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  1. Hi All, I have stripped down the front caliper on my TR3A and I know what the MOSS catalogue states, but has anyone ever replaced or found an alternative seal? in the photo I took the seal looks either deformed (it is 60 years old) or is a special. Hope you guys can help. Regards Nigel
  2. Hi all, I am reconditioning my Lucas ammeter and all parts ok except the piece of plastic that is used for the illumination (see pics). You can purchase all the parts for the ammeter but I do not seem to be able to locate this part. Have any of you guys come across this before? Have you been able to use a substitute? Any info would be most welcome. Cheers Nige
  3. Hi Ian,yes that would be most grateful. Cheers
  4. Hi all.Bodytub is being prepared for removal from chassis prior to blasting and i was wondering if any of you have used or own a rotisserie/tilter to carry out bodywork.Any of you fabricated your own so i could have some dimensions/drawings. Cheers Nige
  5. Ray, i have had pannels dipped on my 3A and it was a great process,i am at the same point as you with my tub but am going down the blasting route,(£1,000 to much for my budget being dipped).Carl at TR trader gave me a very good quote for picking up,blasting the tub,red oxide painting and delivery back home,give him a call. Cheers Nige http://www.trtrader.com/index.htm
  6. Hi Kel,sorry about the late reply to this post but i am at the same point as you with my 3A body tub requiring paint removal.Give TR trader (Carl) a ring he has given me a very good quote to remove the paint and apply red oxide primer to my tub. Cheers Nige http://www.trtrader.com/
  7. Hi everyone,only second time on the forum but last time you all helped me so much.My dilema (and it has probably been addressed before) is what is the best way of paint removal on a body tub,i have been quoted £800 + the dreaded (ouch) for chemical strip,next but not a lot of info on it is soda blasting! or is it just good old paint stripper and grinding disks?any thoughts gents will be greatly received. Thanks Nige
  8. Hi Ian,I took my head last Friday to a firm that came highly recomended.As it is at the moment I cannot say they are good or bad as I am awaiting the outcome of the inspection.They are situated in Bolton and the name and numbers are: Specialised Engineering Services 01204 362777 ask for Colin.Hope this helps. Regards Nigel
  9. Gents,county seem to be the name to look for.Do any of you have an address for them?Where are they best sourced from? Thanks Nigel
  10. Hi all, first time I have written on the forum so these questions have probably been asked before but here goes.I am restoring a 3A post 6K number, and the engine is in the begining stages of being fettled.We are uprating the pistons and liners to 87mm and the main question is has anyone recently bought new ones?If so where from?Were you happy with the service?and most importantly were you happy with the quality of the products? Also ring sets to go with the pistons.I am a bit of a stickler for quality and would like the best that are out there if posible. Hope you can help Nigel
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