornwall/future_events.html All the best Phil Tucker
  2. Can anyone help Etienne and the TR Register We desperately need a TR4A for a prestigious Classic Car Magazine photo shoot and test drive. We have found a suitable TR4 with Surry top so we just need a reasonably presentable 4A for the magazine. If you know of a suitable candidate please let Etienne (the new TR Register PR officer ) or myself know. Best regards Phil Tucker 07836 755980
  3. 2011 Lands End Trial 22/23rd April Once again Del Boy and myself are attempting this epic event in my TRusty TR3A We start on Friday night and hopefully do the last section “Blue Hills” late on Saturday afternoon. In class 5, I am up against a brace of TR7s, Mike Warnes well worne black beast and a Cornish entry of Ray Goodright, we will all be running fairly close together. There is also a trio of TR7s running in class “O”. So with six TRs running there is a chance of some dirty TR action over the Easter weekend. For spectator info follow this link. http://www.themotorcyclingclub.org.uk/events/landsend_spectate.htm Once I get our times I will post them here. Cheers Phil Tucker
  4. Hi I have not got a diagram for the Lucas hazard warning switch 36547 but have fitted similar switches in the past. I have sketched what I suspect are the connections for the 36547 I suggest you try and work out the connections to the switch by continuity checking with a meter this along with my sketch may give you the answers. Best regards Phil Tucker
  5. Hi Ian I have used the three wire type alternators in the past and as you suggest just linked the two positives at the unit. I notice that you have sketched your ammeter in the feed to the powerblock. In this configuration it will indicate the load drawn by the car and not the charge rate/ balance. I have in the past modified several early TRs fitting small 36A alternators and retaining the 30-0-30 ammeter. OK the ammeter could be overloaded by 6A or so but most of the time is only bounces around the zero. From experience the only time it got close to full scale deflection is when the car was jump stated because it had a flat battery and then only when the engine was revved hard. I have attached my ideas on the connection to teh powerblock. I hope this helps. Best regards Phil Tucker. Alt wiring.pdf Alt wiring.pdf
  6. Hi David, My vote is for Black. Cheers Phil T
  7. back to topic, It looks to me like a spot weld hole, where the boot stay socket/bracket should be. ATB Phil Tucker
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